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Automation Discord


So, I’ve decided to make this. This is in no way Official, I just want to have somewhere off the forums for people to join to play games together.

Basically a mix between the IRC and Teamspeak.

I doubt many will use it, but here is the link.


Hop on in, and Enjoy!

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Thank you for this. Now I guess it’s time to figure out how to actually use it.


#Well Met!

The Automation Discord has officially been Re-opened to the Public! It was previously redacted due to issues with members in the Community. However, with the UE4 open beta, I have decided to re-open it to the Public!

Please follow the rules, or you will be banned.

Don’t be a dick!

~Anya and The Discord.

Discord Invite Link
How do i use the live chat function?
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