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Automation + BeamNG: First Impression Car Reviews


Btw do you have a list of upcoming reviews?


The map is actually called American Road:


That specific mountain trail is near the “City” spawn point – a click or two north.

Appreciate the feedback and this whole thing started by accident so all honesty, I’m having to make it up as I go. Now that I’ve done it a few times, I’ve got a better sense of where I want to go with this. In future, I think I will be heeding that advice and the format is going to be shorter, punchier, and a bit more structure will be introduced. The end of this one is the type of sass and humor that I will now be aiming to consistently strike.

The one thing that will never change though is that all the material will still be sourced from one take “Lets Plays” :wink: . How else do you get a clean first impression.

No but I will look at putting one together, especially with this now being the holiday seasons. Hell, a schedule would even help ME a lot (never mind you guys, though that is important too) because I could use a few of my vacation days at work to get these put together. And these are a vacation for me. I like doing them but it is time consuming :relieved:.


Added review schedule to top level.

I am going to be shooting for a weekly schedule with releases on Mondays. It might end up being faster turnaround than this but I will do my best not to be slower unless something changes and I find out this is not maintainable.


Want some open-air exploration?

Well, in 1990 Lagau produced the Targa Uno for petrolheads to enjoy a taste of the kickass V8 in mountain B-roads. Light on it’s toes and graceful in the corners, It is the definitive mid-engine targa.

Lagau - Targa Uno .car (41.2 KB)


New Review: The 1965 Tesoro Automobili Giaguaro VST3000

Thanks to @Deponte



I’m glad you liked the looks of it.


What an insane car, and a cool design :wink:


That was awesome to see, and a great use of the V16.


I should clarify that ‘‘Deponte’’ is just an old and dumb American name I made up (Reworked the word Pontiac), so it’s not Italian unlike the Tesoro Giaguaro.

I’m glad you like it, and I wasn’t expecting such a positive outcome to be honest.
I know the car is insanely loud (On purpouse), but I still find the engine sound to be reasonably quiet at normal road revs (I think I measured 70-110 Km/H to range around 1500-2000 RPM or something like that in fifth gear).
I’ve also noticed the engine lag when I did some driving too, it’s a shame. Most of the power is made up high thanks to ANGRY cams and the sound gets completely bugged for me at higher revs when giving throttle.

Also if you really want to be terrified you should try the 1980 Turbo version with HP of somewhere around 700 (A bonus if it’s on a dangerous dirt road).
The VST-3500RR (Introduced in 1975) is easier to drive with the big rear tyres and advanced 1970’s tech (1965 is a bit of an outdated dog in comparison despite having the least power out of all of the cars).

I probably crashed about 100+ copies of the car during my own shenanigans in BeamNG. It’s very oversteery. I’m surprised you said that it had good traction when it has really slim tyres (Considering what speeds it can hit). And I designed the car to not have lift (According to Automation at least).

A shame you didn’t record any full top speed runs. Anyway thanks for the review, I loved it!
(and all styling praise should be directed at @Marcus_gt500).

(BTW I will gladly send my new supercar once it’s done).


In my opinion, most of why it may feel like it’s traction is lacking is due to how easily it achieves speed (and wheel spin :laughing:). consider how most cars would handle for instance on the bend after Killrob Chicane on the Automation circuit; by the the time they hit 120 km/hr they would be cling for dear life, but the Giguaro was hanging that corner at near 150 km/hr and still had more to give.

As for oversteer, that much I agree with (thinking of Gambon on the Top Gear track :joy:) but even despite having what felt like 500 horsepower’s in the ass end that outweighs the front by a good margin, I found it to be surprisingly controllable. It’s just that when it reaches its limit there is almost no chance of recovery.


New Review: 2019 Corsica Vienna CR

Thanks to @CorsicaUnknown for the vehicle

…And dude. I am a little sorry. Your car became the butt end of a lot of jokes about the ignorant American consumer. I hope the last 3 minutes make up for it :wink: :wink:

Enjoy! (as soon as it finishes processing).

Also while I am much happier with the quantity of content in this video, I am aware it probably could have used a pass or two more on the editing. I just needed to get this out of my system at this point. It was also a little rushed since I spent most of last week getting the rig that rendered this sucker online. Home Server 2.0 is finally finished!

Oh and editing video with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSDs, an 8tb RAID6 made of 6 2tb Western Digital Reds, and a 50in 4k LED TV: :sweat_drops: :ok_hand: :100:

How the fuck did I do this before?


Rapid-fire editing or not (befitting of a car who’s always quick on the trigger?), I enjoyed the more frequent usage of orbit camera for the 1st segment. Even if Beam has a bit of a… camera drinking problem, it’s good to see more of the car than the hood. :+1:

Also, is it wrong to admit I saw your “goofy customer” voice sounded like a Aussie car owner in places? Because it made those parts even better. Y’know, because Australians killed their own muscle cars over being insane and powerful? As in “eh mate this LS-swap ute is too bonkers, oversteer everywhere, pure rubbish”…

Good question. Your previous videos had no lag and kept a solid graphical quality, and it was the bad setup? Can I have the leftovers…?


Thanks a lot, loved the video!

Perhaps I should have said this earlier, but I still have a lot to learn on how to make a sports car in Automation (especially suspension tuning), but your review definitely helped. Once again, thanks a lot!


Mainly the editing times sucked because the “bad” rig, which is my main workstation, is several years old and due to storage constraints on the SSD it does have I was doing most of the editing of a single 1tb Western Digital Blue. The seek times on videos sucked and so there were often times where I would go get a cup of tea or whip up a whiskey sour while I waited for it to cache things. And the 16 threaded beast that is the Ryzen 7 2700 kicks the shit out of the Intel Core i5 4690 in the other one. The render time for this most recent video was indeed shorter than the video itself — only about 15 minutes.

I had an even older gaming desktop that I repurposed as a server a few years ago but shit started breaking rapidly a few months ago so I blew a good hunk of cash on a replacement which is the splooge machine I did the editing in. The footage was still originally gathered on my workstation since, well, the server is a server and it runs Linux exclusively. And it’s also my new home media center.

But I am definitely a huge fan or Ryzen now :joy: especially since it supports ECC RAM for not ripoff prices, so the workstation might get replaced soon too just because. If it does you’ll be in the short list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So long story short, the “bad” rig was like Old Yeller comparisons, tired and overused, you could drink whiskey whilst waiting for cache on it and Ryzen rules. Did I get it all right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I know about the latter, since I’ve seen very favorable words about Ryzen processors’ ability to run games all by itself, never mind with specific graphical boards… And we can always consider the server splurge as a very nice Christmas gift. 'Tis the season to be giving, including for yourself!

Also I did just do an Old Yeller comparison as well. Crap I’m no better than my own jokes! Appreciate being made part of the short list too, I’m the guy trying to run Automation on a 500GB hard drive. Paraphrasing someone… How the fuck do I do this now? :laughing:




Wong Automotive - Andromeda.car (18.8 KB)
This is the Wong Andromeda with a Twin Turbo V8 Monster with 1234 HP.

in 1994 by Wong Automotive this car broke the record for fastest car in the world and held it for 8 years.


Oh, the fastest car in the world, right.


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So to submit a car I simply PM you and then I go on the waiting list if you approve?