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Automation D - First stage of touge battles! | Final race!


Great entry Dorifto!
However, as it’s a short-wheelbased car, I expect somewhat snappy handling on the Merciel :wink:


Absolutely not a fact, actually.


#Sports Car, Distilled - The All-New CMW 786.

Shown: CMW 786 2.7

CMW proudly presents the 786 sports car, all-new for 1986. This small, lightweight coupe complements the 976 as a more affordable and accessible entry into the CMW sports car family. Powered by an all-new 194 horsepower, 2.7-litre V6 driving the rear wheels, the 786 will thrill drivers with its precise handling and sharp, naturally-aspirated power delivery. Adding to the exciting driving experience is the snappy, 5-speed manual transmission and driver-focused cockpit, which gives all the information you need and nothing else - truly a sports car, distilled. Prices starting from $14950 at your authorised CMW dealer.

###Automation D Contestant: Mr. Chips

The man known only as Mr. Chips is rumoured to be taking part in this event. Rumours swirl around his true identity; while it is known he is the owner of ChipsWorx Tuning, one of the most famous tuners in the CMW community, very little is known about him and his background. Is he a wealthy creative type, captivated by CMW’s long history of sporty cars? Is he an automotive or motorsports engineer who prefers to let his tuned cars speak for themselves? There is even the rumour that he is actually the head of the CMW Group himself, looking for an outlet from the daily grind of operating a huge, multinational transportation conglomerate…nobody actually knows…

###CMW 786, Re-Imagined by ChipsWorx

ChipsWorx has unveiled their latest creation ahead of the Automation D event; a reimagination of CMW’s classic first-generation 786 sports car. Originally a 1986 786 2.7, ChipsWorx gutted the car right down to the steel monocoque and rebuilt it to meet the needs of such a demanding competition, combining old with the new. Starting with the engine, ChipsWorx bored and stroked the M58 engine up to 3.2 litres, then threw a pair of turbochargers in for good measure. The net result is 455 horsepower, a far cry from the original car’s 194. Combined with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox from the current-generation CMW 923, the 786 ChipsWorx retains the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout of the original car.

New suspension at all four corners, along with wider, more aggressive fenders allows the 786 ChipsWorx to run 17" wheels at all four corners, with 305 millimetre tires at the rear and 225s up front. The new front fenders also add headlights that invoke the 786 GT cars of the early 1990s, and the aerodynamic add-ons to the car have been accentuated for style and function alike. Newer, more powerful 4-piston front and 2-piston rear brakes give the car more than adequate stopping power.


OoooOOooh I like the look and sound of that :smiley:


Still, squid, we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue: I see much power and short wheelbase, so that must be kind of difficult in any manner


I see a lot of things I’d have done very differently for this event, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the car fares


For those who want to join in the competition, but lack a car, feel free to use Zenshi’s 1996 Altrea Newman R.

Be sure to PM me if interested. And when showcasing your tuned car, be sure to give credit.


#The Car: Contendiente Pulga Mk2.

It started off life as a dying Pulga, found on a trading site in the US. The team took it back to a small shop in the north of Spain, and began working on it.
Changes Made:

  • Engine Bored from 1L to 1.2, modded to make 231hp,
  • Rear Suspension Changed to DW
  • Old 4 speed Manual changed to a 5 speed Sequential
  • Geared LSD.
  • Wider Tires and Fenders
  • Semi-clad undertray added
  • Rear seats removed, and front seats replaced
  • Launch Control System added
  • Suspension Stiffened

The Final car:

#The Driver: Ciara North

Ciara, born in London, is a former race driver, who gave up the sport when she was only 20 after becoming frustrated with her GP2 team. Now at 25, she decided to pick up as the driver on this project after her current partner sent a few parts to the build. She has not raced properly since leaving GP2, but is looking forward to the event. Due to her… unfavourable departure from the team, she’ll be racing under a helmet. All racing for her will be anonymous.

Big thanks to @Mr.Computah for making this for me, as I really wanted to take part, and I am unable to make anything :smiley:


Info about stock version of Madoka’s car taken from Airborne’s thread.

