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Automation + BeamNG: First Impression Car Reviews


Announcement TIme

Review schedule has been updated and a couple of notes there:

  1. I am bumping the whole schedule back by a week due to some holiday craziness and personal illness that did that for me when 2018 wrapped up. At this point I am just rolling with it because I don’t feel like killing myself trying to maintain the quality while also getting back on schedule. This is just a hobby afterall :smile:.

  2. I have added those that I am aware need to be added. If you have not been added and have not notified you explicity of rejection, please just give me a poke. Its just a lot of strands to keep straight in the dude’s head here, so if you’re not on there I probably just plum forgot.

And thanks to all for continued patronage! Its fun knowing derpy things I’ve created are generating smiles and better car makers, if only for a few.


That’s perfectly fine by me.

After all, that gives me another week to decide which variant of the Sinistra Mojave pickup to send you. I can’t quite decide between B4, V6, V8, or V10, and whether to go 2WD or AWD for the one I send in.

About the only thing I’m certain about is that it could get a good laugh either way.


More Scheduling Screw Ups!

So it turns out I completely missed a submission by @yurimacs that was in this very thread! And that was back in early December. How to treat this fairly? Since I have already created something of a contract. I gave it some thought and here is the compromise I came up with:

  • We have some repeats on there.
  • It feels more fair that a repeat should get bumped rather than a first-timer.
  • With that said:

Hopefully this is cool with everyone! Sorry, I fucked up.


Thanks for the reviews, that was even better than what I’ve imagined!
And just so you people know, this were sent together with the Hope for kmBlaine to choose:


And only god knows why he picked the Hope :joy:

As for gearing, you’re right, 2 speed auto with spacing cranked up to 100. You know why? This car were meant for eldery and disabled people, that don’t have force on the legs to hold a clutch on heavy traffic. (And that makes the car’s name make more sense?)
Sure a 3 spd. auto wouldn’t hurt

There’s not much I can reduce on rear brakes,maybe a little bias work.

You said to reduce the safety features. I don’t think I can get it much lower :joy: Ok maybe some negative sliders. It doesn’t get wrecked because you can never crash at high speed.

And a peek at the MIGHTY 253cc engine with not 10, but 9,5 furious horses!!!


Finally! The Daito Alissa is reviewed

Thanks to @MasterDoggo for the vehicle.

Ugggh. I am sorry about the delay on this one. There isn’t really any excuse its just… well watch the video and you will see.



Basically what we have here ladies and gentlemen is a perfectly realistic 2018 car and… its fine. Its FINE! It has no transgressions on paper.

In practice, it still doesn’t have any transgressions save for one in the opinion of this author. It has no identity. Its a GT sport executive supercar… thing. Its all of these and all at once!

In 100% fairness to @MasterDoggo , he’s captured 2018 perfectly. And he really hasn’t made a bad car but then I am old fashioned and so I don’t like it. I wish I could but I just don’t. Feels bad man. :cry:



Haha nice review, thanks for testing my car :wink:
That’s weird how you feel the car, I never had that understeer problem, (the bias is 60rear 40front), but that’s probably because I play very agressively on the direction because of my xbox controller.
And well, it’s a performance intake, idk why in beamng it looks like race intake…

But well, next time I’ll send you an old sportscar as we all love them :sunglasses:


I have a Logitech G29 wheel + pedals so yeah. Bit of a difference in setup there!

I used to play BeamNG with an Xbox controller and the thing I have noticed is that the wheel and pedals encourage much more realistic driving behavior. I always put cars far past their limits with the Xbox controller and it often ended very badly for them.

Force feedback and emulation of the real deal though. It changes things. So you react more realistically and you get far more nuanced control. There are several cars I thought were uncontrollable basket cases when I used a game pad that with the wheel feel surefooted and precisely tuned.

That and I’ve built so many cars in Automation now whose graphs tell me one thing and sure its simulated but BeamNG driving experience tells me something totally different.

That umm… downsized luxo-barge I was driving in the intro. Automation tells me that thing understeers so badly that the wheel equivalent of Child Protective Services would probably have to send the front tires to a foster vehicle and meanwhile take Fenton Holdings to court for neglect. In Beam though, that sonofabitch handles just fine. The RWD and stupid low end torque of the V8 makes it alright.


New Review: Sinistra Cinder EcoSport

Thanks to @Madrias for the vehicle.

This one ended up being a short one for two reasons. 1) It really didn’t take long to pin this car and 2) trying to get back on schedule here.



For a split-second, I felt like saying “wow, wasn’t aware there was a Dodge SRT-4 replica on the list”. Until I noticed the rear wasn’t as roundy as the front, like the SRT is. That’s what you get from a performance Chrysler enthusiast!

