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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


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What exactly do you mean by that. Error message, too high ping, other issues?


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Can someone do me a small favour please. It should be possible for anyone on the server to do this but it’s possible that pyrlix is the only one who will be able to do it. While looking to see if its even possible to add a couple of mods to the server (before I nag pyrlix to add them), I’ve spotted a potential problem with potion IDs. Could someone do a dump of potion IDs and upload the resulting .csv file to the forums please. That way I can save pyrlix some work and create a config file that doesn’t make the new mods overwrite the old mod’s potions and status effects.

The dump I need is “all”. By default it is set to “Used”, so you will need to click on the button that says “used” next to “potions” until it cycles round to “all”.

To do a potion ID dump you go to your inventory, click on the options button on the bottom right, then tools, data dumps, then make sure potions is set to “all”, then click dump. a message will appear saying “potion IDs dumped to dumps/potion.csv” or something similar.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just reading through this and it seems so much more complex than the minecraft im used to


If you mean my post then don’t worry, setting up a modpack properly has always being a giant pain in the bum (which is why I’m trying to do some of the work before nagging pyrlix to add my favourite mods). Downloading and playing a modpack isn’t too hard, there’s just some new concepts to get used to.

If you meant that you were struggling with playing modded minecraft in general then I would suggest having a look at some of Direwolf20’s mod spotlights on youtube for the mods that are on the server. He’s a great teacher and has reasonably up to date videos on most of the major mods.


I meant that im used to xbox one minecraft which has none of this stuff.


That’s pretty much all down to the mods, so go and watch a few of Direwolf’s mod spotlights. For some of the mods you may need to start with the really early videos because the mods started years ago and have gradually been built upon, so direwolf20 usually just releases an updated mod spotlight to cover the new stuff every now and then.


So I installed the recently added mods and tried to go on the server just now …

this is what I get. I did install the galacticraft files included in the modpack linked in this topic.


Deinstall Extra-Planets


can i make a suggestion? would it be possible to install keepinv for the amount of times some of us fall into the void with stuff on us?


also maybe remove the worldborder? i took a trip to the nether, built a portal, and wound up on the other side, now i seem to be falling forever


Is someone still playing? I’d like to now and then, but alone it’s no fun :confused:


If a few more of my favourite mods were added I would be on the server a lot, but I’m already feeling bad for the amount of mod suggestions and wouldn’t want to pressure Pyrlix into adding more, especially since a couple of them require considerable config changes to not mess things up.


I want to get on more often, but as you ssid, its boring alone, plus, i lost my tunnel bore in a lag incident, there went a diamond block, so it did put me off a bit


Well, then leave me a message whenever you want to go on - I’m on here mostly in the evening european time. :wink:

(And, please no more mods. I just as much would enjoy building something creative in vanilla mc, the more mods the more complicated it gets to me. What really threw me off was problems with mods not working, which I got fixed now.)


Technically some additions would require a server restart - some.

I can add those that keep your inventory after dying so @cpufreak101 can keep his stuff when he falls through the floor yet again.
And i agree on MC being slightly boring when being alone, but it was inevitable that people would stop playing after a couple of days. I am logging in on the server every odd day, but stop playing because noones there.


Yeah, that’s why I’m not asking for them. The mods I’m looking for are very big and very complex and I know I’m in the minority in wanting effectively an FTB Infinity Evolved server.


I’m on now, in case someone wants to join.

Edit: Uh, @pyrlix, this weird world gen thing has done something to my tunnel :confused:

Edit 2: Seems to be quite laggy now.


I need to remember to play this more often. I still haven’t gotten back out from underground where I’ve been mining up some materials before preparing to pop up and build at least my first level place.