[quote]1994 Airborne Seishi SR

After 1989 and HQ + main factory moving to Poland and Formula Automation program (which failed) Airborne Automotive was in bad financial condition and noticed some serious losses. This was the time when the company got interested again in market of cheap sports cars - the only cheap thing in middle 90s that could interest buyers was second-gen Cherry, and it was two-seat roadster, and the car that was a class above, S240 appeared only as a convertible with 2.4 litre engine. So, decision was easy - four seat coupe for everyone to everyday use must be done. There, in the spirit of Airborne a car named Seishi was born. It’s only trim was SR and it was produced from 1994 to 1999.

It’s design was heavily inspired by 90s Japanese rivals, as well as BMW E36 coupe - main european rival. It had pop ups headlights, which were popular at the time, as well as practical liftback trunk door.

Aerodynamics were done to be functional and fashional; main inspiration was taken from Nissan and their S13/S14 models. All design inspirations were however kept in Airborne’s spirit.

Rear was undeniably designed under inspiration of Nissan S13, this even lead to sort of controversy but in final both Airborne and Nissan headquarters people agreed that it was only a design inspiration.

Seishi SR wasn’t maybe the most economical thing in it’s class, however people who bought it weren’t disappointed with it’s performance and practicality, as well as possibility to daily drive for long trips on one day and murder it on track day the next day. Airborne has decided to mount their new 2.0 Inline 4 with DOHC head for this car, which got even further fine tuned - the result was presented by 152 hp, which, as mounted with 5 gear, bulletproof manual gearbox and connected to rear wheels could launch the car too 100 km/h in slightly more than 8 seconds (exact time from 90s was 8.3 seconds), and thanks to sleek body Seishi SR could reach 205 km/h (however there are reports which say the car could go even 220 km/h stock, closing the speedometer). It wasn’t very expensive car, as it was priced at 17.650 $ in 2017 USD.[/quote]


Harry Jakeman, while on a gap-year on Japan with friends remembered how much he liked that Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Feeling a bit frisky and dangerous and knowing that his parents would likely save his behind if this went wrong, He headed straight towards a dealership. Realizing most actual Tuners like the Skylines and Evos was out his price-range he quickly felt dismayed. This was until he saw a lone 2008 Accursio Criceto S, the car had a very low price tag due it being undesirable there as the car lived it’s “Italian reliability” reputation and used high-priced parts. Realizing he won’t be in this country for long and that he is likely going to leave the car on the side of the road on the countryside as he won’t be able to register the car on him, he jumped on the deal for buying it for 9500$.

Although Harry had ideas of ricing the car, he realized that if this goes horribly wrong his parents might not be there to bail him out, due to this he saved rest of his $10k budget.


Madoka Matsusaka’s Airborne Seishi SR during testing on unknown route.

Text taken from Madoka’s blog, lifeisaburritodorifto.jp (note: this site doesn’t really exist IRL :stuck_out_tongue: )

First week (3/06 to 11/06)
Well, let’s say it loud: I went to take part in this so-called suspicious, uh, „tournament” just to take care of another moron who has no skill yet he agreed to participate in touge downhill races with stupidly unsuitable car. This moron is called Gavin Anderson and writes up for Splendid Auto Monthly.

Also, to calm down SAM – Guys, Gavin went to this event only to practise his driving on closed course, don’t worry! :slight_smile:

I’ve dug up Airborne’s warehouse then and found a nice Seishi from beginning of the production. After some bit of tweaking I sent the car to Gunma prefecture and went to London, where Gavin was waiting for me. Then we went to Japan.
Journey wasn’t so complicated – typical flight across the world. When we landed in Japan, I’ve gone to vehicle departure to grab keys to my Seishi and I went with Gavin to Gunma (we landed in Tokyo) for 200 kilometer trip. I could perfectly feel the car, as well talk with him about events that are going to occur.
After going to Gunma and buying lifetime support of mangas, we actually went to the hotel near the lake on Mount Haruna in our two separate rooms and started reading rules and Initial D manga to feel again the essence of the touge.
Rest of the week wasn’t anything special, so I’ll skip to week 2.

Second week (11/06 to now)
In Monday’s morning Gavin had a delivery from Great Britain. Just because it was 4 am and he was completely sleepy at the moment he basicly did worst appearance to a Japanese person I’ve seen. He wanted to test out the Berlose immediately, but since he crashed into the same sofa three times I took his keys, told him to wake up, take a shower, eventually take a coffee or two.

