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Automation Rallycross League, Season Two (Final Shootout and Stats Post Up, Thanks To All Participants!)


K1A Development Racing

Hwa Motor Company are pleased to announce a partnership with K1A Development Racing in developing the Vigil Sedan into a competitor for the Top class of ARXL, due to taking the entry formerly held by SRS-ANA Racing.

We are also pleased to announce 27 year old Mongasque Native, Marie-Claire Allemand will drive the number 707 car through the season.

Zephorus Racing Division

ZRD Prototype RXRB

The newly developed RXRB from Zephorus Racing Division is the pinicale of racing on all surfaces, with innovative twin turbo technology to produce almost 650hp.


Out of curiousity…what 0-60 is deemed OK?


I think the limit is a bit under 3 seconds.

  1. The Chassis Production Units/Engineering Time I am looking at comes from here:

  1. There is no limit for lips, spoilers or wings; just a downforce limit.

There is no limit, but under 3 seconds to 60 is where you want to be.


I meant more, I’ve never seen much below 3 seconds as possible.


Just a friendly reminder to everyone sending in their submissions:

When you send in your car, regardless of class, I need you to send in your team name, your preferred number and your team’s country of origin along with the .car file. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!


TEAM SCH minMAX Performance Enters ARXL Premier League

SCH Racing is pleased to announce its entry into the 2019 Automation Rallycross League, into the top class, the Premier League! In collaboration with Kuma Automobiles, we will be racing the Kuma PnDa SCH RX under our minMAX suspension line branding. We hope to further prove the capabilities of our engine and suspension components in this prestigious event.

Joining us our team as the pilot is French rally driver Charlie LeClair (no relation to F1 driver of similar name).

Additionally we will also be joining into the Super 1250 spec class with the Kadett Club with rookie driver Tsubasa Arima.

We hope to see you there!




Mobile chicane incoming!!!

The Franklin Marshall Racing HiWay.

It’s not too slow…and it shouldn’t show us up.

Engine - Turbocharged 2.0L I4
Power - More than I thought I’d get!
Top speed - 120mph…Yes, really!
0-60 - Quick enough…we think…with the wind behind us on a downward hill!
Driver - Jaimz (no second name…a bit like The Stig but without the talent!)
Objectives - No to get in the way…much…
Expectations - Take part in the qualifying rounds…oh, I we get that anyway? Well we’ll try to not be last then.

The Car

And yes, it is plain liveried because I’m old and have no concept of being artistic!


Livery Reveal

It’s here today at a sunny Lydden Hill where we see the reveal of Dominic Andrew-Scott’s freshly liveried Bramhall Vixen VS-R! Kicking out over 550bhp and going 0-60 in under 3 seconds this mad car will hopefully put Andrew-Scott in a good position for the new ARXL League One. It is said that Bramhall are approaching the series with interest, and are using the British Rallycross race winner to test the waters, with his experience in the mixed-surface racing providing a great insight.

Kevin Ryde, the mind who developed the unique shape of the VS-R’s aeroodynamics, spoke out about the work on the car.

“It’s been a pleasure to work on Dom’s new RX car. Having been a long-term user of Bramhall vehicles, running both a historic Mica and his race-winning Gen-6 Vixen, we have made a lot of progress very quickly while taking a mixture of idea from various sources. Our combined experiences have helped to develop, what we feel is, a very competitive package.”

While Dominic Andrew-Scott won’t partake in any BRX rounds this season, he is using the calendar to help continue building his understanding of the ARXL spec rallycross car. His former title rivals will be glad he is gone, as the Vixen appears to easily outpace a lot of the BRX cars running today in the test.


And Team Red Cock Energy Liquid is back, with a fully revised version of the PepperBOMB, this time the XT2!

Building off success from last season, Pekka provided value input to improve the car in the off season. With regulation changes, a car with some outward similarities is in fact completely revised, with no carryover parts beyond the make of the donor unibody.


Status Update

One week left until the deadline, and this is where we currently sit:

ARX Premier League: 4 entries

ARX League One: 7 entries, 2 more pending for non-compliance issues

ARX Super 1250: 1 entry

Anyone I’ve replied to with your Scrutineering Reports, I will need you to reply back with your driver’s stats before too long; without them I can’t actually enter you into this challenge!


If it stays like this then at least I’ll be in the top 5…of my class…



If entries stay low, maybe merge premier and league 1?


That’s a possibility, but I am hopeful it won’t come to that; entries always flood in during the last week, and especially the last few days.


I still need to continue working on my entry.


I’m new to this forum and I don’t see where I can PM you, so I’m going to submit it here:
Hana Raiden ARX

To be honest I don’t have any deep lore for this car, but holy shit it took forever to find a good-looking body that fits within the regulations, and to get that fucking fascia right.
It has about 690hp and I’m pretty sure this is legal.

Team name: “Sparkling Machine Plus”
Number: #77
Country: Japan

The .car file:


If you click on their name, you go to their profile page. Form there you have a button to send a message to them.


I don’t see the button at all


You need to have so many topic replies to be able to message someone, as far as I am aware.