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Automation + BeamNG: First Impression Car Reviews


Wow, glad you liked it!

I am quite pleased that it achieved that, ‘normal’ quality. The review itself was great, and I totally agree with the fact that it is ‘whelming’. On a styling front, your comment that it looked sort of like a Cortina was pretty much spot on, as the main inspiration for the car was a Morris Marina.

And, although lore says there’s a sporty, 2-door Bayside, I haven’t gotten around to actually making the other trims. I may send one, granted different trims from the same car is allowed.



Liking the reviews! Reminds me of Regular Car Reviews with a touch of Doug DeMuro mixed in. Also, the tests are a blast to watch.


Thanks! It’s nice to know my work is appreciated.

Okay, announcement. Some of you by this point are probably checking your calendars and going What the hell?

Yup. I know.

About 2-3 weeks ago I got pulled into an rapid R&D challenge at work and we’ve been pushing to meet a prototype deadline at the end of March. Lots of long days and I’ve been coming home exhausted, and frustrated, and just not in the right headspace to be recording stuff. I completely unplugged and caught up with some old friends over last weekend (9-10 March) but go figure things got “weird” and lets just leave it at that. I finally got to relax this weekend and so I have. As a result, its going to be another week. And I’m sorry.

I’ll be trying for next Saturday / Sunday. Thanks all for patience!

On a related note, the weekend after next (30-31 March) I will be out of town on business.


At long last: A Soviet beast that should be driven by noone

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently. I explain in the intro.

Thanks to @machalel for this… atrocity.


Hahaha awesome man, glad you enjoyed yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


This was one of the most hilarious reviews yet, great job @kmBlaine! Your mic picked up the sound of your slurping perfectly :joy:

@machalel As a guy who enjoys messing around with powertrain jbeams, I’m very curious how you set up the twin engine!


That Bechov Landspeed Car is so dangerous it ought to be reclassified as a suicide device. Enough said.


Are you still accepting cars for review?


Tbh, it’s a pretty amature job at simulating. Because the two engines are supposed to be the same, I basically doubled the power and then tweaked the gearbox to get longer gears than Automation would allow (it restricted me to only about a 250km/h top speed, instead of the >400km/h it’s capable of), as well as slower gear changes. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to fix the issue of too much drag + tyre blow outs once over about 400km/h… I also pushed up the interior quality and safety to max, with fortunately equalled a weight increase of about the same as an extra engine, althout the weight distribution won’t be quite accurate.

EDIT: I should probably point out (and to give some context to the issues with braking), the car weighs over 2200kg :smiley:

2nd EDIT: Just in case you’re feeling masochistic @kmBlaine, Bechov did attempt another landspeed record a couple of decades afterwards… :wink:


Jeez its already been another too long. WTF is wrong with me?

(Actually no don’t ask. The answer is too long)

So question.

Who would like to see me stream these?

Even more raw and to the point. I’ve been hesitant to take this approach for… personal and um… quite frankly stupid reasons – part of that way too long answer – but I think that is sort of where this should have started anyways?


I wouldn’t mind, as long as I can watch the streams after they’ve gone live. Sometimes I don’t necessarily notice a stream right away, and sometimes I just don’t have time to watch it live.


I’m all for it. Just an important note: test your stuff beforehand and test after any major mods / updates / changes.

I recently had problems with my own beam/automation stream and found it was due to a visual mod I had installed on beam.


I would like to see that happen, would be more authentic in terms of actual first impressions. as findRED19 said, test stuff before the actual streaming for bugs.


can someone tell me how to PM so I can submit my car.


Click the Icon of the person you want to PM and a new window will open, select message.


Really like the reviews, reminds me of Topgear with less challenges, and more (dream) car reviews.

I present for your review the PMC Goleuni (“Lightning” in Welsh).

If you don’t want to go down the entire history, PMC fell out of the consumer market in the early 50s because BTAG (Big Three Automotive Group) make shiny new cars faster. PMC then focused on commercial vehicles until the mid to late 80s when the company entered rally and road racing. Several street cars have resulted from the racing image.

The car sent is their all new GT circuit car. There is a road legal version, but for you I have sent the absolutely not road legal racing version sporting a 1500HP 6.0L V12. The road legal version makes 1000HP in “GT” trim, or a mere 640HP in the RWD “base” version.
As a request in your review, I would like to see you drive the car one loop around the highway in “American Road.” The road basically follows the divided highway along the straight, across a mountain road (still highway), through a tunnel, and back to the straight. Best of luck to you. A fair warning, the car is capable of flight.

For the rest of the review this is a purpose built racing car and as such was never intended for normal driving, or indeed even to be sold to the general public (in this spec).

I have PMd a link to the ZIP file (can’t upload 22MB). The latest automation update kinda broke the car, and I havn’t fixed it yet.


Streaming Sounds Like a Go!

Due to the positive responses and complete absence of any negative feedback so far, I am going to start transitioning this into a streamed series with edited versions coming out on a lag for those who miss the broadcast. Reasons:

  • As previously established this is probably where the series should have started since the whole point is just getting the car reviewed quick and dirty; no second takes.

  • My schedule being what it is, setting aside a single day/night to stream and then being able to half ass the editing is going to be a lot more manageable than polishing a video to perfection (which again is sort of not what this was all about).

Also, I have an idea; coordinate with authors so they can see their car live and this will result in ACTUAL SCHEDULED PREMIERE DATES! Yeah how does that sounds :wink:!?

  • Yes I am aware of time zones. I am just going to play this one by ear. It might result in me streaming at some weird times (for me at least; US Eastern by the way). This is a big reason why I intend to deliver a post-stream version because we’re not all in each other’s time zones now are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Testing 1-2-3

As people have rightly recommended, I will be conducting tests of my setup tonight and tomorrow morning:

Twitch TV @ kmblaine

18 May 2019, 23:00 Eastern Daylight Time

19 May 2019, 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time

I’ll probably just be doing my usual thing i.e. making 70s and 80s Malaise barges :slight_smile:


Will you still be recording/posting the reviews to view outside the stream?


NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I hate the idea. It’s all bad. terrible proposition… wait, what am I objecting to?


Saturday, 1 June 2019, 21:00 US Eastern Daylight Time - Retro Age Motors Saint Vasia

Yeah this is finally happening!

I’ve been waiting for some shit storms in my life to die down :triumph: and on that front I just got some great news today! But more on that later.

So this coming Saturday I will be streaming the review Retro Age Motors Saint Vasia as a sort of personal celebration. Unfortunately the author @loflyh has informed me their schedule is non-cooperative. :cry:

That all being said for future refence on scheduling and such, I would like to know where my primary viewership will be coming from.

Simple question: What time zone are you in?

Sorry I had to bunch these up a little because the poll only allows 20 options

  • UTC -12, -11
  • UTC -10, -9
  • UTC -8, -7
  • UTC -6, -5
  • UTC -4, -3 (This is me - US Eastern Daylight)
  • UTC -2, -1
  • UTC 0
  • UTC +1, +2
  • UTC +3, +4
  • UTC +5, +6
  • UTC +7, +8
  • UTC +9, +10
  • UTC +11, +12

0 voters

Also I am assuming most people have relatively normal schedules i.e. at work, school, etc somewhere in the 7:00 to 19:00 range. But I could be wrong?

Are your normal work, school, etc hours about 7:00 to 19:00?

  • Yes
  • No

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