Meanwhile I’ve took the Berlose on the drive. According to the tuner who was messing up with it this car has 450 hp and has minimum weight required according to tournament rules. This thing is however still extremely heavy – it should weigh like 1500 kilograms. So, when I took it for a spin on Haruna’s touge it was of course pretty fast, but in turns I felt like my internals are going to pop off my body via every possible hole. To be honest, I was scared driving this thing, because on downhill it always felt like it’s going to crash. Later I’ve told Gavin one thing:

„Keep in mind that this Berlose is horribly heavy for downhill. I guess driving naked, without passenger seat, whole interior in general and losing unnecessary lights wouldn’t even help here. It’s not your average Zenshi, man. Keep that in mind, I’ll say again.”

This is how you NOT do morning exercises, kids, on other hand.

Alright, back to topic; I’ve spent like six days now training Gavin how to actually tackle touge in this monster. He learnt something, however I’m worried about his ability to focus – he almost crashed us five times in the Berlose because instead of focusing on the actual road and the car – which is undeniably hard to control – he focused on me like he was in love, or something. I don’t know what’s up with this guy.

Anyway, another days passed by like Gavin training with Berlose, me reminding the Haruna route in Seishi SR and I’ve had pretty weird encounter. I’ve met a 90s compact, I guess it was one of Contendientes – it looked pretty generic anyway. Still, there was one strange thing. This car had some red five-spoke stars on it and it was whole shaking more than Fiat 126p because it’s driver blasted Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem, I guess, on speakers’ system maximum bass.

Meanwhile, I’ve dug up automationd-off.forum.jp, which is international platform for this so-called „tournament”, and I’ve found some persons that I will probably face on Sunday, and I’m not so happy about meeting some of them. Example is a guy who titles himself as Mr. Chips – since he goes pretty mysterious way he can be everyone – from my mother to some Australian pervert who usually f**ks with kangaroos. Also, this weird kawaii anime girl seems pretty suspicious – seems like one of those pseudo-cosplaying copycats who has no idea for their own personal presence.
I guess the tough guys of the event will be Todd, who is former KHT employee and this rich mfk called Justinian, or somewhat like that. I bet 100$ with Gavin that he has more money than skill and mind.

Okay, that sums up I guess my journeys for now :smiley:

Also, today (17/06) I did minor tweaks to failing ignition system of Erin Berlose and regulated suspension of my Seishi SR. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

See ya
Madoka Matsusaka


O.K.B. 1000 ‘Zherebenok’

Eastern Bloc people’s car converted to run on capitalist fuel.

Driver is Daniil Vyacheslavovich. great Orbistani talent. winner of Orbistan rallying cup for the 3 years.



There’s no last name?
That’s first name and “father’s name”, which is like “middle name” I’m guessing is the closest approximate. This one means that Daniil’s father’s name was Vyacheslav :wink: Usually people are called by these two by their subordinates, or if they’re senile enough to be called that out of respect :smiley:


Sometimes in Poland there could be names like Anna Martyna (where Martyna is last name, but it’s also common first name), so I guess it’s this case.


Its not about the name but about the “ovich” which is in it which is only used in last name. It means it’s a fathers’ name. I am Viktorovich for example, means my fathers’ name is Viktor.


well, that’s the case then.

So, I guess just a mistake. :smiley:




Text comes from Madoka Matsusaka’s blog, lifeisaburritodorifto.jp

Fuck. I’ve had a very hard day. Since the deadline is coming to me like a hurricane and I still had to improve the Seishi, I brought it on Haruna at 5:30 when there are no people. However, I noticed in the middle of the downhill that the car starts to lack power. Then I heard strange explosions and metal knocking. I stopped, went off the car and I’ve seen a terrifying thing - there was a large oil spill behind the Seishi!
But, the worst was under the hood. When I opened the hood I’ve been instantly hello’ed by large cloud of smoke. After the smoke was gone I’ve noticed that my engine can be basicly trashed - it’s header detached from the block, compression didn’t really existed anymore and there were two holes in the header made by 2nd and 4th piston.

