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Automation Design Competition


And after you’ve stated that probably everyone wants to see it :smile:


So the deadline for this I’ve set is at 18:00 GMT, so y’alls still have some time.

I have entries from:



well this is a car ive spent some time on the design

(yeah i know its from the Gangster Car Challenge but i lost the original file for the 1945 Corona)


2017 Megacorp Rapier

######(Haven’t had the time to make anything new.)


Since I saw quite a normal car being sent, I decided to send my quintessential normal car, the Quasar.

Quite sure most of you are familiar with it by now.


I’ll also send in my quintesential normal car. The Mystic.


If you haven’t PM’d me your car, do it now!


Yeah I don’t have anything I particularly fancy enough to submit it so… sadly have to sit out this round


Rear is a classier sharper vision on the Toyota Aurion, or Camry. Given I assume you’re building a sensible economy family sedan there then this is not a bad thing.


Love the chrome work on that one


Titleguy I am away from cpu can u use the export file from this thread(post 14) it sgould contain the dsd sarotoga…sorry mate just unable to get to cpu… all good if you dont want to


That moment when you forget about this competition. Sorry if I forgot any of the cars. Vote for your 2 favorite designs!


Even though the cars aren’t named I know who made most of them :smiley: In some cases even without knowing the cars themselves. Oh, and this shows how much photo editing gives.

And I don’t know if you’ve got all the cars shown here in your game, but I see at least three which are not present in this poll.


Yeah, I was in a rush when I was making this so I probably left a few people out :frowning:. Sorry if you were left out!


I was left out…


My car’s fixtures haven’t loaded in properly… :disappointed:

Mid-flank vents missing, rear wing too wide and weird vents over the rear wheels… :scream:


where is my Vanguard


Sorry about the delay! I’m kind of a massive idiot in every measurable dimension, so 'cuz of that I also forgot like 134 cars.

Anyways, the winner this round is… @Leonardo9613 and the Baltazar Quasar!

He now has the option to pick a new theme for the next round. I’ll try not to mess up the results this time!


Thanks to everyone who voted for my car, there were some real good cars out there.

As for the next round theme, I didn’t even know that was a prize.

Errr, I would like to suggest we made them about 90s coupes. Is that good?


I agree with your suggestion 100%. If that actually happens (and I currently assume it will) I will most likely enter something I’d made previously. And if not… I will be curious to see what the theme will be.