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Automation D - First stage of touge battles! | Final race!


CHAPTER TWENTY: Road to the final race, part 1.

Nicholas took a quick glance at Yasmin, before getting into his car. He drove it to the finish line, where he stopped. Yasmin followed him, lining her car up and getting out of it. Both drivers got out of their respective vehicles, walking towards each other. They shook hands.

“Name’s Yasm-” - She stopped; Nicholas was giving her the coldest look she had ever received. “Nicholas Justinian. Let’s end this up already.” - Replied Nicholas, at the same time he walked towards his car, pulling the door handle with decision. Yasmin did the same, and both drivers strapped themselves to their seats. As the engines were ignited, the pushrod V8 from Nicholas’ Interval rumbled and clacked, fighting a tone war against the growling V6 from Yasmin’s Surge.

One thing both drivers noticed is that there were a lot more people gathered at the sides of the road. Some people cheered Yasmin, while others cheered Nicholas instead. The organizer stopped between the two cars again, lifting both arms. “We’re gonna start the countdown! Nine, eight, seven…!” - As the organizer counted down, both drivers took a last glance at each other. Yasmin pressed the clutch and engaged first gear; Nicholas, on the other hand, caressed the upshift paddle, waiting for the race to start. “Three, two, one…!”.


(Race’s theme!)

Both cars launched forwards, burning out and leaving skid marks behind. The start of the race turned into a festival of burnt rubber, rev limiters going off and backfiring exhausts. An acceleration war started, which the Interval won thanks to a sequential transmission, combined with more low end torque from its 5.4L engine. Yasmin did not fall behind, however, keeping up by drafting; the two cars blitzed through the first corner, their tyres squealing as the cars powerslid the corner. The people on the side of the road were impressed by how swiftly they managed to complete the turn.

Both cars entered the second turn. Nicholas took an ocassional glance at his rear view mirror, trying to keep track of where Yasmin was all the time. “Alright, Nicholas. You’ve come far, don’t fuck up now. I can do this.” - Though the young man, as he started downshifting to take the first hairpin. Yasmin started heel-toeing with enthusiasm, rev-matching every gear she downshifted into. “If this guy thinks he can intimidate me, he’s very wrong. I’ll show him how we drive at the track.” - Thought Yasmin, as she pushed and pulled the wheel into the desired direction.

As both cars drifted through the hairpin, the drivers countersteered in order to avoid spinning out. Both drivers caressed the accelerator and, as soon as they got out of the corner, floored the throttle pedal again. As they approached the second hairpin, Yasmin veered her car to the right; Nicholas did the same, to avoid getting overtaken. Yasmin then turned her car to the left, getting on the inside of the turn.

“Shit! She’s gonna overtake me on the inside!” - Thought Nicholas. He braked sooner than he would’ve liked to in order to avoid an accident, effectively letting Yasmin take the inside, and push to the outside as they navigated the second hairpin. “That was a little rought, but it worked.” - Though Yasmin, as she exited the hairpin. The Interval did not give up just yet: he started drafting behind the Surge, closing the gap that Nicholas’ mistake had opened at the hairpin. Yasmin took a quick look at the rear view mirror. “He’s good. He’s keeping up with me.” - She thought.

Yasmin started heel-toeing as she approached the third hairpin, and Nicholas tapped the downshift paddle repeteadly. “Alright Nicholas, no mercy from now on.” - The man thought. Nicholas dived into the corner, dropping his wheels into the gutter. Yasmin found herself forced to change her trajectory; as Nicholas claimed back his position, he looked at Yasmin, with an intimidating look. She looked back in the same way. Both cars exited the third hairpin, and entered the fourth one. As Nicholas drifted to avoid any attempt from Yasmin to overtake him, Yasmin throttled back slightly. “Time to analyze him. What’s his weakness?” - She thought.

Both cars entered the second high speed section, the longest one, with the Surge drafting behind the Interval. The spectators on the side of the road cheered and trembled of excitement as the cars blitzed through. The racers reached the medium speed corners. Nicholas entered the corner; however, when he turned the wheel, his car understeer a little bit; he forgot to transfer the weight to the front. He found himself forced to blip the brakes, making him slow down more than necessary. Yasmin braked with her left foot, tidying her trajectory and taking advantage of his opponent’s mistake: she overtook him without thinking it twice. Both cars finally reached the fifth hairpin; Yasmin heel-toed into second gear again, and Nicholas mashed the downshift paddle, starting to feel the pressure his opponent wanted him to feel.