I’ve called my old friend, Kazashi for a towing to nearest Airborne workshop. Thank god it was Gunma’s AIRJAP place! I’ve talked to local shop owner, who’s a friend of my mother (he’s called Takeshi on other hand if you’re around and if you want something from him) about my engine. He said that rebuilding doesn’t really make sense if the car is still underpowered - he proposed a new engine.

This new engine was basicly a custom motor that was built for a project of one of AIRJAP’s clients, but since the client had died before actual delivery the engine remained in the warehouse. I’ve got it for free - well, almost. Takeshi asked for approval to watch actual events on Haruna that are coming. I agreed, boys mounted the V6 into the car, some suspension tweaking and engine adjusting was done and I’ve took the car on Haruna to test it out. It’s surprisingly good! I’ve even met a Shromet Interval and I had no problems to keep up with him.

Also, my car is much faster, so I guess I’d keep up with some racecars that people pulled up.

See you on the top of the hill
Madoka Matsusaka~


I am going to show you my engine upgrade.
By default the car comes with a 1.6l I4 and that’s something that won’t change. Engine swaps are totally unsporting!

However, one has to face the fact the stock engine isn’t all that:

Clearly, it needs some upgrades. Very popular as always: new ECU, new top and yes, a turbo!

Granted, the car lost its muffler and is now a bit louder and a lot more thirsty, but it is totally worth it!

(Yes the turbo curves annoy me too, but it works.)


#Gavin Anderson’s Japanese Excursion - Prelude

With no car shows until September and wanting to drive something fast, Gavin took up on an opportunity to compete in a touge competition in Japan driving some Mk 1 Berlose on steroids. The car was prepped, they just needed a driver. Perfect.

Anderson soon heard that a Seishi of some sort was competing, meaning there was a good chance that industry contact Madoka Matsusaka (who he remembers most for scaring the shit out of him in an Airborne S4 on some Swiss Alpine roads) was competing too, and he got in touch ASAP. I mean, he needed someone who knew what they were doing to help him out if he was ever going to get anything down the Haruna course. Plus, he had already convinced himself that he was only getting to know know her better, nothing more.

1 week later, and he’s on an ANA flight to Tokyo Narita. Paid for by his private bank account; he didn’t want his Splendid Auto Monthly bosses knowing he was going on holiday to participate in slightly illegal driving with a company executive. Madoka sitting next to him, one half - his professional side - tells him not to flirt. But the other - the teenage wanna-be bro “halfway to being a f*ckboy” half - suggests otherwise.

Touchdown in Japan. He’s only been here once, and not even for car related stuff. Over to customs where Madoka’s car is waiting having been flown over by some Airborne chartered plane. And then it’s off up the Kan-etsu Express Way into the mountainous heartland of the mainland. Haruna soon looms in the distance.

Arrival at the hotel in Ikahomochi. Gavin’s immediate thought: he barely knows anything about Initial D, but he does know a lot about subtly romancing with women. Thankfully, he didn’t suggest they should stay in the same room. That would have been disastrous. Sleep necessary; the jet lag isn’t doing him any help.

Up at 4 am, which thankfully feels perfectly normal at the moment to him, as the team have arrived from the UK with his 450 hp steroid-stuffed Berlose. Madoka recommends she should drive it first and then coach him, she’s got much more experience with this kind of stuff - best to take her advice.

“GAVIN, IT’S A CORNER, TAKE IT” Madoka shouts. Day 3 of the Touge crash-course is not going well. Gavin sucks at driving and the team are having second thoughts about appointing to him. He’s given it a nickname though - Big Mumma.

“Power, power, power, brake, BRAKE, BRAKE YOU ENGLISH GIT” - those words stuck with him all day. He was enjoying himself despite his constant ego-hitting at how bad his driving is. In fact, in his mind, he’s really getting to know Madoka. She on the other hand, is less than pleased with his subtle-but-very-obvious flirtations.

Emails start arriving from SAM after Gavin’s blog goes mysteriously quiet and he doesn’t turn up at the office. He responds by saying he took holiday at short notice. Disgruntled, the Editor accepts this, but remains suspicious. Gavin doesn’t act like this often. Meanwhile, the team running the Berlose grow suspicious that Gavin isn’t here to drive their behemoth and here just to get in with a certain lady…