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Automation Rallycross League, Season Two (Final Shootout and Stats Post Up, Thanks To All Participants!)


“Constant lack of luck” hurting Bramhall’s resurgence, development halted on current season

Bramhall have consistently struggled over the past few rounds, failing to break into the finals three times in the row, with a zero-point finish from the most recent German round. Kevin Ryde has been outspoken about the limitations of his car, even though they have reached the finals twice, they have struggled overall and will be looking to improve when next season rolls around. Due to the lack of speed in their current car, Ryde and the Bramhall-supported Southark Racing team will stop updating their 2020 car and bring the focus onto 2021, hoping this will increase their chances when Bramhall step up their involvement.

Ryde spoke with us after the finals, with Dominic Andrew-Scott seemingly ignoring all media for this round, “I think we’ve had a constant lack of luck. Andrew-Scott has had to make his own luck with ours being pretty dismal. Small mistakes that otherwise wouldn’t matter have hindered him due to the wrong place, wrong time situations he always seems to find. Today was a perfect example of that, a small spin onto the gravel was compounded after hitting (Martin) Beyer’s car, completely ruining the weekend from Q1. We’ll come back stronger but this one is gonna leave us licking our wounds.”

Bramhall are definitely on the back foot with this run, the hopes being that they will be able to drag home as many points as possible from low finished in the semi-finals and finals. That requires they get out of Qualifying, which has been the largest hinderance from the Bramhall’s poor luck. Michael McDowell seemed displeased with the results, but was clear that the team was not to blame for his attitude towards the situation.

“I cannot be happy with seeing our car so far down the table, but that is the trial by fire that motorsport can be. I am fully supportive of the whole team at Southark Racing and I could not ask for more from everyone. Despite the poor results the entire team is dedicated and pushing hard to give our driver Dominic Andrew-Scott the best car he could have. We will be working hard to ensure next season is far better.”


Fujisaki Tires RX of South Africa, Day One (Qualifying Rounds)

Cloudy skies were on order for the penultimate round of the ARXL Championship here at Killarney Raceway in South Africa, a very light drizzle just lightly dampening the track. The drizzle did nothing to dampen the spirits of the fans and competitors alike, with all three championships very much undecided at the start of Day One.


A thrilling race to begin the Premier League action in Q1, with Haapala’s Aatto Virtanen making an excellent start, and a solid final lap to beat Shromet’s Pablo Sanchez to the top time by less than a second. Defending champion Hsiu-Yinn Lim got caught behind Marie-Claire Allemand after a very poor start, and a difficult first lap for the Chinese driver. Lim was only able to get ahead - and stay ahead - of Allemand on the final lap, finishing a mere one hundredth of a second ahead.

Championship leader Matt Sierra romped to the top time in the second heat, finishing some two seconds ahead of KMC’s Kevin Michaels in second place. Michaels made an awful start, but recovered commendably to take second place over Pekka Heikkinen in the #80 Team Red Cock Pepperbomb. Jaimz Marshall had a stumble on the start and never quite recovered from it, to finish in fourth place.

Yuki Fujishima took the top mark in the final heat, sneaking past Charlie LeClair’s Kuma on Lap 3 to take, and ultimately hold, the lead in the heat. Eino Vatanen had an excellent race, save for one big mistake on his joker lap that cost him dearly; the Delta Motorsports driver was leading the pack at the time, but running wide allowed both LeClair and Fujishima through for position.


Eino Vatanen, still stinging from his difficult Q1 race, stormed to the top of the sheets in the first heat of Q2, finishing some seven seconds ahead of Hsiu-Yinn Lim, the Armada driver struggling on the greasy track with traction issues. In spite of this, Lim still managed to stay well ahead of FMR’s Jaimz Marshall, who struggled to find pace all race long, with Marie-Claire Allemand bringing up the rear, having had a bit of a bump on Lap 3 to damage the #707 Hwa Vigil.