Both Yasmin and Nicholas gripped their way through the hairpin, using the late-apex technique; as the Shromet drafted behind, Yasmin started to feel some pressure too. “Am I unable to get rid of him? This can’t be…” - She thought. “I better catch up before the five consecutive hairpins, or else I’m a dead man.” - Though Nicholas. Both cars entered the third and last high speed section, where the Interval, once again, closed the gap. Yasmin gritted her teeth slightly, and started heel-toeing into the sixth hairpin. Both cars drifted the road this time, as Yasmin wanted to avoid any attempt from Nicholas to overtake her.

The cars exited the sixth hairpins; the high speed sections were mostly over, except for the short straight after the last hairpin and the finishing line straight. The two cars blitzed through the last turns before the five consecutive hairpins, and entered the first of five hairpins. As the hairpins went on, both cars dropped their wheels into the gutters, one after one. Yasmin managed to keep the lead, until at the last hairpin, her rear end kicked out. She had to countersteer more than expected, losing valuable speed; Nicholas didn’t waste the opportunity and overtook her on the inside. Both drivers where now sweating out of pure pressure.

Both racers entered the last hairpin. In a last desperate attempt, Yasmin dived into the inside; she effectively forced Nicholas to brake to avoid an accident again, claiming back the lead. Both cars entered the last section of the track; Nicholas launched some desperate attempts to overtake Yasmin, but she block each and every of them.

Both cars entered the last turn; Yasmin started turning the wheel, only to find out her car…was starting to understeer. She had eaten through her tyres!

People remained silent at the finishing line, looking at the start of the straight, hearing the tyres squeal and the engines rev through the final corners.

A few seconds later, the Surge appeared first; but it was understeering badly, following a overly open trajectory; the Interval appeared on the inside, overtaking the Surge. Nicholas crossed the finishing line first. He turned around once he crossed the line and waited for Yasmin to drive back to the summit.

Back at the summit, the people that rooted for Yasmin were appalled; on the other hand, Nicholas’ fans celebrated: he had made it to the final race!

Nicholas sipped from his water bottle, still sweating like crazy; his heart pounded the fastest it had ever had. Yasmin, on the other hand, sighed looking at her extremely-worn front tyres. The organizer raised his voice.

“Listen up! Nicholas made it to the final race. But there’s still one more race to go before it. Now it is turn for Yui Takeda and Gavin Anderson to face off! Racers, get ready!”.

To be continued.

Times spreadsheet:


CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Road to the final race, part 2.

As Gavin revved the engine one last time, checking the latest tune, he took a quick glance at Yui; his opponent was driving her car slowly to the starting line, where she stopped. Gavin pressed the clutch, engaged first gear and gently let go off the clutch, allowing the car to move forward. He lined his Berlose up with the Yajiri, and got out of it. The drivers walked towards each other, shaking hands.

“I’m Gavin Anderson.” - Said the journalist. “Yui Takeda. Good luck out there.” - Replied the woman, as she got back into her car again, strapping herself to the seat; as she did so, she took a look at Gavin’s car. Looked like he had also chosen the heavy, high powered approach. Gavin strapped himself to the seat as well, and both engines were ignited: the growl from Gavin’s V6 fought agains the rumble of Yui’s V8, as the crowd cheered at the sound of the engines, muffled only by the catalytic converter.

The organizer stood between the vehicles; he raised his arms and started counting down. “Nine, eight, seven, six…!”. - As the man counted down, Yui caressed the upshift paddle, and Gavin pressed the clutch and engaged first gear. The throttle pedals were blipped by their throttle-happy drivers, revving the engines as the start of the race got closer and closer. “Three, two, one…!”.


(Race’s theme!)

Yui pressed the upshift paddle. Gavin let go off the clutch, quickly but steadily.

The cars launched forward, their tyres squealing as the rubber tried to grip the road, some of it being left behind as skidmarks. The smoke launched by the rear tyres burning out soon soaked the ambient; the cars were finally able to grip the road and start accelerating. The first straight would be their first test. As the cars screamed their way to redline, the Yajiri started getting the upper hand thanks to its gearing; Gavin found himself forced to draft behind Yui to keep up.

The two cars blitzed through the first two turns, powersliding them. The people at the sides of the road were, once again, impressed by the swiftness these tuned cars were able to reach. Both cars started approaching the first hairpin; as they did, Yui pressed the downshift paddles, downshifting her way to second gear. Gavin, on the other hand, downshifted by heel-toeing, rev matching through every gear until he engaged second. Both cars entered the hairpin, gripping it and using the late apex technique. Yui looked through her rear view mirror. “Huh, looks like this journalist has some talent. He’s keeping up”. - She thought. “Damn, she’s fast. Keeping up is going to be a nightmare” - Thought Gavin.

