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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


Nope, it’s a straight 4.

Next build: 1598cc V6. Got it down to 2:20 now but goddammit I’ve no budget left.


What a funny place to be :joy::joy::joy:

The only aluminium (or any other way lightweight) things in my car are the wheels :grin: And yes, precisely 775.0kg, 200hp and 10000$.

@Newtonmeter @USDMFTW I dare you, I double dare you! :smile:



my car’s too light on alumunium. so it’s on steel. but the current weight is 788-ish

dunno where else to cut weight.


I had to ADD weight :smile:


i’ve managed to get 180bhp and much quicker laptimes, but my car is phat AF


Don’t wake the sleeping lions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: up.


Oh damn, guess I’ll see if I can cut some more time off, maybe I was too conservative with my 160hp. With slicks I’m only 2:19.3




Ohh man I will not even get in the top half with my medium compound Tires. So many strong contender. I like it.

@All has anyone downloaded the race of 70’s cars and could learn something?


That is a very fast car. And for all you know it’s the fastest anyone’s managed to build!

I think you should rest on those laurels… No particular reason.

Edit: for less cheekiness - mine had very similar performance iirc.


Man these medium tires are a pain, getting closer though.


Ohh i found something…Made my car go even faster 2:16:45 with semi’s for 10000. With Mediums below 2:18:81 near to 200hp. Really thinking about waste some Lapt-time and go over 200hp :smiling_imp:


Maybe we should implement in game a value of how much time you have spent on a car…and than limit that :wink:


We could do but how ? I just wanted to look at the car and tried one thing which could signifikant increase my engine power.


Not sure since you can always work on one prototype and then just recreate the real deal… just a thought :slight_smile: We have discussed this before in BRC I think, that when players get to some level, the faster is the one with more time. Same story in real life with teams and their different budged. Our real budget is time.


I can tell you that i need less time to build all the recent car’s compared to the first ones. I know some settings which will work and how i can increase the performance of my car. The most time consuming is to test several bodies, or a new tech like the turbo’s.

Maybe the race of 80’s could be one body again. And you get the reglement 2-3 hours befor you have to submit the car. Not in this thread as PM or email. After you told the time when you can do it.

edit: And as proof for my effecient build time just look at the ABL-70s race i submitted one day after the announcment. While working at the night-shift and keep the house clean (wife will giving birth soon). Yeah i tried after my submission to improve things but could not get a better time.

edit:2 Really time consuming are the game crashes,…again and again…YEAH!


My contest cars get built in spurts, usually 3-4 hours spread out over 5 days. I can build a car that’s like 80% of the final product in the first hour. Like for this one I start off with a 2:25 time in about 45 minutes, the 2:21.9 took another 30 minutes. My current 2:19.75 cane from about 45 Minutes after work yesterday and I might get another hour tomorrow morning to try for the 2:18.3 Newton is at right now.


i’m riding with a 2:20. yeah, not amazing, but better than 2:25


That does make sense to some degree, but with the competition being called the beginners league, it seems essential that newbies get to take whatever time they need (provided they can find it) to hone their skills.

Personally I find this back-and-forth of ever improving laptimes quite interesting - I had a 200hp car doing 17.2 around the ATT before FrankNStein asked the question about anyone having 200hp (but I knew it was still a bit rough). I’ve now got something into the high sixteens which I’ll need to look at when I have time, though I’m not sure I would have had much motivation to look further without Newtonmeter’s latest milestone.

It was similar in BRC to some degree. You build a thing, post a solid time and think well, I don’t think there’s much more time left in this. Someone beats it, and you give your thing a critical once over and go “what if…” and then suddenly it’s a second faster than the other guy (which prompts them to do the same, and so on).

Though it’s hard for newbs to beat the veterans, the milestones should give something to work towards, there is plenty of information in the thread and ultimately some expert-built cars get shared now and then. I don’t think anyone new to the game would get this much this quickly out of tussling amongst other newbs without anyone showing what’s really possible.


Okay 2:18.95 on medium tires, I’m done. I also have been derping hard and forgot race intakes were allowed so that helped…
cough cough cough nothing to see here, i’ve always been the correct weight.