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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


Ouch. Sad.


It’s okay, I got three spares I can choose from, if you want to get on later we can


Nah, I’ll be going to sleep soon. 1:33 AM here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah okay, I’ll try to be on tomorrow then


top kek


1440x900 is NOT 1440p :stuck_out_tongue: 1440p would be 2560x1440


oh wait. derp. it’s 900p… okai :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey uhh, are you going to be on later today?


Yeah, maybe even soon if you want :slight_smile:


3 1/2 more hours until I’m home sadly, I asked now not expecting a fast response lol

EDIT: @szafirowy01 I’m getting on now if u wanna join


I’ll see.


assuming now is a bad time?


No, nothing more important to do, but I’m not sure yet if I want to play Minecraft or Cities Skylines :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah okay, whatever ya pick you’ll be having fun at least lol


Hello everyone, someone willing to play (and help me with some mod stuff)? :grin:

BTW, whose is this lava pump in the Nether, next to the portal? Can I take lava from the tank or not?


if you’re still on, i’ll join in, and the lava pump, idk who it belongs to, but as the nether is pretty much infinite lava, i see no harm in taking some


Yeah, I’m still on. And I’ve started building my own, hopefully more efficient pump :smile:


ok, i’m logging in now


I build the cobblestone tower with the pump inside, it was actually meant to be for general consumption but I don’t think many others have used it.
When you take some though, remember to stand around in the neather for a bit to give it a chance to fill back up.



I am currently planning to update the server to 1.10 - with a full wipe sadly. Looking at the logs, not a lot of people played in the last days, so updating it with a wipe wont hurt a lot of people. Switching to a Sponge-based solution enables slightly more performance and that 1.10 update.
But now we come to the magic question…
What mods should go away, what mods should stay in?

I have the obvious Buildcraft, IC², TConstruct, Extrautils on my list - but what else?
Galacticraft will go - not updated and noone really went there. What about ProjectRED?