Both cars exited the first hairpin and entered the second. Yui gripped the road again, with Gavin not too far behind. As the cars exited the hairpin and entered the first high speed section, the gap started widening slowly. “Am I the light car this time? It’s been the other way around the previous races! Will I have to overtake her at the corners?” - Thought Gavin, unaccostumed to being the lightest car of the two. “Alright, Yui, he’s gonna try to pass you at the corners. You better keep your focus.” - Though Yui. Both cars reached the third hairpin, with Gavin closing the gap again during the braking. He dropped his wheels into the gutter, trying to overtake the Yajiri; however, Yui dropped her wheels into the gutter too, avoiding an attempt from Gavin to overtake her.

Gavin gritted his teeth. “Alright, seems like a gutter run is not going to work. Let’s try something else.” - He thought. The racers entered the fourth hairpin; Gavin tried to take the outside, and use the late apex technique. Unfortunately for him, Yui started drifting at the mid of the corner, to block any attempt from him to overtake. Both racers started sweating: none of the two could overtake or get rid of the other; this was going to be harder than expected. Yui and Gavin exited the hairpin, entering the second high speed section, the fastest one.

Gavin managed to keep up by drafting. The two entered the medium speed corners before the fifth hairpin; there, the journalist tried to tried to trick Yui into believing he would attack on the inside and then steering to the outside, but she didn’t fall into the trap: she knew these tricks from the track, where they were used daily. Yui took a glance at her rear view mirror, checking that Gavin was still there. But she looked at it for too long. When she looked back at the road, the fifth hairpin was just in front of her! She slammed on the brakes, and Gavin took advantage of her mistake, passing her on the inside of the road, and pushing outwards as the corner went on.

Both cars entered the third and final high speed section of the course. Gavin floored it, and Yui managed to keep up by drafting, but she was nowhere near able to overtake Gavin. “This mistake…focus, Yui, for fucks sake.” - She thought. Both cars gripped the sixth hairpin, and entered the corners before the five consecutive hairpins.

Gavin and Yui reached the five consecutive corners. Gavin drifted them, one after one, to avoid any attempt from Yui to be successful. Yui kept attacking, but each and every attack was unsuccessful. The cars exited the five consecutive hairpins, and entered the final one. Yui tried to overtake Gavin by dropping her wheels into the gutter, but he did the same thing, maintaining his first place. “Yui…it’s over.” - She thought. “C’mon Gavin, you got this!” - Thought the journalist, unable to help but smile. Both cars entered the last short straight, and Yui looked at the road. “Wait…if I stick by the inside…” - The Yajiri driver thought.

The final section went on fast, but Yui managed to keep up. Both cars approached the last turn and…Gavin then realized that Yui was on the inside. She dived into the turn, dropping her wheels into the gutter one more time, and started pushing outwards; Gavin looked at his right, completely horrified.

At the other side of the turn, the crowd that was there was holding their breath, keeping completely silent. The racers would arrive any second now.

The Yajiri appeared first, with the Berlose behind. During the final straight, Yui widened the gap by flooring the throttle pedal, crossing the line first. She turned around and waited for Gavin to start climbing again.

The cars didn’t take long to get back to the summit. As soon as they arrived, people broke into an applause. A few moments later, the organizer asked everyone to be silent.

“The time has come. The final race will be Nicholas Justinian against Yui Takeda, and the winner will drive out of Haruna with a million yens. But people, did you think the night was over? I’m afraid not. The final race will be…NOW. Racers, get ready!”.

(Play this theme now).

Nicholas looked at Yui, like he was planning to kill her. He got into his car, ignited the engine and did a burnout on his way to the starting line; the place was filled up with tyre smoke and burnt rubber again. Yui watched Nicholas get into position with a cold stare, trying to analyze him; as soon as Nicholas arrived at the starting point, she lined her car up with his. Both racers got out of their respective vehicles, and walked towards each other. The organizer stopped between both cars for the last time.

The last race is on.

To be continued.

Times spreadsheet:


#Gavin Anderson’s Japanese Excursion - Final Installment
Last race went well. Really well. Gavin genuinely had a chance at winning this next one, and even if he wasn’t victorious, the mere confidence he had was giving him great comfort.

More fine tuning to Big Mumma. The engineers readjusted the air/fuel ratio to stop it from spitting so much fire. Gavin was fairly convinced they were still in shock that an 80s executive saloon that previously handled like a small barge was competing at this level.

