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Automation BeamNG Car Reviews: [name in progress] (Send in cars!)


ACA Tritium

Its got 5 seats, a manual gearbox and plenty of space. Its basically a reasonably priced family car without the reasonably priced part…and car


Meet the Hanson Heron 2.0Ti, the mid-range trim of this long-running compact car line. With 185 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque from its 2.0-litre turbo inline-four, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, the Heron mixes pace with economy and wraps it up in a stylish package with seating for five. A full suite of driving aids and safety systems is included as standard to give you peace of mind on the open road.

Top speed: 141 mph
0-60 mph: 7.86 seconds
Weight: 1367.3 kg
Price: $18995 (with 20% markup)


Just now until Thursday BeamNg Drive costs €15.40 (33% Summer sale rebate).
The rebate coming 13 July for us Automation owners will be 20%, errhm.
(€22.99-20%=€18.39) so we will pay 3 Euros more in 10 days.

What is going on? @Killrob


Why do you ask me? :stuck_out_tongue: It is not like we can set BeamNG’s sales price :smiley: but yeah, we found that a bit dumb too… at least that gives people not having either game a good entry point.
Also, the 20% coupon will last a lot longer than a sale.


So, I’ve realised now that the Reasonably Priced Car segment may not work out. After people suggested the idea, and got excited, I happily added it without entirely thinking it through.

Now I’ve had some time to think about it, I’ve realised that it’s unlikely to be interesting or enjoyable. In Top Gear the celebrity reviews were the weakest part of the show, and those were people you most likely knew.

So, having a random person each week that you don’t know or care about, won’t be that interesting to watch. And combined with trying to schedule people to come on, and actually finding enough to care would be hell. So I’m going to kill this segment and focus on the reviews. Sorry.

The cars that were sent in will be reviewed in a group test, in a budget car battle of some kind.

Again, sorry. I should’ve thought things through a lot more when planning this, but at least the cars won’t go to waste this way.


The 2018-2019 Cettin Chikana 71SC

At $290,000, this is one of two of our press cars for the 71SC, so don’t break it ._.

0-60 in 2.5 Seconds
217MPH Top Speed (Electronically Limited)
7.1 Litre V12
Cettin Chikana - 71SC.car (47.9 KB)


350hp rwd, 1.3L inline 4 turbo 12k rpm modern sports sedan. 5 speed manual, no assists(except power steering) 1400kg

kotaiken - kt13.car (22.7 KB)

Kotaiken kt40, 4.0L inline 4 turbo 420hp, 6 speed manual, VLSD RWD, electric power steering, sport suspension

kotaiken - kt40.car (23.5 KB)