All joking aside, the Cinder is a bizarre vehicle for sure. Seeing an FWD sedan being sketchier than the Alissa from last video is… quite the polar opposite of what should happen.
Then again, being a car born and raised by a company famous for its quirky FWD muscle cars (in competitions, at least)… Maybe there’s a bit of brand heritage going on there?

On a different note...

ahem Also, in bowling, you let go of the ball after you hit. Just Saiyan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Yes I concede I am violating this rule a lot


In my defense, I must say though that certain ajustments must be made in order for things to work. Cars do not behave perfectly elastically in collisions :wink:

God help us if they did.

And yeah I usually watch my videos 3 and 4 times over before uploading in order to proofread my stuff pretty well but every now and again something slips past. I AM a little surprised anybody noticed though.


Well, I’m not surprised that it didn’t do too well. My design mindset (both visual and hardware) is somewhat stuck in the '80’s, so I tend to either over or under-design my cars in that respect.

First time I’ve ever heard it said, though, that a FWD actually needs a spoiler. Sounds like the Cinder is a Tuner’s dream, then, as it needs that big spoiler on the back for stability.

But, that gets me thinking on sending you the Cinder’s older brother, the 1995-99 Serenade. Same boxer-4 engine, no turbos, cheap shitbox. Well, I can’t say it doesn’t have turbos… One trim does, one trim doesn’t.

Or I could just send you the 1969 Savage 464…

Not sure, honestly. I mean, it’s not like I exactly have a shortage of cars to send, just a shortage of ones I feel are good enough to send.

Edit: And yes, the Dodge/Pontiac-inspired grille was intended.

Edit #2: @Nicking_HC The whole lore behind Sinistra involves going FWD early, and sticking with L-FWD as much as possible. So, yes, the Savage 464 and Savage 662 are Lore cars, they do fit the design lore I’ve had for Sinistra.

Either way, I just sent in two vehicles. A Savage and a Serenade. Hopefully they’ll fair better than the Cinder (which, ironically enough, was one of the first cars I made in the UE4 editor… Probably helps explain some things, too…)


Greetings kmBlaine
I am going to be out of town on 2-18-19. I will return after the 2-21-19.
The reason I am telling you this, is so you can decide to do the Vasia as scheduled or,
if you choose, to delay it’s review till after the 21st.

Retro Age Motors

A fair enough response

So is it wrong to assume watching The BIg Lebowski plays a “minor” part into getting in character for these reviews? A man who greatly cares about the rules while holding a gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, regarding the collisions, would the realistic behavior be two cars fused together? Like, less Dragon Ball fusion and more horrible chimera monster fusion?
Because that does sound pretty horrifying, yes…

As for the proofreading, it may be the good ol’having too much time perk. Or really liking car reviews so I’m really invested into watching. Or thinking of English as my home language (even when it isn’t, I’ve spoken it for so long)… One of three, or all, who knows? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I see. The whole L-FWD does remind me of a fellow forum member and friend, he too is very dedicated to such layout. if you’re really wondering, said member is Anhultz’s leader Elizipeazie Although that same friend told me L-FWD has taken a significant hit, due to the engine bay rebalancing. Has that affected the Sinistras in a big way?

Either way thanks for clarifying, much appreciated! :+1:


I don’t know yet (I’ve been using the default branch, not Open Beta), but even if it did put a squeeze on our engine bays, I have plenty of alternate engines to work with. Boxer 4 and 6, V6, V8, V10, and never forgetting I3, I4, and I6. (I don’t, at this time, have an I5 in lore. If the bays get too small, though… That could change.) I’m adaptive like that, there’s enough flexibility in the lore where a lot of different engines could be used in the same cars.


To be fair, the Alyssa wasn’t sketchy per say. It’s just very unforgiving beyond its limits which is characteristic of a lot of high strung cars; the harder you can push a car safely, the more adverse the conditions are when its no longer safe. Sketchy under normal conditions though? Hardly.

I don’t know how well versed you in physics, so that probably does bare some explanation. Elastic collisions are like the collisions of billiard balls. The technical definition is a collision where both kinetic energy and momentum are conserved. An inelastic collision where the collisions are like two lumps of clay hitting each other. In this kind of collision, momentum is still conserved but kinetic energy is not; it is lost as sound, heat, light, etc.

Turns out nearly all collisions are either inelastic or partially inelastic (object deformation, sound production, etc occurs) with virtually no examples of true elastic collisions in reality (some things in particle physics come close). Regardless, you can imagine how bad it would be for cars to behave like pool balls though.

You might be surprised, but the answer is “No, that is not wrong to assume”. What you are wrong to assume though is that this is an act.