Matt comes to say goodbye. “Hokkaido is next, Ed wants me to cover the amateur rally scene over there. Part of a bigger article that includes stuff from this touge series” - “Ha, have fun and bring me back a souvenir, so long as it’s Zenshi related” - “Do they even have any facilities up there?” - “Er, probably not. I don’t mind, a pack of weird Japanese sweets will do me just fine” - “Ha, I’ll do my best. See you back at the office”. Good news, Gavin can make friends. Bad news, Gavin still wants to pursue Madoka.

He get’s back to the hotel just as Madoka arrives in the Berlose, except it’s now covered in dirt and appears to have been driven hard. “Er…hey?” - “Don’t ask any questions” she says. He doesn’t.

Race day comes. Round 3 is way tenser than before, and he can tell; the crowd are louder, there’s more at stake, it’s something in the air. Gavin watches the first race of the night from a secluded spot before heading over to the car. He’s ready.

Yui Takeda. Well this ought to be fun. The Berlose looked positively caveman compared to the smooth lines of the Yajiri. It drives more caveman like too. For once, Big Mumma is actually fighting something heavier than it is, but the Yajiri handles that weight far better. It’s working hard for sure, but the Berlose is having to go right to the limit to keep up. Gavin drives like no tomorrow, but it isn’t enough.

Back to the top of the hill; the engineers clap him in on arrival. There’s a bit of dissapointment, but also a lot of happiness. They just managed to take this Erin classic with no motorsport pedigree and get it to the semi-finals of a Japanese touge competition, beating some other far more worthy competitors. That’s enough to go home satisfied.

Gavin sees Madoka coming over to him. “You did well, yuppie” - “Thanks” he says. Suddenly, a flush of romanticism comes over him. Time to make my move at last. “You know, you’ve been so helpful in getting me prepped for this and helping with the car…” - “Aww, thanks dude!” - “…and in doing all this I’ve realised that” - He stares into her eyes, passionatley - “I’m really very fond of you”. Gavin leans in for a- “DUDE, no!” Back off back off back off runs through Gavin’s head. “Oh god, I knew this was coming. Are you that stupid that you can’t see how much I haven’t welcomed your advances? You’re cute and all Gavin, but you’re also an arsehhole.” Silence; an awkward one. “I’ll give you a shout next time Airborne have something new to announce”.

And with that, she walks off. Gavin stands there, stunned. One word in his head: Fuck.

Back to the hotel. The engineers drop him off, as the Berlose is being put back on the trailer for its flight back to England. It won’t be the last time it’s used for something like this. Next time there’s a tuned car event, rest assured it’ll probably be making an appearance. Flight booked for the next morning; looks like he’s getting the train back to Tokyo, not a lift with Madoka. Gavin, I know you don’t think you are, but at heart you really are just a complete fuckboy. And a crap one at that.

Still, there’s always something to look forward to. Once he lands at Heathrow, it’s straight into London and down on the train to Chichester, for Goodwood is beckoning.
Or rather, was beckoning, given that this is now all in the past…



Aaaaaw. :smiley:


Gavin isn’t only an arsehole; he’s british arsehole, that makes it even worse


CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Final showdown: Yui Takeda vs Nicholas Justinian.

(Intro’s theme)

Both drivers shook hands and stared at each other. The tension on the ambient was more than noticeable; the whole crowd, including the organizer, and his sidekick Tora, had gone silent. The racers from the previous races were completely silent too. Martin Todd lit a cigarette; Katsumi Saito and her crew, the Line Sixes, crossed arms, waiting for the race to start; Ram and Evan tapped their fingers against the bonnet of their Kimura; Daniil took a sip from a bottle of an Orbistani spirit; Jürgen and Suzette did some yoga poses, trying to send their positive energies to the drivers; Madoka opened another can of iced tea; Luka scratched his right leg, nervously; Harry and Mike stopped discusing their tunes and silently watched, both sweating slightly; MrChips nodded, still masked under his helmet; and so did Ciara North, who opened the vents on her helmet to allow her to breathe better.

“Name’s Nicholas Justinian. Good luck out there.” - Said the young man, in a cold voice tone. “Yui Takeda. And the same to you…you’ll need it” - Replied the woman, smiling sarcastically. Nicholas walked towards his car, and so did Yui; they strapped themselves to their seats, and ignited the engines. Yui’s V8 engine rumbled, idling at about 1000 revolutions per minute; Nicholas’ engine rumbled at a slower pace, the pushrods clacking as they oppened and closed the valves.

The organizer lifted both arms. “We’re gonna start the countdown!”.

“Nine, eight, seven…!” - Nicholas and Yui remembered every opponent they had to face to get here, and how they beat them; their strengths and weaknesses.

