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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


Welcome back to the ABL, it’s time to meet a fresh new round! Now, it’s round 7, it’s:

Before we go though, just a word about Automation. You don’t need to opt out of the open beta, just use the Kee engine build and export from there. We won’t be using the UE4 release for a while.

  • Mid/rear engine placement
  • Maximum cost is $15,000 at 0% markup
  • Regular fuel (91 RON/87 AKI)
  • Advanced safety required
  • 245mm maximum tyre width
    ##Banned stuff
  • Lips and Wings
  • Negative quality sliders
  • Naturally aspirated only
  • V8 and V12 only
  • Maximum displacement 4000cc
  • Minimum one baffled muffler required
  • Minimum reliability 35

##Winners punishment
@HowlerAutomotive, @AirJordan and @koolkei, your engines must have a minimum reliability of 38.
@Newtonmeter, @nialloftara, @MitsubishiFan, your engines must have a minimum reliability of 36.5

##Don’t forget to read the OP for the constant rules!
(eg minimum cooling required, headlights+taillights+handles required, etc)


The 7th of June!
Send in your cars to @frankNStein. As you already know, cars should be named like this:

> Model: ABL - Username > Trim : Brand (optional) - Model - Trim (optional) > Family: ABL - Username > Trim: Engine Name - Trim (optional)

We reserve one day to discuss and finalize the rule set and penalties. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, feedback on the ruleset, the presentation, the layout, anything is welcome.
Have fun, and wish you all the best of luck! :grin: It’s almost guaranteed that things will change tomorrow so do keep an eye out!


Changing the Timing belt will be a challenge itself !
I’ve 458hp for now, I have no idea how I’ve done this XD


Such a contrast to the previous round… Instead of front-drive hot hatches, we’ll all be building mid-engined, normally aspirated supercars - another staple of 80s motoring culture!

Also, can we use limited production parts (such as aluminum or fiberglass panels)? If not, I will go with corrosion-resistant steel - if I indeed choose to enter this round.


Do whatever you want as long as you’re under the budget limit.


Excuse my double post. I need to make sure everyone is happy with the ruleset and the balancing. So, are you? I’ve also added the deadline, it’ll be on the 4th of June.


What are the mods the jury uses ?
Because if this ABL 82/83 is made in the stock Automation there is only 3 different body types, cars will not be that diverse …


@KmFX all in steam workshop, like most people here.

Shame the PC gave in, or I’d give this a run for my money


Any regulated body-types this time around or are all mid and rear-engine bodies available?


Any non-Barth bodies you can fit a 4L V8 or a V12 in the middle or the rear that is less than 10 years old is what you can use. Yes, that’s very specific :grin:

How do you guys feel about the deadline? Would you like more time?


Deadline seems ok for me at least. I should be able to have a car ready by tonight.




How about the 7th of June?




After successfully defending 11th place in the last ABL league we, at First Order Automotivw have decided to come back with the Lynx.

We are looking to not be last…in fact we’d like to come 10th…unless there are only 10 teams!

We could say that we have a quick car, but we thought that last time too.


yes yes extend if possible


It’s the 7th :smile:


Do…not…send a van

I was wondering. Are people undercooling there engines ?


Undercooling isn’t allowed by the rules :wink:


Anyone aiming for 500hp? :joy:


Aiming for, yes. Reaching, not yet. But i’m getting decent times anyway :slight_smile: