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Automation Cars Now Driveable on BeamNG!


Conclussion: ded.


I started to think a bit, just imagine how many doors this has opened. We now have much more photo locations for our Automation cars and rather than relying on just car ads, we can now make car commercials with video recording of our cars in action and some video editing.


Journalist will now be able to really drive test the cars, we will be able to do Moose test, and things like that… I just simply can’t wait this update oof


I hope I5’s and boxers will come in the same update along as this.


they will, have a look at the announcement on Steam.


Small question(s) relating this feature and mods for Automation:
I presume only standard bodies and fixtures will be able to be ported over to Beam? Or am I wrong? What with cars that use mod fixtures? Will they be ported over successfully but just without those fixtures in place?


have a look at the Exporter FAQ, info is in there:


Holy hell, what a fantastic surprise. Excellent job, lads!