“Six, five, four…!” - They started throttling to rev the engines up. Their screams broke the silence of the night, like a warcry coming from a warrior in the middle of a battlefield.

“Three, two, one…!” - Both drivers took a last look at each other, caressing their upshift paddles. The engines reached redline, their rev limiters going off.


(First section’s theme!)

Both drivers mashed their upshift paddles; during the first metres of the starting straight, their rear tyres slid and burned out. The place was soon filled with tyre smoke and the sound of the rev limiters doing their best to keep the engines within safety margins. The organizer looked at both, as they passed him; the race had just started. Both cars accelerated, their sequential transmissions taken to the limit; as the cars navigated through the straight, Nicholas started getting the upper hand, thanks to his double clutch transmission, opposed to the single clutch configuration Yui was using. Both cars blitzed towards the first corner.

“So, Mado. Who do you see winning this race?” - Asked Luka, watching both cars enter the first corner.
“Well, you see. From what I’ve been seeing, Nicholas’ car makes more low end torque. When you race in a twisty track like this, you want the ‘punch’ to be in the lower rpm range. So I must admit bringing a pushrod V8 to the competition was a good choice. He will struggle at the high speed sections, where high end performance is more important, though.” - Replied Madoka, sipping her tea can again. “But this…will come down to who is the most skilled.”

The cars entered the first corner, powersliding, neck to neck. Their tyres squealed, suffering from the friction, leaving skidmarks behind; Nicholas took a look at his rear view mirror: Yui was keeping up with him. Not a big surprise, though, as she was a world-class racer. Nicholas looked at the front, blipped his front brakes and pushed the wheel to the right, entering the second corner. Yui followed him, drafting and gripping the corner. “I can’t understimate you. I know, even if you’re a just a kid, that you made it this far for some reason.” - Thought Yui, as she followed Nicholas through the corner. The two cars exited the turn, getting on the outside of the road, and approaching the first hairpin at vertiginous speeds.

Martin took a good sip of his energy drink, looking how the cars approached the hairpin, braking into it.

“So, Yasmin. Let’s talk about their cornering.”
“Well, Martin, as you can see they have completely different styles. Nicholas, on one side drifts very efficiently and I have to recognize that. However…”
“Drifting is not the fastest way to get around a corner. It helps you block some of your opponent’s lines, but you’re losing valuable speed at the exit.”
“Huh, I bet I could corner faster than that kid.” - Concluded Martin, giving his energy drink a good gulp.

The two cars entered the first hairpin. Nicholas drifted it by pulling the handbrake, blocking his rear wheels and forcing them to slide; Yui gripped it instead, using the late apex technique. As they exited the hairpin, Nicholas looked at his rear view mirror: Yui had managed to close part of the gap, and was slightly faster exiting the hairpin. As the cars crossed the short straight before the second hairpin, the people on the sides of the road cheered at them, overwhelmed by the exciment of the race. The two cars started braking again, and entered the second corner.

Ram closed the bonnet of his Kimura. He looked at Evan.

“Looks like tonight’s race is gonna be a close one, ain’t it?” - He said.
“You’re goddamn right it is going to be. We have an almost LS - swapped touge monster and a JDM V8 driven by a world class driver facing off. This is gonna be intense.” - Replied Evan. “We should hurry and go to the five hairpin spot.”
“Yup, let’s go”.

Nicholas drifted the second hairpin, with the Yajiri gripping behind once again. He started feeling some pressure, having to focus not only on the road but on his opponent too. As they navigated the corner, the Yajiri closed the gap further, being neck to neck with the Interval by the time they reached the end of the hairpin. Both cars entered the first high speed section, flooring their throttle pedals. Nicholas found himself taking glances at the rear view mirror often, trying to keep track of his opponent in each and every second. Yui did not try to overtake him yet, though; as she closed the gap thanks to a better high end performance, she throttled back slightly. “I better save my tyres for the later sections. As the track becomes twistier, I need to save them for as long as I can.” - She though.

Nicholas started braking to enter the third hairpin, downshifting through the gears until he reached second. He started drifting once again, followed closely by the Yajiri. As they exited the third hairpin to enter the fourth one and Nicholas braked again, Yui turned off her headlights.

(Second section’s theme!)

Nicholas took a look at his rear view mirror, as he entered the corner, but it was now empty. What? Where had she gone? He heard a buzzing sound on the outside of the corner, and looked at his right as he exited the corner. Yui turned her headlights on again: she was on the outside, ready to overtake. Nicholas couln’t believe his eyes.

“C’mon Yui! You’re gonna overtake him!” - Yelled the spectators, with tears on their eyes, as the cars blitzed past them.

