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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


you are 3KG under weight though.


This is my new car.

With the new engine

This is the Medium compound

And this is the unchained car

I really tried to build a car with a high top-speed this time, usually i try to beat everyone at the corners but with medium tires i had to focus on other things. I really hate that i could not breake the 250km/h and 200hp mark without loosing time :smiling_imp:


Very nice! I would tune mine more but I have slicks so whatever :wink:

Is the unchained car time done with exactly the same car but just on slicks? Because that makes it over budget and so not really that impressive. Still good tho.


No it has lowerd tire qualtiy and because of that a higher tyre diameter (+15mm). Both are exact 10000 and the slicks are more heavy. And the transmission has a +3 higher spacing


Unrelated, but early congratulations @Newtonmeter! You make for what seems to be a badass father: winner of ABL, ability to whip up cracking good race cars quickly and working night shift while having a family… ggwp, sir. :joy:


Damn you have done your research…


Thanks, but don’t have to work every day at the night shift, changes weekly. And I’am not as badass as you think.

So back to topic.


I’ve got pretty much exactly what you’ve got by the looks of it.

I dismissed the chassis completely at first, because I thought it was hideous. The way this thing looks built, with those wheels? It’s going to have to be a Crawlington I think. I was looking forward to getting the Gnoo brand some racing history dangit.

Edit: Can someone please tell me when the poll for track 6 is closing?
Edit: That was not intended to be a criticism of your car by the way. I think yours look good, just the side profile… You probably know what I mean.


Wow tahts close i die not tried alot with the suspension tuning so i think that time could be possible with my car. But as my car has to use med tires this was just a fast shoot.

And i know that it looks more like a accident than a car. The mkI looks much better but was alot slower.


ehm… right now :sweat_smile: I’m an idiot and forgot to check back on that after three days. Apologies. Looks like Suzuka will be track 6.


Same here, sigh.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d love to participate in your tournament, but I have a doubt, can we use Turbos ?


No turbos for this season :wink: But feel free to participate with a N/A engine.


So there is my car : The F0X V6iR

There is a V6 SOHC 1.6L in a uncommon Longitudinal FWD configuration producing 177hp @ 8.5kRPM and 153Nm @ 7.5kRPM
This is a production vehicle stripped and prepared for Races (Steel monocoque and Corosion Resistant Steel for the panels)
And it features flip up headlights to stick with the 80’s theme !


To participate, double check if it fulfills the rules, then export it and send the resulting .zip file to me via PM :wink:


Am I stupid or I can’t find how to send PMs ?


Click on a name, there should be a big red button that says “Message”


It seems that I don’t have the right to send PM yet …


So either posts a bit more, or just upload somewhere else and give a link to it here.


We sorted out his entry :slight_smile: