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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


I have to agree with John, as i’m usually midpack and i’m running below 2:30.


You need more power, that’s for sure.


continued working on it while watching the NASCAR Monster Cup race at Dega, Got the Engine to 136 hp at 7300 RPM of the 8200 RPM Redline, 99.2 ft-lb at 7100 RPM.
Also Made some room for wider wheels, got 165/40R15 all round. no offset up front, 80mm rear. with sport compound tires & Steel Rims, I Can get 2:28 around the ATT, Got some Quality Sliders into it, Price is $9200 at 0%, Still a Bit on the Lightweight side at 1654.9 lbs


More power and wider tires… i’d suggest running 14 inch rims instead of 15 and get some more rubber to the road. But a good improvement :slight_smile:


Also you should go with slicks.


The budget is too tight


We’ve made some test subjects and could fit them under the budget of $10k, the point is to avoid quality spam as we saw last rounds. If you can’t find anywhere to low your expenses, check the chassis tab, using aluminum instead of fiberglass let me save $1k.


I won’t tell my ATT time but it is lower than the 2:30 :grinning:. Even this time i used more money for the straight line performance, cornering will be bad in every case with medium tyres. But i hope that i can annoy some slick user :wink:


i’m in the mid 2:20’s, and i think i can do better


I counting on it :slight_smile: You will probably annoy the hell out of me as always


also, sub 25’s at SPG


My time at the ATT is lower than 2:25 with slicks, just so you know.


Sub 2:25 here, too. With slicks.


I only tested mine on the Beginner’s track in under 55secs.

I’ll have to look at the ATT tonight.

Out of curiosity, as n00b, I am allowed to use slicks aren’t I?


if it’s not outlawed, it’s fine


Okay I’am in sub 2:24 at the ATT with Mediums :slight_smile: Can anyone bid less?

“Just tried slicks on my car…i think they are worth about 3s on the ATT”

Edit: no it is less, semis are more expensive so had to lower the quality. Without other changes they do about 2,42s better around the ATT.

Edit2: At the beginners course it is about 0,8s


My time at the att is around 2:21, if I remember correctly, I’ll check


Okay, pants down. I submitted now but if I will have time i will take some more tuning.

With the Semi i could do something about 2:18:7


i need to tune then.

i think my breaks might be a little lazy


Sometimes I miss the early DRC times, where I would spend 30min and demolish the field…now I’m struggleling in Beginners league.

mumbling to myself: “khm…let me recheck my times…”
EDIT: “under 2.20. but damn…I should build a new car.”
EDIT2: “yes yes 18.7 is in the reach with current car yes…”