The lack of high end performance was starting to turn against Nicholas; the Yajiri took the lead during the second high speed section, and the Shromet was forced to draft behind in order to keep up.

“Jurgen, honey, looks like Yui managed to expel her negative feelings.” - Said Suzette.
“Indeed. But this is not over yet; the stars are not aligned for or against any of the two drivers. We’ll have to wait for the race to end.” - Jurgen replied.

Nicholas gritted his teeth, drafting behind the Yajiri. “What’s that trick? She could’ve caused an accident!” - He thought. Both cars finally approached the medium speed corners before the fifth hairpin, blipping their brake pedals and downshifting one or two gears. The engines screamed once again, as the sequential gearboxes matched the speed of the engine and the wheels. “Alright Yui, don’t let the pressure build up on you now. You survive the hairpins, you win. You can do this.” - She thought at the same time she zig-zagged through the “s” bends leading to the hairpin. Nicholas followed her, not giving up just yet. “Alright Nicholas, calm down. You’re gonna save your tyres for now.” - He thought.

The racers reached the fifth hairpin; Yui entered it gripping, using the late-apex technique as usual. Yui took a look at her rear view mirror: Nicholas wasn’t drifting? He was copying her trajectory!

“Don’t givings up yet, little man…race still on.” - Thought Daniil, as he took another sip to his spirit bottle. “You can doings this. Best defense is good attack.”

The two cars floored it just as they entered the last high speed section. Yui managed to widen the gap, but did not leave the Shromet behind, as he kept up drafting all the way through the section. Yui looked at her rear view mirror again. “He’s still there” - She thought. Both cars gripped their way through the sixth and last hairpin before the five consecutive hairpins, using the late apex technique. Nicholas’ trajectory was less refined, but he managed to copy his opponent’s.

“Mike, looks like this is not over yet.” - Said Harry, in a thick Australian accent.
“You don’t say, Mad Max. This kid is gonna give Yui a good bang for her buck, but I don’t see him winning.” - Replied Mike.
“For the last time, Mike…just because I’m Australian doesn’t mean you can call me Mad Max.” - Replied Harry, in a voice tone that clearly showed how annoyed he was.
“I’m sorry…Mad Max.” Harry laughed. “You asshole…”.

The two cars finally reached the five consecutive hairpins. Nicholas tried to overtake Yui by dropping his wheels into the gutter at the first of the five, but she realized that and blocked the attempt. Nicholas tried again at the second hairpin, failing to do so. Yui started gritting her teeth. “Is this kid never going to give up!?” - She thought, drifting the third hairpin, forcing Nicholas to brake in order not to crash into her. As the cars navigated the fourth and fifth consecutive hairpins, she drifted both hairpins, forcing Nicholas to hold back.

The mysterious MrChips followed both cars closely. “Hmn…looks like this kid is trying to break his opponent’s morale. Good strategy.”

The cars blitzed through the last consecutive hairpin, exiting it neck to neck.

(Third section’s theme!)

By the time they reached the last hairpin, both drivers were sweating due to the pressure. There were only a bunch of corners left. Yui had to block any attempt from Nicholas. Nicholas had to overtake Yui.

Both cars entered the last hairpin, dropping their wheels into the gutter. Finally nailing to copy Yui’s technique, Nicholas managed to keep up with her. Both cars entered the last short straight, where Nicholas finally managed to close the gap thanks to his superior low-end performance.

Ciara watched the cars blitz past the straight from her Pulga, parked at the first corner. “Anything can happen now. Good luck, you two. May the fastest win.” - She thought.

Yui and Nicholas braked, transfering the weight to their fronts. Yui tried to grip the road, but she then realized she was starting to understeer. “Where’s my front tyre grip? Not now!” - She thought, as she saw the Shromet get closer and closer as the corners went on. “Looks like choosing a rear engined car was a good choice. My front tyres are nowhere near as worn ar hers.” - Thought Nicholas. “Alright, let’s do this…”

Both cars approached the last corner, braking as late as they were able to. Yui started understeering again; Nicholas decided to give his signature move a go…he dived into the inside of the turn.

All of the racers watched from the summit, holding their breath. The people at the finishing line held their breath too. The engines were audible. The tyres squealed. They would be here any second now.

Both cars appeared at the same time. Both drivers floored it: it was a drag race now. The double clutch sequential and a more low-end focused V8 gave Nicholas…the victory. He crossed the finishing line first. Yui let go off the throttle as soon as she was overtaken by the Shromet.

People started cheering at Nicholas. He still couldn’t believe it. He…he won! He looked at the Yajiri. Yui was smiling, and she gave him a thumbs up.

