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Automation Rallycross League, Season One (South Africa Final Results Up!)


When will the challenge open back up?


All things being equal, it should reopen tomorrow.


Alright ladies and gentlemen, the rules have been revised to address a number of issues, and submissions are now open once again. Any cars that have been submitted before the suspension will need to be re-submitted for evaluation, as some of these changes are significant:

  • Challenge Factor now takes into account power to weight ratios.
  • Crash Rate calculation has been increased by a factor of 1.125.
  • Reliability calculations have been tweaked, increasing the base factor that reliability is checked to, and skewing the balance more toward the engine.
  • In the Engine Specifications, a maximum permitted boost level has been added, to dial back the effectiveness of engines with very large displacements per cylinder.
  • A major addition has been made regarding downforce amounts, both for total downforce and for downforce per axle. No entry will be allowed to generate more than 50 percent of the entry’s empty weight in downforce, and no axle will be allowed to carry more than 28 percent of the entry’s empty weight in downforce.

The Challenge Guide and the Rules and Calculators Sheet on Google Sheets have been updated to reflect these changes. Submission deadlines have been extended a week as well, to compensate for the lost time from the suspension. Thank you very much for your patience in this matter!


The 2018 Seydel GNG Fuel ROOR Tyres D Series

This season, FG’s Seydel Racing division brings a FG D Series, mostly modeled after the SFG D202Q Hot Hatch, but with an I6 engine, completely from Seydel. The wrap of the car is based off the famous “Red Night” used in Group C, F1, DTM, and more races. The car has advanced carbon fibre aerodynamics, with a double wing at the rear, a double lip at the front, with multiple canards as well. This D Series also has carbon fibre panels, and an aluminium chassis. As a courtesy to other cars, this car has a tail splitter to not throw dust in to the engines and radiators of other cars (@racer126) . The GNG-Seydel relation has been going on since 2015, where it first appeared in our F1 car, and we are glad to announce that ROOR Tyres will begin sponsoring some of our other race cars as well. We have had a bad history in rallye and rallycross, with only one win in the 1990s, and we hope to change this with ARXL, but we must wait, for the results.


The Final Shakedown Is Starting


JHW ARX Team test day photos released.


Flamers VitiaCo Racing Announce Their Latest Joint Motorsport Venture

Ilithyia - RallyX

Built to be different the Ilithyia is built from the same mentality that made the Flamers Motor Company successful. Small engine, lots of boost. Using a 1.4 litre inline 4 combined with a 2.58 bar turbo you get something that goes like a bat out of hell.

Promo Shots

Concourse Shot

Private Testing

Build Progress



OK, so quick status update!

Entries Accepted

  • Flamers
  • Dorifto_Dorito
  • Tyhikastija
  • Nivracer

Entries Recieved, Needing Corrections

Entries Received Before Rules Change, Needing Re-Submission


I’m not intending to resubmit

Thanks anyway


It may be the odd peachy color or the car’s small size, but there’s something about it that might fool opponents into mistakenly thinking that the NH-RX is fodder, when in fact it could turn out to be a force to be reckoned with.


The width of the tyres suggests that it’s not running the lightest possible configuration. Interesting.


Yeah I’m not joining anymore


Someone has to make the competition look good…why not us?

FMR Stadia ARX


Are you saying that looks good? Are you saying none of the other cars look good?


Yes, I think it looks good…wouldn’t have designed like that if I didn’t, now would I?

As for the competition…I mean my team will probably be shit, as per usual, so it makes everyone else look better.


2018 Ars Eligos ARX


Ars Racing Team bought out their new vehicle for the Rallycross League, adorned with a shining arrows livery with the number 77 that goes way back to when Ars first joined rally racing. Under the hood is a much expected flat-6 engine, with very much optimized aero visible on its exterior.

Its driver will be Canadian Ashlynn Morganstern.

More images


Engine and Turbo Calculator are Broken plz fix


You can use the version history to go back :slight_smile:

^ That is a copy I took


Alright, it’s been fixed, not overly thrilled about that either.

Putting this challenge together was a lot of work; I don’t want to say how many hours I’ve put in to making the rules, building and testing the simulation model - which entails several million calculations per round, I might add - as well as time and effort by other members here testing things for me, so let’s just say it was countless hours. So for someone to come along and screw with for no reason, well, it speaks very poorly to their character, it is disrespectful to the community here, as well as everyone on the other website I’m running the same challenge on concurrently, and myself. Honestly, having to babysit things like this makes me wonder why I even bother putting in the effort.