Yuki Fujishima took the top time once again in the second race, setting the high water mark well clear of Pekka Heikkinen in second place. Heikkinen looked a lot sharper in this session, starting decisively and sailing past Charlie LeClair easily, then continuing to put up four solid laps to finish second. LeClair had a difficult joker lap, overcooking the hairpin corner a little bit and running wide, causing the French driver to lose precious time to Heikkinen ahead. Pablo Sanchez had a difficult race, brushing the barriers on a careless first lap and damaging the #52 Shromet slightly, dashing his hopes of a top time in the heat.

Matt Sierra ran away with the final heat, finishing some nine seconds ahead of Aatto Virtanen in second place, and just missing out on Fujishima’s time from the previous heat for the top overall. Virtanen made an excellent start but ran into trouble shortly after on his joker lap, dashing his hopes of catching Sierra ahead. Kevin Michaels struggled on the start, spinning his wheels on the greasy surface and finding himself at the back of the pack, with seemingly no answers to the pace of his fellow competitors.


Pablo Sanchez mounted a commendable recovery from two difficult results prior in the first heat of Q3, making a strong start and four clean laps to easily take the top time in the heat. Jaimz Marshall finished second, some nine seconds back, pulling away sharply from Kevin Michaels on the final lap to cement his position. Marie-Claire Allemand rounded out the field, well back in fourth place.

Pekka Heikkinen showed his enormous skill i nthe second race, the first driver to dive under three minutes in a qualifying heat this weekend, putting the #80 Pepperbomb far out of reach of second-place Charlie LeClair. LeClair had a commendable race, recovering from a bit of a difficult start to walk past Haapala’s Aatto Virtanen easily on the first lap, then stretch the gap over the Finn each subsequent lap with some stellar driving. Hsiu-Yinn Lim languished behind Virtanen all race, the struggles continuing in the #1 Armada Pint as Lim battled lack of traction and the very experienced Virtanen alike, making overtaking a very difficult proposition indeed for the Chinese star.

Matt Sierra was the very model of consistency in the final heat, making a clean start to begin his race and never looking back, taking the top time easily over Yuki Fujishima and Eino Vatanen. Vatanen battled ferociously with Fujishima, trading places several times over the four laps. Ultimately Fujishima found her edge on the first couple of laps, where the Kitanishi was just a little bit faster than the Delta Motors Leopard was.


Hsiu-Yinn Lim, no doubt feeling her championship defense slipping away with each heat this weekend, drove the race of her life to top the times in the first heat of Q4, walking away from Jaimz Marshall in second place easily. Marshall had a difficult race of his own, finding the greasy track to be a particular challenge for his first two laps, making several mistakes that put him far behind Lim. Marie-Claire Allemand finished third, some ways behind Marshall, after squandering an excellent start. Kevin Michaels rounded out the field in fourth place, having run into trouble on his first couple of laps as well.

Eino Vatanen took the top time in the second heat easily, some four seconds ahead of SCH minMAX’s Charlie LeClair in an incident-filled heat. Vatanen and LeClair ran relatively cleanly, but both Haapala’s Aatto Virtanen and Yuki Fujishima found the barriers - twice in the case of Fujishima - to put a dent in their races respectively. Ultimately Virtanen finished third, well ahead of Fujishima’s battered Kitanishi, the result somewhat irrelevant in the end, both drivers virtually being guaranteed a spot in Day Two.

Pekka Heikkinen made it two in a row, nearly matching his time from the previous session to take the easy top time in the final heat. Matt Sierra got a tremendously good start, but was unable to hold the Finn back with Heikkinen dipping into the fourty-two second range for his main laps, a pace that neither Sierra nor third-place Pablo Sanchez could hope to follow.

Intermediate Classification


Daylily’s Saki Mochizuki threw down the gauntlet in the first heat, putting together a spectacular race to finish top of the timesheets. Ace Racing’s Reiko Nagase had no answer to Mochizuki’s incredible pace ahead, finishing some two seconds back in second place. A messy joker lap didn’t do anything to hamper William Cunningham in third place, still managing to squeak out the position ahead of Autodelta’s Job Van Uitert in fourth. Elin Arbez had a tough race in fifth place, the current points leader struggling to make any kind of progress overtaking the crafty Van Uitert, every advance by Arbez quickly and deftly brushed off by the crafty Dutchman. Riley Phillips had a race to forget in sixth place, a rough start followed by a very difficult first lap, the small mistakes adding up to a huge difference in the standings.