The racers wouldn’t take long to reach the summit. As soon as they arrived at the starting line, both were greeted and cheered by the racers. All of the racers gathered at the side of the road, some of them having a drink. The organizer’s sidekick, Tora, approached the group with a camera and took a picture, sending it to the racer’s phones.

(Special thanks to @Oskiinus for the effort and time put into drawing the group photo!)

Tora then approached the organizer.

“We’re done, Koichi.” Said the “henchman”. “What do you mean “we’re done”?”. “Means we’re done. I’m tired of you and your tournaments, I’m leaving.” - Concluded Tora. He got into a Yaris and drove out of the place.

A notification appeared in Nicholas’ phone: 9000$ had been deposited into his bank account. He couldn’t help but smile.

The racers partied during the night, getting to know each other, forging some friendships and rivalries, doing some friendly drag races and enjoying the car meets; having a good time between car enthusiast before having to part ways again. The crowd cheered: they got to enjoy some great racing, cars, and a great night too.

The end.

Times spreadsheet:

Special thanks to everyone who took part in and/or contributed to the challenge. Special thanks to those who posted RP after the races, giving us more insight into what their racers were feeling and thinking. I hope you all liked the challenge as much as I did :smiley:




What an incredibly intense contest this one has turned out to be… Congratulations to @DoctorNarfy for winning, and all the other entrants just for participating!


Also, I apologize for my lack of skill :smiley: But I guess this art is ok


Excellent competition @Mr.Computah and what a finale! It’s been a lot of fun following this and it’s been run really well. Looking forward to part deux!


Great fun, and also mad props to @Oskiinus for putting it out there and coming up with the art.

The Australian in me could not resist editing a very small part of the writing, though…



Loved this challenge. Very well written! Good guidelines on entry too. I wish you luck in your next challenge, and a bit of advice - take a break, you don’t want to burn out


Is Katsumi in green?


Nah she’s the one with blue hair


Lol she looks like Matt grabbed her ass


Sadly Matt and Gavin arent in the group photo
Gavin being in Goodwood, and Matt on more adventures in Japan



This may be actual ending of Stage 1, unless someone wants to bother with roleplaying. Also, it’s not very plot important, but if you want to read some hardcore bashing and perspective of leaving of my character, there we go.

[quote]#Extra Chapter 1

26/06/2017, Mount Haruna downhill, 4:30 AM

Madoka, with mixed feelings about Gavin’s weird love attempts and making new friend of Yui Takeda went from top of the hill to it’s bottom driving with sunrise on her side, when she saw Gavin’s Berlose – still having in mind his disgusting, yet surprising and scary attempts she thought

No fucking way, this must be a joke. Alright… shifts up and adds rapidly gas, following the Berlose …let’s show him how yakuza is driving. He’s still a damn newbie, he won’t survive.

At the Gavin’s side, things looked quite different when he saw a car belonging to woman that he wanted to forcefully take. He looked on the rear mirror and thought

Shit, shit, shit!

Then the race began. Berlose tried to desperately lose the purple polish vehicle, with no possibility. Madoka, in her angery, started to press on Gavin harder and harder going even closer to his bumper – at some point only centimeters divided them. Both Gavin and Madoka powerslid the first corner and Airborne was on the inside of another. Gavin, knowing that he can’t do much against his teacher, yet sad and pathetic love lost almost all his hope to win, but he focused and drove behind Seishi to watch Mado’s technique.

On first hairpin Madoka pushed her famous 90 degree drift and she could clearly see Gavin and his terrified face through her side window, but only for short because she had accelerated rapidly after the encounter. Gavin drifted through the corner to try to keep up with japanese woman, barely evading crashing his rear into the tree, because Berlose got thrown out of it’s line and gap between two cars has widened, then Madoka, after looking at the rear mirror thought:

I knew that teaching this fuckboy was a waste of time. Well, maybe he’ll learn a lesson.

In meanwhile, Gavin found a secret button on his car’s dashboard and pushed it – the Brit noticed different engine sound, more backfire and massive power boost – Now this car feels like it has 650 hp, instead of 450 to be honest. It will wheelspin all the time. But this acceleration is something that I would die for. - he thought. In meanwhile, he managed to keep up with Seishi, driven by angry Madoka – she tricked out Gavin on second hairpin with emergency braking and setting up again behind him.

I’ll show you the difference between the technique that you could learn instead of trying to impress me in such a bad way - she said in her cabin. Meanwhile, Gavin e-braked because he needed too – Berlose went 230 km/h on the end of the straight and did high speed handbrake drift, followed by massive fire shoot from the exhaust. He was starting to sweat, however, from pressure. He thought: Why she can’t leave me alone?! This madman is going to kill both of us!

