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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


For what I know the host is more like a moderator, he works together with the racemaster to ensure the best of the challenge, he has the last word. Basically he “own” and rules the challenge, while the racemaster take care of the excruciation and run the cars. At least that was what I understand from my little experience.


Yeah i think i would do this.


Tell you what, would you guys mind if I become challenge host temporarily for this round? I will get in touch with Darkshine5 and learn more about how to manage a challenge and pass on the info to any future Host. What do you say? @Newtonmeter @Nomade0013

Of course, Newtonmeter, if you choose to stay as Challenge Host, that is totally fine :smile:


Ohh, i just want to race and biuld cars, if you want you can do this.
So i have more time to build cars :slight_smile:
But i will help no matter what will happen :slight_smile:

And you have the first post so you really should do this.


So it’s decided!
For general rules I think we can base it on Darkshine’s general rules, they’re good.
So you can put the round rules and the deadline on the first post, please, and change the tread title, adding the deadline too.
Hope we have a nice challenge, guys!


Great! So I’m the challenge host for this round. Goal achieved!

Welcome to the ABL: Automation Beginners League!

#Round 1 of the ABL in 1970/1971!
As stated in the OP:

  • The body cannot be more than 10 years older than the year in which this race takes place. In this case that would be bodies unlocked between 1960 to 1970.
  • Maximum tyre width is 245mm/~9.6 inches
  • Maximum cost is 18000 at 0% markup
  • Minimum safety of 35
  • Minimum average reliability of 50
  • Minimum cooling for engine required
  • No aero components (to clarify: for this round this means no undertrays, lips or wings whatsoever. Sorry.)
  • No semi-slick tyres
  • Remember to keep cars road legal: use head- and tail lights and door handles. Engine clipping should not be visible.
  • Fuel consumption should less than 25L per 100km/11.3mpg(UK)/9.4mpg(US)

Concerning the use of quality sliders:

  • The use of negative quality sliders is not allowed anywhere
  • Maximum +10 total in engine, with +5 being the limit on any one part
  • Maximum +10 total in chassis and trim, with +5 being the limit on any one part

Specific rules addressing engine construction:

  • No race parts allowed
  • Pushrod based engines are capped at 8200cc/500ci
  • DOHC engines are capped at 2500cc/152ci and only Inline cylinder configurations are permitted
  • All engines regardless of cylinder configuration that use OHC should be less than 4500cc/275ci
  • and all engines that use OHV are capped at 8200cc/500ci
  • and all engines that use DAOHC should be less than 5000cc/305ci
  • The car needs to run on 91 octane Regular Unleaded in RON/87 octane in AKI



Few things.

  1. Can someone double check that I got the valvetrain to capacity restrictions correct?
  2. does the maximum cost sound realistic?
  4. Are all the tracks setlled or do we change anything?

  1. The OHV should be capped at 8200cc and the cap at 2500cc should be for DOHC.
  2. It’s good to me.
  3. 1970/71
  4. You left Interlagos and Fuji Speedway outside, they should be added, there are 6 races in total.


1 and i thought that only push rod engines are allowed to use a v12
2. Yes i think that is good
4 Interlagos and Fuji to have 6


I thought we were going to ban DOHC?

There is no Fuji Speedway, unless it goes by a different name.

Is this what you mean @Newtonmeter?


No my thougt was that they are allowd but you only are allowd to use Inline engines with 2.5L

Inline engines with DOHC are capped at 2500cc

Engines that use DAOHC should be less than 5000cc

Push Rod max 8.2 no different if v8 v12

Fuel Regular leadless 91

Max Fuel Consumption from 20-25 L/100km


Here, it is: Fuji Speedway
But if you want to change feel free. There is also a Suzuka if you prefer.

About DOHC, I at least think we should keep for small engines, since Alfa Romeo really used it in road and track in their small cars.


Updated the ruleset, please proofread for me again. I am still in the process of updating the OP in the format of Darkshine5 challenges.


The mimimum weight is missing i thougt at about 800-900 kg
and with 20-25 fuel conumption that this is the top. So less is okay. Wether 20 or 25 is your decision.

Btw, you make a good job that look really good.

My first Car is now on the first laps :-), if the last things are clear i can post something. But as a first spot, my car is doing the nordschleife at 8:31 now.


Uf that escaladed quickly :slight_smile: just let the first season rip and will see what to improve soon enough


just my thoughts. Season 1966/67 will become good :slight_smile: TURBO!


The only thing I’d suggest is to include the maximum/minimum limits of things listed in other units as well,I hate when challenges make me switch to liters/100 kilometers and things like that. Otherwise the rules seem fine.


I’ll do that, no problem.

So I’ve updated both the OP and the ruleset post with a number of clarifications such as different units as well as added graphics and organized it a little better. Hope things are clear?


I just want to pipe in about race headers and intake. If a minimum reliability is selected as a rule there should be no reason to ban race intakes and headers I mean these are race cars are they not?
Also from experience stay away from longer tracks like green hell or pike peak it will make a 2hr job into a 6hr job.

Say hello to my little friend


This is 1970/1971 so engine reliability will be tight anyway. that’s why we opted for an overall, average reliability requirement. And so engine tuning itself isn’t contained and allows for a variety of different approaches. The reason why we chose to ban race parts is that these cars need to be road legal. In the spirit of a Beginners League, we would prefer to stick with no race parts.

I hope the rules are settled and clear for everyone? Do give feedback on the ruleset itself, the presentation, etc etc

Also I apologise if the thread got cluttered but that’s just how I am. Just remember that anything and everything you need will be in the OP. If you have a question, make sure to first use the search function. If it hasn’t been asked, then me, Nomade0013, Darkshine5 or anyone else able to help you will gladly do so.