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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


Just as I predicted, this battle of the front-drivers is as intense as any previous season of the ABL was… I can only wonder what subsequent seasons will bring!


Winning… Yeah, whatever the config, I’m just lame when it comes to making anything other than a supercar fast on the track :smiley: At least not that lame this time.


always the podium. never the pole… well. i guess it could be worse


Daaaamn howler is kicking some ass… Very nice very nice

Guys is it possible to get some * next to people with extra penalty?


FTi would like us to remove ALL documentation that says that they were involved in this, in their own words, “damned travesty!”


What a shame for the King…This does not go well…

@nialloftara SOOOOO close :slight_smile:

Wow from 4 to 8 this is really close, hopt to climb up the Scoreing bord to the top half


Is with sadness that I must announce my leaving of the ABL as a organizer. My real life is having great changes for me, but unfortunately this changes are taking my time.

So, things being as they are, Ram and Frank are searching for a new writer. Anyone who may be interested, please send any of them a PM.

It was a great time reviewing these cars, I would like to say my thanks to you all for enduring my writing and lack of creativity. But I’ll try to stay here, but as a player this time.



Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak, the most know hillclimbing track at the world! It’s a very challenging and trick track.
The cars left one at a time, taking more than 10min to finish the track.
The Crawlington take the win again, what performance they are having!
Smooth is the next one, but almost 8s behind! Apartently ugly cars are fast!
The PZS Little Wampir is the 3rd, really close to the Smooth, only .35s behind.
We were leaving the place already when someone suddenly remembered that the SAF IBLA was still taking in track, with a finishing time of high 13min.

Thunderhill Raceway Park

And we’re back to the USA, but this time for an actual race!
Once again the our uglyness are at the front, Crawlington lead with Smooth Dart following two entire seconds behind and the Komodo once again close in 3rd.

Suzuka Circuit

We already visit the North America and the Europe, now we are in Asia, more specifically in Japan!
It’s Suzuka Circuit for you!
And for the first time at the ABL history of 10 years we have one car that won each and every race of a season, the Crawlington Gravyboat OPAF! Congratulations, Howler Automotive!
Almost 2s behind again we have the Smooth Dart, followed by the PZS, taking Komodo position again.

1981 results

And this are the results of this year:

And the final results of the championship:

writings by @Nomade0013


I’m always 10th, I have to see the good side, it’s a nice effort of constancy !


4th place! Hell yeah :smiling_imp:


FOA have concreted ourselves into 11th!


The second half of the season was a close-run thing - but there was no doubt about @HowlerAutomotive winning overall, and his perfect season only made his triumph even sweeter!



PM me or Frank if you’re interested!


Awww yeah. :relieved:

Awesome season for me, didn’t expect to win every single race but it does feel great. Thanks to all the organisers! I won’t have time to take part in the next few seasons, unfortunately, but you guys can bet your pants I’ll be back at the end of the decade for the crown. :slight_smile:

As some of you may have suspected, the OPAF stood for OverPowered As F***.
The main reason it was so much faster than the others is as follows:

Although a little bit of the credit does go to the Gnux Capacitor:

For my own purposes, I am delighted that the CRX I originally prepared still would have won the season (with similar results but by smaller time differences) and the CRX base body is well balanced with the rest of the field (which I can’t really say for the Gravyboat because that is the only one that can fit wheels well under 500mm).

Great season, everybody. I’ll be back. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: Writer found! :smile:


I chose one of the lightest and most aerodynamical (IIRC) bodies. Then I chose the longitudinal layout for more even weight distribution and equal driveshafts (I don’t know if it matters here, but whatever). Then I’ve put a 200hp V6 in there and set the gearbox to achieve the best acceleration. My suspension graph was perfect, even though the tyres wouldn’t last long. I had spare weight, budget and engineering time to add some quality points in key aspects.

I’d never guess that a less aerodynamical body with smaller wheels would be the key to success :smiley:


That’s automation for you :wink:


For what it’s worth I did try the AE86 body you used, since it was one of the few that could fit the V6 longitudinally, however, never got it to be faster than the CRX. The latter has much more weight on the front wheels, which on the one hand hinders cornering, but on the other helps on the launch/acceleration.

The small wheels isn’t just Automation though (which isn’t to say there couldn’t possibly be anything strange in the simulation). A smaller wheel means the lever arm from the axle to the ground is smaller, so when you’re really low on torque/power, it can help on performance. That only works up to the point where you start to convert tires into smoke, of course, which is why you don’t see drag cars putting all of their power down through trolley wheels.

The same, in reverse, works on braking.

Smaller wheels also mean less unsprung weight, though I’m not sure how much that plays into the simulation.

You do lose out on comfort and drivability, which is why these days wheels keep getting bigger on production cars.


While the odd headlight and taillight placement on your entry can be easily fixed, why did you make the wheel arches much wider than they would normally be? At least the yellow paint suits the car’s lines very well. Anyway, congratulations on a clean sweep for the 1980/81 ABL season!


Here’s the poll for track 6 of the 1982/83 season

  • Thunderhill Raceway Park
  • Pikes Peak International Hillclimb
  • Circuit Zolder

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