Avid fan of The Big Lebowski. Guilty as charged. Hell I am drinking a White Russian as I type this :beer: :crazy_face: :+1: . (Also, I need to get some more vodka. Khalua supplies are okay though)

And one the big reasons I love the movie so much is because the characters are a pretty fitting analogy for who I am. Long time forum users might remember when I first showed up here in Fall 2016 and then went on something like an 11 month hiatus between Christmas 2016 and November 2017. The reason is that I have… issues. Severe emotional issues, like Smokey. I often times overcompensate for those issues by assuming too much authority, overplaying my hand, or just going into total shutdown mode, like Walther and his piece and his beloved Sabbath. (never mind he’s not really Jewish). The ultimate truth is though, that I wasn’t always like this; I used to be a lot more like The Dude though not even close to the same tier on the laziness front :stuck_out_tongue: .

And again, this is only partly a joke. I mean hell, Walther’s quip in the car after that scene “You’re being very un-Dude”, has become one of my mantras for getting my head straight. And yeah, I see a therapist and a psychiatrist for the shit that brought out Walther and Smokey in me. You probably don’t want to know about my problems so I won’t volunteer them but suffice it to say, my life hasn’t been precisely… normal.

Wow holy shit this is getting too fucking real even for me. Lets talk about something that actually needs to be addressed!

So I’ve been trying to maintain a weekly schedule and well. Its not going fantastically. I mean its been working our more or less, but there have been a lot of interruptions already, as we can all observe. But its not because the The Dude here is being lazy. These things take time. I mean shit this is what a project folder for these videos ends up looking like:

I record somewhere between one and two hours worth of Lets Play footage for every single one and that isn’t including introductions, conclusions, and extras. Then there is the whole editing process. Turning average 1.5 hours of content into 15 minutes is hard! even when most of it is garbage, filler, and repeats.

Anyways… Point is

I gotta start taking this easier fellas because this has become a second job in a rather literal sense. I’ve spent upwards of 40 hours making some of these. Balancing this with everything else that I am and want/need to be doing is not going to happen magically. Something has to give.

Its also really hard to keep strictly to a schedule with this too because some cars I have loved so much and can’t wait to get the review out, but then shattered phones and holiday chaos fucks me over :roll_eyes: Meijer-NSU Prinz. And others I have been so ambivalent towards that I sat on the footage for days before even starting editing :roll_eyes: Daito Alyssa.

Jesus WTF is the TL;DR Here!?

  • I’ve got to take care of things other than these.

  • Videos will keep coming out

  • But this strict schedule thing is I think is just creating unrealistic expectations for everyone. I think a simple queue might be more appropriate.

  • We still need to know about timing to be fair. I will say expect somewhere between 7 and 14 days between each. If for whatever reason shit gets really out of whack, I will keep you posted.

    • Watch, now that I said that, that’s going to go to hell in hand basket too :joy: . I hope this turns out to be joke though – seriously.

Concerning the Submission Process

Some of you have expressed deep privacy and convenience concerns over using file sharing services and have thus resorted to sending me .car files.


I am only a software engineer who understands the inside scoop of the parts of the Internet many of us take for granted. Now, I am not trying to guilt trip you here if you don’t know what I am on about; I am just saying I get it. Maybe you don’t like Big Brother Google / Alphabet Inc and maybe its really annoying to try and find a new trusty file sharing service or even start using one at all.

So I figured I am going to sic some of my software engineering experience on this problem and build a way for you guys to upload stuff directly to me / my server. Easily. Like through your web browsers. Its just going to take a little while because there are some serious security implications for ME and so I really have to think through those.


Yes, but it took a while before you got the car to do supercar things. Italian supercar things, that is. You know how it is. Even past its limits on the dry, it responded more with understeer than sudden-snap-oversteer-then-you-RIP behavior.
The Cinder was more than kind to just skip the middle man, is what I’m saying… :stuck_out_tongue:

ahem again

I kid, I kid. Well, I’m as versed in physics as someone who gets that knowledge through cartoons, which is to say… not really.

But essentially, real crash behavior would result in both cars flying into infinity, carrying great amounts of momentum and moving at higher speeds than the current behavior? Ergo, a pair of very disintegrated cars by the end of it?

Wow. Guess this is part where not knowing what to say comes as a result of respecting these… issues and relating to them on a personal basis. Since, well, I don’t know their exact cause. Plus far from me to dig around someone else’s problems when they want out of it.

Suffice to say, it’s good that the movie serves as a way to remember where your want to go and not where you want to end. My own issues are the kind that will remain with me until the very end, so I keep a vast array of media to remember there’s something to look forward too. Too many to list, but it’s a combination of videos and songs. Stuff that says “this is you, but not a stagnant you”. Because boy there are moments where I felt my life has frozen in time, and my work leads into nothing but roadblocks…

Ok, best to slow down here, this is First Impression Reviews, not AA (Automation Anonymous of course :stuck_out_tongue: ). We’re being very un-Dudes, no? :wink:

As for the queue changes, not entirely surprised. Don’t worry, this doesn’t imply sarcasm and/or disappointment, just understanding. Putting deadlines on something only works when it’s an A-B journey. Which is to say, every once in a blue moon.
Add the extra editing and different moods, and only makes sense to revert this to a queue. My fingers are :crossed_fingers:! Best of luck!


