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Automation Original Soundtrack


so i cant have it for free?
Even though i have bought the supercharged version?


Yes, the line between the “includes soundtrack” and “doesn’t include soundtrack” is that between the turbocharged and the supercharged edition. Gives early supporters that nice little bonus. The buy page states clearly what is included in the supercharged version, and the soundtrack is not in it, so “but I bought the supercharged version” is not an argument. :wink:


I’m sorry for reviving this topic, but i can’t find them in my control panel (and i bought the Turbocharged version). Can’t i download them anymore?


Your profile says you are Supercharged, not Turbocharged, so you don’t get the soundtrack, as far as I know.


That is correct, yes. The cut-off point for getting the soundtrack is the change from selling the turbocharged version to having the supercharged version on offer.


At mountain pass test tracks, the game needs to play EUROBEAT!!



einige Sounds erinnern mich an Cartyccon bzw. Carindustries von früher


I just want to let you know the download link seems to be broken.
When I download the OST from the UCP I get a 155 bytes file has this written in plain text:
Warning: readfile(/dlfiles/AutomationOST.zip): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sites/automationgame.com/download.php on line 41


Yes, I can confirm this. Thank you for pointing that out! We’ll have that fixed on Monday :slight_smile:


It was fixed, it should all work again. :slight_smile: