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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


I never got into ProjectRED stuff, so it doesn’t matter for me.

As long as Railcraft is in the list, I’m happy.


I do agree it’s about time for a fresh wipe, and may I ask for the removal of world border? I accidentally went beyond it once :confused:

As for mods, Thermal Expansion has been requested, and also, please add in Keep Inventory this time so I don’t lose everything when I glitch through the floor inevitably :stuck_out_tongue:


Seconding Thermal Expansion and Keep Inventory. Not big in the modding scene for Minecraft, though, so I don’t know much else.


I only used Buildcraft, so… :smile:
But from my old Minecraft times I remember quite interesting Zeppelin mod, and as I now checked it is available for 1.10. It basically lets you build ships, airships and elevators as a normal block constructions, not some standard crafted things. But I’m not insisting on this one.
Keep Inventory would be very useful however.


Thermal Expansion does not exist for 1.10 - but there is EnderIO that is supposed to be similar. There is also Mekanism


Alternates to it are fine, I think. I’ve been out of the Minecraft scene for long enough that I’ve forgotten 90% of the mods anyway.


Okay… any plans on playing? I think about getting back to Minecraft personally


yeah. i cant re-claim my original copy… fuck me.


Hello… Any news about the server?


Updated the OP, Revived the server, changed some mods.

Attention - some of my friends are ALSO on this server and they are germans. (not Austrians, no Anschluss or Reich - dont worry. But be wary of jokes in that direction) They wont dick with you if you dont dick with them. Will be all fine tho


one question, was the lag ever fixed?


KeepInventory is turned on. Lag is due to the fact you are US based maybe, although friends report no lags.


Right when I thought about getting back to Minecraft :grin:
And not even a little Anschluss? :wink: (I’ll be a good boy, I promise)

Edit: Nooo, the game crashes on startup :frowning:


give it more memory

2gb should be enough butsinde I have 16g I just gave it 6gb. I would reccomend 4 or more unless you only have 6gb or less of memory


I haven’t played Minecraft in many many years (bought it back in very early alpha when the worlds were tiny, stopped playing soon after it came out of beta) but recently I have occasionally felt like maybe I’d enjoy playing it again. But I’m a bit intimidated by all those mods, do they change things a lot?


yes and no, they exist and can take some getting used to but the fundamentals are easy enough and you don’t need to use them


So… is there a lot of activity on the server?


Not much right now but it is quickly growing


I wanna join but I just want to know, is it a creative server, a survival server, a mix? PVP?


Its a survival server, but i think its easy difficulty.
Yeah, but there is a server protection system. Ask Pyrlix, I have no idea how it works