More than reasonable. I joked about the whole “extra week” thing anyway, it’s just how I am. I rarely take things seriously, especially where time is concerned, because I know just how easy it is for shit to happen and that to cause delays. Whether it’s personal issues, difficulty in trying to figure out the car, just being busy, or computer problems, things cause delays all the time.

My reasoning for not liking most file-sharing services is simply I don’t trust them. There’s always a middle-man between file send and file receive, and as a result, an opportunity for malware. As someone who has dealt with cleaning up malware-infested computers before, I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to deal with, and I don’t want others to suffer because I made a bad choice in my selection of services. As for not using Google Drive, well, that’s just because I’ve never used cloud storage, so I have absolutely no clue how to use it.

If you can manage to stream-line the process with a trusted upload system, something easy to use, I’ll use it. And yes, I understand security concerns rather well.

Effectively, you do what you need to do. I’ve always held the mindset that this is just a hobby, and hobbies can’t take over one’s life without feeling like a job. Take your time, I don’t think anyone minds waiting a bit for their car to be reviewed. After all, even at a week’s delay, we’re nearly into mid-year just at a glance. I think most of us can accept things being slowed down a bit because you’re giving us quality first-impression reviews, something which can’t easily be faked and something that also has a surprising amount of humor thrown in. Something that most car reviews don’t have. There’s a sense of honest humor there, with real first impressions instead of the faked, “I’ve totally never driven this car before!” feeling.

After all, I laughed through half of the review of my car, and that’s even knowing that it was getting ripped to shreds because of bad handling. Hell, even the Shitbox Bowling segment had me laughing because, of course the Cinder was being difficult as a bowling ball.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, you do what you need to do. If trying to keep to a strict schedule is making your life miserable, then loosen the schedule. I’m sure most of us are more than welcome to wait a bit longer to see their car get reviewed if it means the quaiity stays up there.


New Review: 1991 FAAL Klinos Kerasion

Derrickson tune / edition


Thanks to @Knightophonix. And I don’t know if you were intending this, but this is one of the most 'Murican cars I have received in terms of how it looks, drives, and sells itself. Kind of odd considering its French :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple of notes here:

  • The gravel rally scene is your extra for this episode. I spent an entire week practicing RWD gravel rally for that so I hope y’all enjoy :wink:. Just kidding; I know you will. I also intend to start doing the intros more like that. Previously, I would always use the introduction to deliver the full-fledged “Here I am now just seeing this car!”. But we all know that isn’t wholly true - just mostly. So I realized they could be a lot more interesting and that’s why I did the gravel rally scene. Its actually entertaining in its own right and not just filler

    • If you wondering, yes it was originally one continuous take and no there were no screw-ups; only less interesting parts. This is F.I.R dammit! You think I would wimp out and stitch together good clips from a bunch of separate runs!? Hell. Fukkin. NO!

    • The car is one I am currently working on. Its a 1964 Sinsheimer 222 GT (Sinsheimer in the early years uses a Volvo-ish name schema - 222 stands for 2.2L, 2 door). Think of it as if the Opel GT had to share a platform with the Kadett.

  • This one took so long not because I hated the car or anything like that. To the contrary, I quite loved it. Life has just been a little wild recently. At work, I am involved heavily in the push for final demo on a project, a demo which determines if this project continues for two more years or dies a quick death. Due to the nature of the work and the customer, its been a lot of 3 and 4-hour commutes at least twice a week since the end of January on top of 9 and 10 hour days beating on garbage until it works. Little exhausted but finally getting some reprieve after today since most of our demo materials are together now and its not my job to present them.

    • And of course life never sits on its hands so other craziness will certainly follow. Hopefully not too soon though.


You’d be surprised at how the French absolutely adore the american car culture :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean like, I went to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg where there’s a car museum called the Zeithaus displaying interesting cars from all over the world and there was a 59 Eldorado in there… With French license plates. In a german museum. Like they couldn’t find one any closer. XD

Anyway thanks a lot for the review, it was pleasant to watch :smiley: the car handles pretty much like I expected it would and I really liked the comments :smiley:
As for the downforce, well… It is indeed supposed to have more but the wing I used hasn’t been converted to UE 4.21 yet so it didn’t load '^^


New Review: Benson Bayside Special

Thanks to @Crash77 for the vehicle.