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Automation Game Manual


Look here what I posted 3 hours ago. :slight_smile: A full guide will come after the Car Designer is feature complete and polished because I don’t want to revise the full guide from front to back very often. So far the linked thread should do it suspension-wise. If you have any more in-depth questions feel free to ask!


OK, I understand about the manual, just that on my machine posts aren’t very printer friendly.
I’ll cut and paste it into word.


Hi! I’m new in the forums, and I’d like to know why I can’t download that link?

[size=85]BTW is there a presentation topic? Couldn’t find it :/[/size]


Hey, welcome to the forums!

If you want to download the Engine Designer Manual, go to your User Control Panel and click the Automation tab. There should be a few important downloads, including the Engine Designer Manual. If you’re talking about the suspension guide, that isn’t a download, it’s just a thread which you can read.


Hi, welcome to the forums!

The engine designer guide can be found here.

There is no downloadable suspension guide, but there is a post about it, that you seem to have found yourself.

Edit: Always one step ahead, pleb.


Oh wow I didn’t except 2 very quick answers!

Well I’m following Automation since December 2013, and decided to enter the forums just a few mins ago.

Anyway, under the Automation tab, there’s written : No downloads available.

That’s why I asked my question :slight_smile:


Hmm… that is probably because you have not yet purchased the game.

Try this.


Hmmm I was afraid it was because I didn’t buy the game. In fact it seems that it is the reason. Oh well the demo isn’t even working on my computer because it’s so old and crappy…
I should have a new computer soon though.

Your file just says : Invalid file.

Well it’s not a big problem.

Thanks for your help guys!


This is it.


Thanks alot!


I bought the game on steam and can not seem to get the download link for the manual. Is the Engine Design Guide all there is or is there a full game manual?


So far, the only manual there is is the Engine Designer Guidebook by Der Bayer. You can download it on Steam too, just right-click on your game listed in the games library and you see the option to download it.


Reffering to the Greek Automation Community.The original engine designer manual made by Der Bayer is translated in Greek.
You can download it here : http://www.automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=6329

Thanx !!!


Don´t like necroposting, but as a new player and worst car engineer alive, I need some instructions to enjoy the game, so I download the manual in Steam, start read, download the engines, put some information together, start the toubleshoot part of manual and…

Wheres the engines?!?!

I supose the engines referenced by manual won´t work in 2016 version of game or I´m missing something, so, how I put these engines to work and how I open then?

I need a conversion tool or theres an updated version of manual and engines somewhere?


Those engines were made a while ago, we had at least 2-3 changes to the saves systems since then, so they aren’t compatible with the current version.

There were also some balance changes made since the manual came out so some things in there might be slightly different.

I’d recommend doing the tutorial engine scenarios if you want some help.


@TrackpadUser, thanks for reply.

I´m playing with scenarios and building things in sandbox mode.
Also, I am replicating the cars I already drive to learn more about them and about the game.