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Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!


I’m 30hp short ! I could go higher but my reliability will drop significantly …
My question is V8 Crossplane or Flatplane ? (I think nobody will go for V12, too big…)


As long as reliability is over 35… :slight_smile:


Erm…11th’s looking good for us…we hope!


And the contending car from Scarab is: The Scarab Aurora MR-S


Just had my first ATT round 2:09:07


That’s quite a good time.


Ahh damn, made a mistake 2:07:9


That’s a damn good time :fearful: nice! Something to work towards


I just had thrown something together, no ttime for tuning now. I think i can get below 2:07 but nedd to find time the next day’s


o dam




I 'll be back in couple of days, just before the deadline and hopefully make a car. Newton keep me posted on what time should I aim to be competitive please :wink:


Okay, just AIM for a low 2:07. I don’t think that i will habe time to improve this.


Low 2:08’s doesn’t cut it then… back to the drawingboard I go :confused:


Anything new around here?

EDIT (one day later):

I hope this is still popular and you all are not aiming at low 2.07…


87 AKI—Is that leaded or unleaded?


Unleaded fuel.


i’m aiming squarely at “not last”


So I do aim for “not antepenultimate” XD


This should at least run mid-pack. Hopefully. Definitely maybe.

“Purple Haze”

I don’t think the even-numbered cylinders are going to get any air.


Thats my Contender had not more time to improve it, so here is the Phantom GTI