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Automation game not starting


Hello this has been going on for awhile.

When I try to start the game this pops up:
Clicking ok loads the launcher but with no text or pictures. The launch button doesnt work.

If I launch the game without the launcher the game works mostly, but not perfectly. Current mods work, but if i download more mods they refuse to show up in the game.

I have verified game files and reinstalled the game multiple times to no avail.
If you need more details or system specs feel free to ask!


Pic of trying broken launcher


When i try to exit the broken launcher this pops up


Thanks for posting the error details :slight_smile: We’ll see if there’s anything we can do about it (this is not a common thing to happen).


Anything I can try?


Well it seems to have self healed. Works normally.

THX anyhow!


Hello I purchased the game through steam. I have verified the files and updated the drivers, the game begins to start and stays in the loading screen. I have been trying it for 3 afternoons now . The steam page tells me I have played the game 3 hours but it is all time spent in loading .


I got the game to start. I need to redownload the game with a better connection


I am having this same issue.

Steps I have tried:

  • reinstall all Microsoft C++ redistributables
  • reinstall .NET
  • reinstall Automation
  • update Windows with all updates
  • update graphics drivers


Post your game log here and we’ll have a look :slight_smile: (button in launcher)


The launcher starts but nothing in it works.

How else can I find the logs?


Well, that’s an issue. Do you happen to have an anti-virus and not added Automation to the whitelist? Running the game as administrator?

You can find your game log here:

just copy paste that into your windows explorer path bar and hit Enter.