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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


Let’s the game begin :slight_smile:.
I didn’t start to build anything until wie know the new reglement.In mind oft a bigger weight penalty i think the next car won’t be the rally car again.
If the engines stay the same i really want to get 450hp with a wide enough power band.


When I was prototyping the engines for 78, I got the I4 to 440hp but it didn’t quite have the powerband to be fast.

Also, something special will come up next :wink:


Yeah over 450hp are no Problem but not usable. I lowerd the power step by step until it was usable


@doncornaldie, here are the numbers that I changed:

  • Engine

  • Fuel injection -> changed for DCOE twin carbs

  • Fuel mixture -> lowered to 12.5 : 1

  • Ignition timing -> lowered to 92

  • Race exhaust headers -> changed for long tubular

  • Cam profile -> lowered to 84

  • Compression -> lowered to 9.1 : 1

  • Car

  • Wheels -> changed for 15"

  • Tyres -> increased for 245/50

  • Power steering -> removed

  • Gearbox re-tuned -> 5-speed / 245km/h max speed / spacing 45

  • Extra $2,000 -> better quality tyres (total tyre quality = +9)

(PS: Didn’t get anything better from suspension)

  • SPG Road Cours final time: 2:53.65

@HighOctaneLove, here is yours:

  • Engine:

  • Compression -> lowered to 8.1 : 1

  • Cam profile -> increased to 77

  • Cam total quality -> +6

  • Intakes -> changed for Race

  • Ignition Timing -> increased to 70

  • Catalytic converter -> removed

  • Second muffler -> removed

  • Exhaust total quality -> 0

  • Turbo

  • Compressor -> lowered to 55.5

  • Turbine -> lowered to 53.0

  • A/R Ratio -> increased to 0.93

  • Boost -> increased to 1.51 bar

  • Car

  • Steel panels -> changed for fiberglass (more expensive, but much more lighter)

  • Brake airflow -> 0

  • Gearbox re-tuned -> 5-speed / 242km/h max. speed / spacing 52

  • Gearbox total quality -> +7

  • Magnesium wheels -> changed for alloy

  • Tyres total quality -> +8

  • Front wing -> increased to 90

  • Rear wing -> increased to 100

  • Aero total quality -> 0

  • Suspension

  • Front camber -> lowered to -2.80º

  • Rear camber -> lowered to -1.70º

  • Front spring -> lowered to 7.6

  • Front dampers -> lowered to 9.8

  • Front sway bar -> lowered to 140

  • SPG Road Cours final time: 2:49.12

Will add the others later.
If you want I can sent the export file with the modified version of your car.

Just thought, I should send this by PM, right? It’s polluting the forum.


Yup, I needed more hp. Btw - when is the new season
starting? @FrankNSTein


Welcome back to the ABL, it’s time to meet a whole, fascinating and fresh new round, it’s:
the best of the 70’s race!

Yes, we cooked up a surprise for you guys :grin:
@Xoury, @Newtonmeter, @AirJordan, @koolkei and @nialloftara, you have been chosen to participate in this intense battle for top spot. Your cars will face stiff competition and the one who triumphs around the demanding banked turns of the Green Hell will have their name embellished as the winner of the decade from 1970 to 1980. A lot is riding on this race so show everyone your best!

The winning cars will be available to one and all for educational purposes.


  • Build year 1980
  • Maximum cost is $23000 at 0% markup
  • Minimum weight 1000kg
  • Premium fuel (95 RON/90.3 AKI)
  • Advanced safety required
  • Maximum one lip, one wing
  • The Porsche body is to be used
  • Rear-engine rear wheel drive configuration required
  • Minimum required engine cooling

##Banned stuff

  • Negative quality sliders
  • Any other bodies
  • Any engine that is not a V6
  • Natural aspiration


  • Needs to be a V6 twin turbo
  • 92mm bore x 70.4mm stroke
  • Minimum 25 reliability
  • At least one baffled muffler

##Don’t forget to read the OP for the constant rules!
(eg minimum cooling required, headlights+taillights+handles required, etc)


The pressure is really on you guys now, you have until next Friday, the 28th of April 23:59 CEST to hand in your cars and the results will come out over the weekend. Of course, if all the cars come in earlier and no revisions are requested then that will be even better and the results will be out earlier.

As always, send in your cars to @frankNStein. Your cars should be named like this:

> Model: ABL - Username > Trim : Brand (optional) - Model - Trim (optional) > Family: ABL - Username > Trim: Engine Name - Trim (optional)

We reserve a few days to discuss and finalize the rule set and penalties. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, feedback on the ruleset, the presentation, the layout, anything is welcome.
Have fun, and wish you all the best of luck! :grin:


wait. only 5 of us using a car from the 1979 i presume?

oh fuck… v6 with journal twin turbo


Oh damn, I’m not sure I’ll be able to enter. This week is already pretty tight for me.


dont you mean 1970-1980?


Wow, thats sound like a fucking awesome challange. For me that sound really hard, i suck at MR and RR tuning.

Build year 1979?


guys. it’s 1980. the 95ron fuel doesn’t exist in 1979.


Ahh 95 oktan. More boooost! This car will be really tricky. But abtime und er 8:00 should be no Problem.


Yes, sorry for confusion, the build year is 1980.

EDIT: Added thumbnail of the body to be used. Also corrected, it is indeed from 1970 to 1980, not the decade before :sweat_smile:


Let’s do this

EDIT: Ugh…RR config does not smell good to me


also, i’m miffed that i have to wait to enact my devious plan


So this race is strictly for the 5 people mentioned right?


Yes - this is a race between the 5 people that did particularly well in the 70s.

The regular 80/81 season will follow soon after.


Let the 911 trash talk begin:

You all better be faster than '00 GT2 or don’t even leave the pits…


Yes, while the Winners Race happens we will discuss the next round, we would love some advices, as always :slight_smile:


Ha i would suppose a 04’ er Porsche Gt :joy:

and it’s rough tuned and some dollar to spare :slight_smile: