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Automation Challenge Survey


I’m doing my A - level Computer Science project at the moment and I need some feedback on my idea as part of my research task. If you could take 2 minutes of your time to fill it out that would be greatly appreciated!


Ohhh!!! Awesome idea!


Sounds like an awesome idea.

I made a random design brief generator in python for an amateur programming class project recently, was quite a bit of fun.

I’ll post a download for it one of these days.


Sounds interesting, i’d certainly like to have a look at it :slight_smile:


I’ll send it through when it’s in a semi-acceptable condition.

As for your program, what language is/will it be written in?


I’m writing it in Python 3.7.6 at the moment. I’ve got a few addons, like GTK3+ and running it through Msys2. I can just run it through the normal shell though.


I’m on python 3.6.4, and as far as addons I used Tkinter for my GUI.

It’s a complete pain in the ass making GUI with a traditionally text based platform. Or it was for me anyway :joy:

The track sounds like an awesome idea, does GTK3 support sprites so you can have the little cars going around?


It’s pretty “complicated” for me to use. I was using Turtle to make the tracks because its quite easy and i know how to use it. However im also having problems with that. I haven’t got very far tbh. So far I’ve created my start menu with some buttons and a small dialog box for the intro, thats it button wise.