The race continued to five last hairpins, where Gavin, falling behind had lost his focus and scraped a guardrail on second turn, breaking also his rear right indicator. Madoka stopped in front of him, looked at him with crossed hands and angry face exception, as Gavin, trapped in his Berlose desperately went out of the car through passenger door to avoid falling off the cliff and, when he dropped on the road he lied on it, trying to get up and looking on Madoka at distance. Then, he finally asked her:

  • What do you want from me?
  • Truth. Why have you tried last night, idiot?

Here Gavin was speechless. He had tears in his eyes, because he finally had realized what he was trying to do; his earlier trying to be forcefully romantic. He responded with sad tone:

  • I was stupid, forgive me. Please… - Gavin started to cry on his knees.
  • I want truth. - woman responded with stoic, yet pissed off and angry face expression – Are you yet grown up to admit it?
  • I… I… - the brit couldn’t say a word, because he was already humiliated by himself, his way of doing and by his touge teacher.
  • Just like I expected. - Madoka said in pissed off tone. - You’re twenty-five years old, yet you’re as pathetic as my teenager cousin. Bye, fuckboy. - Madoka went to her car, started the engine and went away to not look on her admirer anymore. - Oh, and you, crybaby mature kid, if you will get balls and grow up you know where to find me.

This conversation was like cold shower and lifetime lesson for Gavin. Madoka, on other hand continued her voyage through Shibukawa and stopped for a sushi in-town. When sitting on the couch she started to eat sushi, but also thought:

Maybe I was too harsh to Gavin… He’s nice after all, however I can’t stand his nature. He’s just horrible and disgusting fuckboy teenager and an arsehole. Maybe he’ll learn something from this morning, I really hope that he will grow up.

Then one man went to a bar, where he had ordered some sushi along with fried salmon too and went to Madoka’s table, where he sat and looked at her eating – Madoka here realized that it’s Tora Kimuki, the guy who helped the organizer with his tournament. He was the first one starting conversation:

  • Hello Madoka, how are you? - Tora smiled.
  • Good. Seems like you finally left Koichi, no?
  • Yeah. And I’m good with that. Speaking about him, he got jailed recently. As he’s a bosozoku, he went on his daily runs through the city, you know. But, he was going way too fast and accidentally killed four people on the sidewalk. Of course he had some court process, but it was very short due to him accepting the fate and got jailed for twenty years. Also, I have received from him 500.000 yens as, hm „farewell payment”, whatever he meant.
  • And? What are you going to do with this money? - Woman became curious.
  • You should ask, why had I done already! - Tora was happy as never could be with Koichi – I’ll show you something, but let’s eat.

15 minutes later – Madoka and Tora went to the parking, where a black mid engined sports car was standing next to woman’s Seishi SR.

  • Wow! A Nagasaki Rotor? They’re pretty rare, even in Japan. - Madoka was very surprised.
  • Yeah, a Rotor. Series 1 model to be exact from first year of production, that is 1990. This is the car that Koichi used to accidentally kill those people. After hours of negotations with police I bought this car for like, hm, 450.000 yens? - Tora replied. - I think it’s a pretty good deal, since there are only 150 models made this year from my information and this one, as it’s original is worth 3 million yens.
  • Okay, that’s a lifetime bargain.
  • Also, Madoka, don’t you need anyone to take? I have no reason to stay in Japan for now since I don’t have family or job.
  • Sure. I’m going to Goodwood, you can travel on a trip with me. Then we’ll find a job for you, here in land of rising sun or Poland, or whatever, like you want. Does it sound good? - Woman proposed Tora the conditions.
    Yeah, that’s good.

1 day later

Madoka and Tora are going to Tokyo on Airborne-hired plane that can transport both cars and people intact – there are also Takeshi Sanuka from AIRJAP Gunma going uninvited, but Mado took him eventually with CEO’s agreement too. This trip has a little form of race through highways between Seishi SR, Nagasaki Rotor and all the way to the airport – the only accident was Takeshi smashing the gate on airport due to brake failure.
Then, at 14:30, the Airborplane (as nicknamed by Madoka) went out of the ground and flew to Goodwood. Woman looked at the Japan from high height for last time (for now), and her melancholic thoughts were broken by Tora, who likes to conversate very much, he asked:

  • How are your memories from this trip to Japan?
  • Well, let me sum it up all clear. Street racing isn’t for me anymore. However, I met some cool people.
  • Good to know. Would you go back here just to drive? - Tora asked with curiosity in his eyes.
  • Why not?



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