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Automation Rallycross League, Season One (South Africa Final Results Up!)


So, another status update, with a bit more than one week left to submit. These are the teams that are ready to run:

# Username Team Name
6 Jaimz FMR Stadia Racing
8 Dorifo_Dorito HallFords Merciel ARX Team
10 Mikonp7 Deer And Hunt Racing
11 conan Team OOF Barry Boy RallyX
13 Rudzis Tyrelli Schwarzburg RX Team
35 electroGG Likar Racing Team
55 z2bbgr SBA Boonigan
63 Nivracer KMC Racing
77 Xepy ARxT
88 Tyhikastija Ökul NH ARX Team
99 Flamers Flamers VitiaCo Racing

Entries Submitted, Needing Correction/More Information:



I think I gave the information, what else was there?


I’ve got a car somewhat ready, I just need to send it, but not sure if I want to anymore.


Your car still hasn’t passed scrutineering yet.

Go ahead and submit it - there’s no harm in doing so!


I have decided to extend the deadline for one week; all entries are due on Thursday, November 29th at 2359 GMT!

This is for two reasons; first, I’ve all of a sudden become very busy the next few days, and also because it will allow me to combine this ARX Challenge with an identical one I am running on the Something Awful Forums; this will make the challenge a fair bit larger and more competitive, but also easier for me to administer.



Lack of time, having to find a new job got me.

Thanks to this extended deadline though, I can send the car. Without mockup sponsors though.

Team Naruto Sélestat


the newly opened Naruto :tm::registered::copyright: in Sélestat sends out a car tuned by literally anyone but them, but with a lots of funds from them: a 2018 facelift FAAL Coupe Mk X.

No extended lore, no time. :t


Fuji Raceworks has reportedly signed rally driver Takumi Fujiwara to drive the new #CoherenceRX.


Isn’t 18/19 a bit young? Although, if he drifts every corner, it’ll be worth it for sure


He was 23 when he quit rally according to MF Ghost, and he never aged anyway so here he is. Has high pavement stats and low dirt.


Not young enough you mean.


Team IRD Rally Isami Vireo ARX #21


When Napoo Performance Vehicles caught wind of this series there was a rush to get the relevant vehicles prepared for the opening round. They took the NPV NX, a boring mid-size hatch and stuffed a 2.3L turbo engine longitudinally into the chunky bonnet and stretched the wheelarches so much that it could no longer fit throught a McDonalds’ drive thru. The straight piped engine drowns out all the haters and the car has the required aero appendages.

The exact output of the engine is classified, but i can tell you it puts out well over 300hp

The team does not have a sponsor as of now. Sponsorship enquires at 9*******

While fast, the team will be surprised with a half-decent result due to the strenght of the competition.

This coincides with the release of the new NPV NX hatch.


Introducing, the Team Kitanishi SPECTER Develo #96 RALLYX!


Is the deadline 2359 UTC on the 29th? If so I might be able to sneak in an entry…


Update: NPV have run into issues during testing and have switched the engine over to a 2.5L inline 5 from a 2.3L i4. The new engine is said to pump out over 350hp.


Hi; one of the folks on the Something Awful forum; decided to crosspost stuff because I have fun with this stuff.

Team Red Cock Energy Liquid (the FDA requires us to state that it is not for human consumption) is proud to announce the PepperBOMB XT!

Team Red Cock Energy Liquid is also proud to announce the driver for the PepperBOMB! XT as Finnish national rally star Pekka Heikkinen. Pekka has been honed on the gravel stages of Finland, achieving consistent good results over his career amongst a series of wins!

Cutting to an interview with a blond man in his early 30s, speaking in a deadpan monotone.

“Yes, I am pleased to join Team Red Cock Energy Liquid - motto it is not for human consumption - and look forward to the ARXL championship. I believe we will have a very strong car; I can hope that we will be the class of the field but… uh… we will see of course. We will be powered by Red Cock Energy Liquid, adding the taste of Sriracha to an energy… liquid.” He pauses and looks off screen. “No I will not drink it.”


Speaking purely out of character… I’m kind of in awe with the styling some of you have done; I’ve focused very heavily on the engineering. I have no idea why the current suspension setup works, but it seems to work very well, and I’m making at least 60hp so it should be competitive.


Anyone else in the 1.7 liter gang?
:clap: its :clap: not :clap: a :clap: 4A :clap: GE :clap:


2018 ARX Fuji Coherence TR Revealed

Fuji Raceworks is proud to announce the new Fuji Coherence TR ARX will debut this year, at the hands of acclaimed rally legend Takumi Fujiwara. The car is completely redesigned, and will wear the number 92 this season.


The deadline for new entries has now passed. I will be going through the entries I’ve received in the last 24 hours or so tomorrow; anyone who has submitted an entry and still needs to pass scrutineering will have until Monday to get their entries up to standard.