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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


You’ve got some engine reliability to spare, stroke it out and lower the bore, that will free up some octane, and save some weight. not sure how you can run carbs but only have a 25 response… Try setting your compression around 10.1-10.3:1 and your ignition in the high 50’s.

As a comparison I’m running a EFI v6 that makes about the same power, more torque across a wider band, and it only weighs about 190lbs.

Edit obviously the v6 below is not the one I described above, I swapped out the single point injection for triples to improve response and gain 8 hp. I’m still not sure it’s the best decision but it improved the laptime and really that’s the only criteria.

Okay my entry is in, sacrificed top end power for drivability after learning from the winner’s battle.


I think 200hp are not worth the money. ±190 is possible and not to expensive.
There is a big chance i will show another car. Didn’t thought i would find much time but i really dpn’t like ATT Lap’s over 2:20 :smiling_imp:


i 'm the opposite. my ATT lap is…on the slow side, but my cornering figures are very promising, so it’s all about tracks i suppose


200hp is not worth the money, and it comes with a hefty weight or handling penalty too, depending on the way you choose to reach it. 190+ tho is another matter entirely :slight_smile: (and yes, im below 2:20 :wink: )


well, i have a cunning plan.



I’am under 2:20 with medium tires . With slicks i would run circles around you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .




As I said, you will probably annoy the hell out of me :smiley:

but I'm rather happy with 2:18.4


what are people getting on the 1/2 mile?


I’m getting high 21’s depending on gearing. 21.7 - 22.0 or thereabout.


rip me.


First thought was…WTF 25,XX on the test track stats…Drove it and now i can tell it is under 22 :slight_smile:


Im here to kick ass and take names(maybe)
182hp @ 8900 rpms
112 ft-lb @ 7500 rpms
Little over 22 seconds in half mile.
Under 2:19 on Automation Test Track


try changing do medium tires and see your time again… someone explicitly said they are going <2:20 with medium… mine goes 2:21 with medium… fudge


Didn’t you forgot something ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fuck. 2:25 on ATT. This is not going well. For one, I can’t use the max tyre width, second, I only have 158hp. So either I3 doesn’t work or this body is not the right choice.


there it was. i couldn’t find the image for some reason.

@ramthecowy not with the weight limit it won’t. losing 20hp or more with i3s


Go with a smaller rim, 13 or even 12 inch, the cars are so light even a 225mm brake disc will be enough to stop it with plenty to spare.


yup, I forgot that 15" rims were oversized for a moment. Even then I tried a number of other bodies, still didn’t clear 2:21. You’d think I’d be better at this being the challenge host wouldn’t you :sweat_smile:

Current build: 774.1kg, 179hp, 2:21.6 :unamused:


that an i3? if yes than that’s impressive… but not competitive though :joy:
i tried it… it’s just a dead end.