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Automation Design Competition


Did someone say 90s Coupes?


I’ve been waiting a while, but haven’t yet heard anything from the next host. So is this challenge still on?

Edit: I decided to submit a car I made earlier, the Albury Crusader II Coupe, as shown below.


Oh, you can still submit your entries to me. Sorry about that.


Do we post them here or we do it discreetly?


PM is fine.


today is the deadline right?


The '99 Betta Sealine, powered by a 1977cc engine making 250hp, accelerating this coupe really fast while only consuming around 7.5L/100km. Betta style. Better style.


I’ll just resubmit the Airacobra.


Here’s a mediocre 90s American FWD pseudo-luxury anemic V6 barge an exciting sensation, a proactive experience, a masterpiece on wheels… It’s the astonishingly beautiful all new personal luxury 2-door by Gardner, the 1995 West Grand.


Continuing the evolution of the '87 Mist submitted to CSR37…

1990 Adenine Mist


Since I only have 4 entries, I’ll re-open entries until the 6th. If nobody enters by then, I’ll put up the poll.


What happened to this challenge? Once again I hope it has not been forgotten somehow.