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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


I am bad at following instructions. Finally working.



2 question though.

  • why not use the 1.8 or 1.9 forge?
  • why not use an already existing modpack? like i.e my favorite, direwolf20 modpack

keep getting invalid sessions when connecting… anyone else getting this.


So i can pregen a small area of the world without having massive lag while playing :stuck_out_tongue: 5000block radius is huge! It will be removed though, dont worry.

1.7.10 is the latest stable release… and we decided to stay mostly compatible with the modpacks. There still can be stuff added, but it has to be something that does not interfere with the worldgen.
Also the last stable and working version of Cauldron is 1.7.10 - and i really dont want to miss out on bukkit/spigot plugins.


okay. acceptable.

for the worldgen stuff, isn’t there something called ‘retro gen’ mod or something?
a mod that adds new ores to the already generated areas when new mods are added.
next on the to be added list?


Well I don’t really find a problem with 1.8 but I really think 1.9 is just stupid.


Please don’t go to 1.9. I hate the fighting mechanics. Having huge problems to deal with 2 skeletons while equipped with full iron gear.


Well, ersonally, i havent tried mc again for a while now, so i dunno how hard it is in 1.9.

But it seems to be the consensus that people favor 1.7.10. And that’s not a problem either.

I was just curious


Oh yay! Something for me to do to postpone making cars for challenges!

If I might recommend some mods, I’d highly recommend Machinemuse’s Modular Powersuits, and Thermal Expansion/Foundation. They seem to fit the Bill Nye Science theme.


I agree, one of my favorites. But i dont want this modpack to become mod soup, so its ok if we keep the mods we already have on it only


is there immersive engineering for 1.7.10? that one seems good to. especially for aesthetics purposes.

and WATER MILLS!!! im sooo gonna make a dam if it gets added.

given, i could get in the server somehow


Would keeping some chunks loaded be an option?

My turtles seem to stop working (so that I need to re-start them) when the world isn’t loaded.


An other solution might be to move the mining to the village.

We have found a pretty much infinite source of oil under Pyrlix’s house, which we can use to power some quarries that we hide underground. If those are made large enough they can mine quite a long time before needing to be moved.

Only issue with underground quarries is that you need to clear 5 blocks high for a pretty large surface, but that’s something we could use the turtles for.

If we combine that with a properly made buildcraft pipe system, pretty sure we can setup mostly automated metal block fabrication, and use that to make more advanced industrial craft stuff.

And since a lot of people seem to want to move there, the chunks are going to be loaded most of the time.


Whoever made this: Remove it. It looks absolutely atrocious. Yes there are somewhat ugly Cobblestone Buildings, but this is simply ugly. That or i will set it on fire :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still in progress of building it! Wait until I get it done! I need to add glass, get more wood to make the ladder part look better, and then put in torches and stuff so you can actually see when you’re inside.


It still looks hideous ingame… the dark oak does not help a lot.


I believe you can craft world anchors with railcraft, but i don’t know if @pyrlix has that allowed in the configs. I would very much prefer it allowed, as then I can have totally automated trains (there’s a world anchor car that I can put on a train to keep the chunks loaded as it travels along)


a bit of a philosophical question.

if i bought a original/legal copy of minecraft, but then not play it for a long time, and then forget everything about my account, including losing the transaction ID needed to retrieve my account, then proceeds to play with a ‘cracked’ minecraft.(which MAY be the reason i can’t connect)

am i still pirating the game?

(i gave up trying, and finally decides to buy another account, tommorow)


Huh weird, I have been sat in the logging in screen for about 10 minutes. Is that an issue on my end?

edit: I hadn’t switched the profile to run Forge


technically yes, since the server detects that youre not using a ‘legit’ minecraft account … it can be turned off in the server’s config, but i think its on for a reason :wink:


Technically i could deactivate that check… does it really hurt if someone is playing with a pirated version of Minecraft?
@Koolkei: I would not say its pirating. You already own(ed) the game at some point.