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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


considering Notch is the worlds richest indie dev, i say nah lol


If you deactivate it, anyone can join under any nickname … which can be abused for pretty bad things if someone wants to hurt the server.

Feel free to turn it off, as long as nothing like that happens its ok.


Haven’t played Minecraft in ages, mostly because I could never find a server I was interested in being on for any length of time, usually because I didn’t know the community. Might have to give this a try.

Granted, I’ll probably end up spending 95% of my time looking up recipes I’ve long since forgotten. Last played back in… I think it was 1.8 Beta.

May I inquire as to the current difficulty setting, so that when I join, I can be prepared?


Normal, considering the effects of hunger.


even still, there are server plugins to remedy that, although it requires entering a password whenever you sign in


well i’d say use that bukkit plugin where you need to login in-game and erase the check.
because personal reasons (me being stupid and having problems with mojang. AGAIN)

and i think at least most of us are mature enough not to do something stupid to each other


I reduced the transmitted amount of chuncks (from 24 to 14) and increased the Network-Compression.
That should greatly help with lag, especially for people that are not on the european continent.

Also on the topic of “falling through the floor when joining”: I have no clue where this is coming from, i investigate into it. I can “only” recommend leaving on a balcony-esque contraption which has a “room” below it. If you experience that bug, just PM me when i am ingame, we can figure something out.


This is true with almost all forge-based mod servers, the more mods, the more likely to have this happen.
It’s a given. Give it about 15 (or so) seconds to sort itself out

Edit: I believe it’s just a result of lag as your client communicates to the server, getting the initial server settings, tod, ticks, etc. Depending on the connection & distance away, you may be falling for 5s or 15s, but when your client and server get caught up with each other, you will be (or should be) exactly where you last left off with no bad side-effects from it.


I wonder though: Does TE/F add stuff to the world gen? I would like to add it alongside with Immersive Engineering (which provides a way to convert EU to RF it seems)…

If they add stuff to worldgen: bad luck… i can add them, but you gotta run a long way until you find something useful


again, why not 1.8?
we have this if we’re on 1.8… that takes care of the ore generation problem

and i think both IE TE have world gen stuff. something like ferrerous ore?

also, maybe consider either enderio or forestry? or maybe minefactory reloaded. just a way to make an automated farm.


Well I already said above why i went for a 1.7.10 server. Most mods are proper stable for 1.7.10.

Also i just found out: With Galacticraft you can technically convert EU to RF and vice versa with the Energy Storage Module


but mods are already on 1.10 now, i have been assuming 1.8 is just as stable as 1.7.10 by now.


Buildcraft: Beta for 1.8.9, IndustrialCraft: Alpha for 1.8.9, Galacticraft: None, TinkersConstruct: Release for 1.8.9 to 1.10, Railcraft: None, Computercraft: Release for 1.8.9, Alpha for 1.9.4

Also: This server runs on a combintion of Forge and Bukkit, without bukkit there would be no Lot-Protection or properely working dynmap. At a later point we may can upgrade to 1.8 or 1.9 or even 1.10, which is no problem as some plugins are available with Sponge already.

It really depends on the choices. I would not like to miss out on any of these mods.
I mean i’ve spent a whole day on just searching for mods that fit to the automation community best and findout which versions are available…

On the IE/TE Thing… sucks if it adds worldgen stuff, and worldgenretro is not avialable for 1.7.10 unless someone made something similar for it. Thing is: you CAN obtain the new ores there, but have fun finding them… everything beyond ~2200 blocks from spawn can be viable


Railcraft is a base mod I would never go without. So good think we’re keeping it 1.7.10

About mod soup: I just don’t want so much tech stuff that it becomes completely unbalanced. I’ve run some big tech packs, and my own tech packs, and found if there’s too much stuff it makes other mods almost useless (and can make world gen corrupt)
But otherwise I’m ok with some more tech mods.


well, i guess i’ve been out from the minecraft community for too long.

also, agreed, 2 or 3 tech mod is enough, IC2-IE-TE.
some magic mods later maybe. what does MFR, and inder IO categorizes as?


Also more mods - worse performance. Afaik it’s already at its limits right now.

If the server can handle it, I’d still like some form of keeping chunks loaded all the time :wink:


Take one of those Railcraft Anchors :wink: And yeah, the more mods the worse the performance is. And its like @findRED19 says… there is a point where you have mods making other mods obsolete or achieving “the best” super easy.

The server should run slightly better now, more RAM, more CPU-Power, slightly optimized Settings.


Updated the server to a newer Version of KCauldron -> Better Performance, Less Buggy
In that same step it fixed a bug where creepers and TNT didnt cause damage - now they do… and cause huge holes.

Redprotect helps against creeper and TNT explosions…

EDIT: Noticed there was a bug after a basic server restart due to maintenance in the Server-Hosting-Facility. Some people may have stuff missing out of their inventory. If that is the case: PM me whats missing and where to stuff it. If you are lucky nothing is lost, if not you make lack one or two items.


Oh … thought that was intentional. One of them just took out a part of my subway station :confused:


Rip Laggy Creepers (That bug saved my ass so often.)