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Automation Rallycross League, Season One (South Africa Final Results Up!)


The sketches are perfect. Well done!


What a season! I’d like to first say thanks to @MrChips for this amazing competition - definitely the best thing I’ve seen in the forum since the 1976 BRC. Now for a word from our team principle:

Given this car was a last minute entry into the competition and was lacking some development and fine-tuning, I’m overjoyed at the achievements of Astelli Racing this season. It was quite clear early on that we didn’t have the pace of the top three cars, but thanks to consistent points scoring and some luck when it came to our rivals, being crowned “best of the rest” is everything we could have asked for.


Thanks a lot to @MrChips for running this; he basically got me into Automation in the first place with one of the challenges he ran on the SA forum. Thank you to the rest of you too for joining in all of this lunacy; made me branch out from SA to figure out where else stuff relating to this was going on and now here I am. Looking forwards to the next one!


Complete credit for the Shromet Racing team’s awesome performance goes to @ramthecowy . The car may be Shromet in name but that’s it, literally everything about the team was down to his amazing management and building!


Gratz @strop!
Is there a ETA for S2 @MrChips?


Thank you all for your kind words! And yes, ARXL Season Two will definitely be happening later this year.

And now, for some statistics:

And some highs and lows:


Good to know, my computer was out of commission back in October when it started otherwise I would have loved to have taken part in it, was temped to ask if it was possible to join partway through but decided against it, likely would have been a no anyway.


Been going through a lot of shit IRL to read the entirety of the challenge in details, what was the challenge factor again? '^^


challenge factor is a composite of power to weight and drivability to sport, it basically affected how likely the driver was to stuff up launches, make mistakes, and how badly. In short your car was very fast but also insanely hard to drive. That’s evidenced by several event podiums but also your car crashed a few times which probably cost it about 80 points in the grand scheme of things.


Ah! Yeah that’s indeed the way I made the car. Every single sensible race cars I made ended up being uncompetitive so I yeeted it xD


You can kinda see where my priorities were - I was laser focused on minimizing ballast penalties as I figured that would let me run flat out and fight for every point without worrying about strategy for trying to get ballast off. I think that compromised the hell out of my suspension setup though; if you look at the power/weight the PepperBOMB was in a class of its own but I don’t know how much faster it actually made it. Would it be possible to get an idea of raw lap times at some track? I think the biggest letdown was drivability as that definitely cost me points.

Engine was a longitudinal 2.8L tt V6 which doesn’t fit in the kei car body anymore so next season will be something completely different.


If I recall correctly I was doing the 2 lap sim of Trois Rivieres somewhere in the 1:47… shit I forget. I know I was doing slower than the Flamarbol car because I prioritised reliability and drivability, but what’s really disconcerting is that my lap time was still slower than it despite being quite a lot higher on power to weight…

hey @MrChips does this mean I get to make my car number 01 for next season? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not surprised I’m on the worst metagame list, definitely need to figure out a better tune and driver combo next time around. Despite my poor performance though I definitely enjoyed this.


well, l’ll take high mid field. did alright considering i was 100% passive in this (work got in the way) but thanks for a great challenge!


OH I get it now. Twice the turbo, half the boost. Clever. I gave up cheesing it and went with a lore 2L i4 (very similar to the FK8 Type R engine), which is actually used by one of my other models. Surprised it all worked out in retrospect.


Look at the races on this thread, I saw a massive effort on making these races great. Splendid.

But I wish I can join the league. Blame myself for joining the forums too late.


Just keep your eyes out for the next season :slight_smile:


Half the exhaust energy was more the thing; the way the rules set worked boost was tied to displacement per cylinder so I think it was still running quite a bit (1.91 bar) Pushing the boost threshold later helped efficiency numbers a lot and the engine size was very carefully derived - any smaller and I couldn’t burn all the fuel without richening things up slightly, any larger and it wasn’t as efficient because I had to sacrifice a quality point from somewhere to stay under the ET/PU limits.


“We have already begun testing for next season… are also working on new car name. Maybe will be called Scorpion PepperBOMB, am not sure. But have identified many weaknesses from this season and places to improve, so we will.”