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Automation D - First stage of touge battles! | Final race!


Truck tech. A 30ton tractor trailer on the downhill can fry its brakes quite quickly.


Exhaust brakes are not special touge technology, every diesel does it.


I drive a diesel Minivan. It certainly does not have Jakes or a throttle body in the exhaust. Only regular engine braking.


With the establishment of this contest, there are now two different drift series in the forums… I believe the two can coexist for a very long time!


Well, this isn’t exactly a drift seires, it’s a touge challenge


American-potato Mike Conelly is a great fan of the tv show so he bought one of the cars he saw when he was younger. Mike doesn’t expect to win but he hopes to have a lot of fun doing it.

As you can see the 86 stock car isn’t going to set the world on fire but who knows what you can do with 17k$ spare cash in the workshop?


dank picture


Luka Bogdanov, age 22.

Luka grew up in a poor neighbourhood in Moscow, Russia. He had not much luck: he had to work as soon as he became a teenager at the same time he was studying. He had to help his parents financially to be able to feed his younger brother and pay bills and rent.

It was tough to be poor and a car enthusiast at the same time. He would see all these people driving everywhere, everyday, enjoying driving. He knew it was going to be tough for him to be able to take that hobby up. However, he started saving as much as he could.

However, he couldn’t save much. He then started taking part in underground fights for money. He thought he had everything under control until one of his opponents ripped his right pinky off. He had to quit that in order to survive.

Fortunately, he had made 285000 ruples by then (5000$). He then saw this advertisement from his local used car dealership: a '96 Contendiente Valentía for only 284,754 ruples. Without thinking it twice, he purchased the car and drove it home.

As soon as he turned 18, he got a scholarship and could enter university. He would meet Yuna there, a exchange student from Japan. They became good friends, and one day Yuna brought her first volume of the manga series Initial D. She showed it to Luka, and that was the moment Luka started developing an interest in touge racing.

Years went by and Luka eventually developed a crush on his classmate. However, one year before they could graduate she had to go back to Japan. Luka then started asking his teachers about exchange programs, until one day one of them told him about a exchange program to an university in the Gunma prefecture. He got into the program without thinking twice. He wanted to be with Yuna.

He saved some extra money to ship his car to Japan, as he wanted to try touge racing himself. As soon as he arrived at Gunma, he started taking part into races, and spending the money he made from the races in performance parts for his car. Soon, his car had turned into a touge monster.

He recently heard about the Automation D tournament and decided to take part in it. He’s ready to race.

The stock car.

This was Contendiente’s last RWD non-performance sedan. It was powered by the ConEC1700, a naturally aspirated 1.7L inline 4 making 115hp stock, mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. The car weighed only 995kg, making it fairly fast in corners.

Luka’s Contendiente Valentía.

Many improvements have been made to this car. Starting by an engine swap, the old I4 was replaced by a naturally aspirated 3.4L V6 making 323HP, taken from an old Contendiente race car. The suspension has been stiffened and reworked to make the car corner even faster and aerodynamics have been greatly enhanced.

Wider tires have also been fitted to the car, and the gear ratios have been reworked to maximize acceleration. The body has become heavier, but not by much: the car only weighs 1050kg now.

If you challenge Luka, you’re in for a ride.


Time to come up with my character’s bio.

On the left: Madoka Matsusaka, on the right a car enthusiast and journalist that everyone likes called Gavin Anderson. Taken at Narita Airport in Tokyo on white photo background, because why not.

Madoka Matsusaka (born 3.01.1992 in Osaka) is a japanese woman known mainly from excessive street racing, police conflicts and recently - being cleared of all charges and working peacefully at Airborne Automotive.

Madoka’s childhood was filled with fun, peace, caring parents and money to live and cover all her needs. She also had a caring grandpa, retired touge racer who taught her about cars in general and also fighting with katana, because he was once a WW2 soldier. However, hell began when her parents divorced in 2004 and she was forced to live with her father, who couldn’t control his problems and eventually went drinking.

Her racing career began as soon as 2008 because she couldn’t live with alcoholic father under one roof peacefully. She was finally tired and moved on to her own house finding a delivery job and, since she had no car, she secretly took her father’s (who only cared about drinking alcohol) Porsche 993 Carrera and modified papers to make her the owner.

As the days with Porsche and delivering packages went by, she discovered another way of earning money: touge racing. She got interested and started racing with her Porsche for money, but also for fun. In effect, she became one of most respected drivers on local Osaka’s touges and could earn even $5000 monthly.

As the days went by, Madoka decided to create her alternative name to not be disguised by police and by fact that she would cover her problems with family: her alter name was Mei Onashikara (Onishikara). Under this name she won nearly every race she raced in and developed some techniques, like superlate braking, starting drifting just by swaying in the seat or 90 degree drifting. However, in late 2013, her Porsche stopped working in a middle of touge. It was sure that it’s boxer engine stopped working just after 600.000 kilometers (tachometer stopped at value of 603 231.2 km) and that was sign that she would need another car.

Her bet, after selling the Porsche was Toyota Supra Twin Turbo with engine swap from Airborne Synth GT1’s leftover engines tuned by AIRJAP (Airborne Japan) for street use. As the car was stupidly cheap, Madoka bought it without hesitation and did some other mods. Final result was just about 1000 hp mad machine with crazy aerodynamics, insane backfireing that was a real threat for the cops who always thought it’s not street legal. However, problems with cops (due to excessive speeding - Supra in this config could reach 350 km/h on highway) and racing career rose to futher successes and problems with law.

This has finally ended when in November 2015 Madoka was racing against important Yakuza member. The race was pretty equal, but in one moments Supra got T-boned and flew from the cliff. Driver was intact, however cops caught her and she went to prison under charges of reckless driving, excessive speeding and being a land danger to everyone.

In June 2016 Airborne Automotive’s CEO, who was very interested in her career made a proposal: He’ll get out Madoka from prison, however she would need to work for his company for at least 2 years. The deal was made, caution paid and woman was free again. In meanwhile, she also stopped street racing on almost crime level, only occassionally going back to watch events and eventually participating in them if they don’t collide in law.

In January 2017 Madoka became marketing manager and specialist for Airborne. She also met Gavin Anderson there and they almost instantly became good friends.

In late May 2017 Madoka’s father died and with agreement from her mother she changed her last name to mother’s first one: Matsusaka. She also stopped using Mei Onashikara moniker. Shortly after, she went again to Japan due to Automation D events - she changed setup of her previous project on 90s polish tuning scene legend - Airborne Seishi in 2.0 litre SR variant and took it to participate in events on Mt. Haruna, but there was also second reason: Gavin agreed to participate in Auto D for the name of car company Erin, but needs a lot to learn to not kill himself, and Madoka goes as his teacher.

Let’s say something about the car, if you haven’t felt asleep yet.

Airborne Seishi SR with AIRJAP Aero bodykit, placeholder wheels placed for testing and broken driveshaft

The car you see here is Madoka Matsusaka’s entry into Automation D - only some information are known about this car, but it’s Airborne Seishi SR from beginning of the production (year 1994) with rare AIRJAP Aero bodykit with fixed lights. Rumors also say that nearly everything in engine has got replaced, but it is the same basic unit like seen on stock model. Some racers estimate power about 300 hp. Not sure if this car is turbocharged or N/A.
Madoka, however, herself spoke that the car was tuned for downhill pass and is as balanced as possible, unlike many other propositions from other racers.

You can also play this when reading. :smiley:


Name: Katsumi Saito
Likes: Anime, Cars, Music and Nature

Bio: Katsumi is young, vibrant Japanese girl that grew up in Tokyo. She spends most of her time in or under her car, a 1990 Cornaldie Automotive 260 GT. She’s a classic JDM tuner and leads a local JDM tuning club called the LineSixes, a small group of 6 with a deep fascination with turbocharged inline 6 engines.

The Car:
1990 C.A.C. 260 GT

The 260 GT was a solid tuning platform. It came from factory with a 2.6 DOHC Inline 6 that produced 260 HP. Despite such decent numbers the car had less than appealing fuel economy, and wasn’t the easiest to drive. However car enthusiasts loved the fact that it was a pure bred car: 5 speed manual, turbocharged but with a silky smooth torque curve and cutting edge suspension technology for its time.

Race Version: To make the car race ready, some seriously heavy tuning was done to the body engine and suspension.

Body Upgrades:
Fibreglass Panels
Custom Bumpers, Fenders, Hood, Diffuser, Lip and Spoiler

PowerTrain Upgrades:
Steel Crank and Conrods
Forged Pistons
Upgraded Turbo and Intercooler
Upgraded Fuel System
Exhaust removal upgrade

DriveTrain Upgrades:
7 Speed Sequential DC Gearbox
Electric Diff
20" 275/295 Carbon Fibre Weels
300mm Vented Disc/240mm Vented Disc Brakes


To recap the rules:

No active or adaptive suspension parts.


yea my bad. updating…


@Riso And by pure luck we still have sequentials.

Also, another japanese racer in de facto japanese series? Me likey. However, me not likey that Haruna will see Cack CAC, but we’ll see how it will do


1.4g of lateral grip is what “cack” will do :wink:


well, cack is sticky that’s for sure


A sure sign you need more fibre in your diet.


Haha no cack.


#The 80s Dream Machine…Merciel 124 Rallye.

…okay its not exactly the real Merciel 124 Group B rally car, but it is a replica based off the Merciel 124 RT, which was the homologation spec that Merciel made all the way back in 1985.

With a lightweight kevlar body, decent handling characteristics and a 2.8L full aluminium DOHC V8 N/A engine, producing 255hp, this car would have been perfectly fine participating in a race completely stock…but that wouldnt be much fun at all. So on went the widebody kit, the iconic Merciel 124 dual wings and inside, the measly 255hp V8 was replaced with a factory refurbished, GTR race engine with new TwinTurbos, detuned for a slightly more controllable 330hp at 7500RPM.

Now this car is no slouch, while it is significantly heavier with the new modifications and lacking the AWD system from the actual Rally Spec, the 124 RT Custom will still climb Pikes Peak in about 11 minutes…in the hands of a mediocre driver. But worry not since this car is being driven by a very “experienced” driver, albeit a mediocre journalist…thats right, its Matt Sierra :wink:.

Born on the 26th of August 1983, Matthew John Sierra, more commonly known as Matt, grew up in Cardiff, fascinated by motorsports, especially Rally and Rallycross. Matt began racing from a young age, competing in national go kart tournaments from the age of 11 and by 16 was competing in the European Junior Rallycross Championship in a modified Ford Fiesta. By the age of 18, his team let him loose on the World Rallycross Championship in a Merciel 124 Rallye 8B2, a modified N/A 124 Rally car designed for rallycross. While he was unable to win, his talent was spotted by the Merciel Rally Factory Team who in 2002 made Matt the driver for their 2002 Merciel 125 Rally car. Matt would have a somewhat successful career in the Merciel Factory Team, leaving in 2012 to join a touring car team renown for fielding MkII Erin Scarlets, before retiring all together to become a journalist in 2015.

…anyways, reasons as to why Matt is here is because he won a coin toss against his old teammate/rival Timo Mäkleläinen to drive the 124 in this competition. Either way, Matt’s pretty confident he wont crash the car…


It looks so menacing.


I am so annoyed my laptop is unable to play automation.

It would’ve been fun to enter