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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


Using medium tires is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. With no aero there is not many i can do to perform better at corners. One lip/wing would allow to make the high speed cornering more comparable to the slick users with the downside of more drag.

18,7 try your best.


upper 2:24 is about my limit on the ATT, so i suppose it’s good we’re not there.

but, 23.97 on the 1/2 mile


maybe… just maybe… go back to drawing board :innocent:


am i really that slow?


how should I put that… you could be competitive if I had to have chunky offroad tyres. Not hard long life. Nope, that would be much faster. Chunky.

So get some more hp, get some mooaaarr reevvsss and get your weight on that limit.


My car have around 170hp and I’m doing 2:21, so you should aim for around 180hp at least.


I guess its time to get ride of the I4 then i guess


Tip: try to find a body that can get as light as the minimum weight and yet fit tyres as big as maximum width.


I think i just suck at decent Engine tuning. I am “Only” at 150hp (and 866kg)


you are WAY overweight


No need to get personal here

But i guess my chosen Body is just to heavy overall and fiberglass is too expensive


I4 is not problematic guys… it can easily get you competitive with 170+hp.


Aluminum should lower the price of the car in $1k, but will get you a little more weight.


I kinda sorta still want to make mine with an I3


I was thinking, i3 challenge could be fun :slight_smile:


Anyone got 200hp yet?


so I Just Tested as I Had it Left, 2:28.02 with Sports, When I Switched to Semi Slicks it went to 2:27.38. Wheel Quality at +8
Then I Swapped from the 165/40R15 to 205/40R14 & Got it down to 2:26.02, Price went up to $10K, Swapped back to the Sports to test & Got 2:26.78. There’s a $200-300 Difference between Sports & Semi Slicks at +8 Quality.


Tyre quality is a false economy


Come on man I already exported my car, satisfeid that I’m done…and than you with your goddamn 200 hp. No no no. Damnyoufrank


Ok, Here’s What I Have Currently, With Rules being Tighter (Smaller Budget, No Aero, ETC.), People may be Slower than in Past Rounds, So I’m thinking of going YOLO by Submitting what I Have, but I’ll think about it more before I do.
Introducing the Letto Scatola TC v1, a Budget Touring Car:

Sidenote: Was able to Max Tire Width at +7 Quality, Currently got 235/40R14 all round.