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Automation D - First stage of touge battles! | Final race!


I found this old 80s Toyota, I am sure it will do fine after I tune the 1.6l engine and flare out the wheel housings.

If only the 2017 trim wouldn’t add 114 kg weight for nothing…


Riso, reset the safety and entertainment options to those from original car


How is that supposed to help?
When you change the trim year you get the new safety options and they weight a lot more.


check them

in my car basic entertainment could switch to luxury HUD, so well


Sadly, that didn’t happen to me.
I just get screwed on the new and improved safety stuff.


Driver: Yasmin Rodrigues
Age: 22

Yasmin is the daughter of a track addicted driver, who used to race on the old days. Her father was in love with the Gamma Surge as soon as it was launched and bought a brand new one. At the time, 1996, it developed 170hp out of it’s 2.5L V6. Yasmin was 2 years old, so she know this car since she can remember. When she started to walk her father started to teach her to drive a kart and she has being racing since then.

At the age of 16, her father gave her this car as her first real car, although she was only able to drive on public roads after taking her license two years later. Soon after starting to drive on the road she was bored from racing at the track and found a new excitement and love at the street race, so she modified her old (but well cared) Surge with frequency. Today this is a totally new car.

  • Engine:
  • 3.0L V6 24V; (The original 2.5L modified)
  • Completely re-build as a racing engine.
  • Tyres and wheels:
  • Front: 235/30;
  • Rear: 315/25;
  • 19" carbon fiber wheels.
  • Gearbox:
  • Modified 7-speed MT;
  • Eletric LSD.
  • Interior:
  • Striped interior;
  • Driving Aids from newer Surge;
  • Suspension:
  • Racing lowered;
  • Bodywork:
  • Enlarged fenders;
  • Aftermarket bumpers, hood and trunk;
  • Racing spoiler;
  • Facelift taillights;
  • Roof scoop (to keep the cabin cool since she took out the A/C)

(And as you can see she like red)

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The only thing misssing is a CZ6 and a Storm Breeze, and we got the 90s small MR coupe band together.

That is why no safety for 2020 is similar to advanced safety for 1980 for example. And basic ICE in 2020 is similar to top level stereo from 1980. So you’d have to swap those out to represent the levels better.


From a common sense point it is absurd the game upgrades safety on a car designed in the 80s and recalculates the whole weight.

Out of curiosity, what is considered a good time on the track these days?
In the Haruna Downhill thread it was about 4:50 but with newer tech it’s now what, 4:35?


We were comparing Pikes Peak times, and for what I know you should aim for 10min or lower. I’m at 10:05.




I’m talking about Discord, there we compared Pikes peak times.


I see but aren’t you comparing hillclimb performance there?
I am not sure how applicable performance there is for a downhill.


Well then … this is going to be interesting.


I guess you could call this a wildcard…

Erin know’s absolutely nothing about touge driving. They have almost no popularity in Japan as a car maker, let alone as a choice for sport competitions. Based on this knowledge of not knowing a thing about this, least of all the culture surrounding it, the team behind this car are going in blind, and have hence gone fairly left of field with the car choice.

It began life as a 1984 Erin Berlose, the Mk 1 model. It has no motorsport pedigree and as is more known for being a popular Erin classic car, not a touge racer. That hasn’t stopped a group of engineers from tuning group Maula from having a go at turning this thing into something bonkers. Maula have experience with Erin’s, most famously creating the mad Maula Merna of the 90s.

With this Berlose, they’ve essentially stripped out its power train and replaced it of that from a Mk 1 Erin Tauga X. The 3.3l V6 from the 1999 model (otherwise known as the 2nd Gen of the infamous engine) sits under the bonnet, replacing the 2.2l i6 from the base car. The 6 speed manual from the Tauga X has also been fitted, as has the LSD. A whole lot of tuning has then gone on, including new race intakes and a complete ECU tune, to squeeze out 451 hp.

Racing suspension and 19" race wheels have then been fitted, and the body has been reworked. A custom designed front and rear aero kit replace the stock bumpers, and they’ve stuck a wing on for good measure, as well as the mandatory bonnet vent. The interior has been stripped too, to lose weight.

The results? It can certainly keep up with the standard 1999 Tauga X it’s become mated too, and might even I dare say be competitve…

As for the driver

Why, it’s none other than profoundly metrosexual petrol head and Splendid Auto Monthly’s leading journalist, Gavin Anderson! While waiting for his new Newman tuned Zenshi Nimessa to arrive, he’s flown out to Japan to drive in this competition. He’s certainly not unaccustomed to driving performance cars, but he’s not exactly experienced in this department, and was scared considerably at Geneva earlier this year while being driven rather exeubarantly by Mei Onishikara in an Airborne S4. As to how he’ll take to driving in this competition is yet to be seen. Just don’t expect anything amazing.

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I honestly thought that we won’t see any cars past 350hp in this competition. That photoshop tho! <3


Do the calculation, it’s one heavy car. :smile:

I need to get back to finishing mine.


Which is exactly why I thought we’d see much less powerful cars, since touge needs a lightweight car.


Hence why this is a wildcard :wink:


Most of the cars in Initial D weight like 1.2+ tons.


What if one were to use specialist touge technology such as exhaust brakes and a retarder to minimize brake fade?