Duncan Duff erased the tough memories of Germany with an excellent start to his weekend in the second heat, topping the timesheets ahead of Mikah Jameson, some three seconds behind. Jameson was embroiled in a spectacular race with Harry Davies, the two drivers swapping places a couple of times during the race. A bit of a wobble on the final lap by Jameson had Davies smelling blood, closing rapidly on Jameson in the final dash to the line. In the end, Jameson took the position by a mere twelve thousandths of a second, in a thrilling finish. Rena Hayami hung back in fourth place, feeling safety might be the best course of action as she watched Jameson and Davies duke it out ahead. Martin Bayer languished in fifth place in the heat, the German opting for a cautious approach to the first heat along with Gnoo Dadsport’s Alison Wondersley, close behind in sixth.

Mulle Meck surprised with the top time in the third heat, the #777 Shinrin looking strong as he finished a full second ahead of Feihong Luo in the #26 Huangdou Sprite. Kenji Nishida largely kept to himself in third place, opting for a cautious strategy to try to ensure a spot in Day Two, while Markus Hutter finished fourth, languishing well back of Nishida as the Swiss driver struggled to keep up. Sabine Weber had to deal with a slow puncture, slowing the #55 Motorpop considerably and relegating her to the back of the pack.

Dominic Andrew-Scott gave Southark Racing something to cheer about, taking the top time in the fourth heat after a wild four-way battle for position. OBRSO’s Stefan Banach and Gus Block got the jump on the rest of the field at the start, but a clever call by Andrew-Scott to take his joker on the first lap gave him clear track to thunder ahead, building up a third of a second on the rest of the field, a margin that wouldn’t fully be realised until the final lap. Amanda Huuginkis ran a solid race right up until the final lap, where the Yinzer driver ran wide in one corner, allowing Banach through immediately, followed shortly by Block, who won the drag race to the finish line by the narrowest of margins. Elaine Eisenberg got punted by Nagase on their joker lap, upsetting the #598 EFI Soma and putting her half a second back of Huuginkis, seemingly an eternity in this very close race.


A thrilling race in the first heat of Q2 saw Alison Wondersley overcome a rather poor start to beat Martin Bayer by a fraction of a second at the line. Bayer looked like he had the measure of Wondersley for the first lap, but a sloppy joker lap negated much of the advantage he held, a trend that continued for final two laps. Wondersley emerged from her joker a couple of car lengths ahead of Bayer, an advantage she held to the end. Riley Phillips took third in the heat, capitalising on a big mistake by Rena Hayami on her final lap to snatch the position for himself. Sabine Weber too smelled blood in the water on the final lap, putting the #55 Motorpop right on the rear bumper of Hayami for the last half of the final lap. Markus Hutter had a difficult race, struggling to keep up with the rest of the field, finishing well back in sixth place.

Elin Arbez recovered from an uncharacteristically weak Q1 showing, taking the top time in the second heat as she once again showed the pace befitting the championship leader. Mikah Jameson emerged the best of a fierce battle between Elaine Eisenberg and Job Van Uitert; Jameson was the fastest of the three, but a big mistake on his joker lap completely negated his advantage over Eisenberg and Van Uitert, who had virtually nothing between them. William Cunningham followed shortly thereafter, not quite up to the measure of the frontrunners in the race, while Harry Davies brought up the rear, struggling to keep up with the rest.

Stefan Banach romped to the top time in the third heat, some ten seconds ahead of Gus Block in second place. Reiko Nagase and Amanda Huuginkis had coming-together on their first lap as they fought for position going into the first corner, damaging both cars and dashing their hopes of a heat victory in this round at least, while Sparkling Machine’s Kenji Nishida languished at the back of the pack, unable to capitalise on the issues of the drivers ahead of him.

Mulle Meck made it an improbable two for two, beating Dominic Andrew-Scott in the final heat by a hefty margin. Saki Mochizuki came out of a gaggle of cars to take third place, slipping past both Feihong Luo and Duncan Duff as both drivers got tangled up with one another in their joker lap, allowing the Daylily driver to sail through uncontested to take the position. Luo finished fourth, recovering nicely, while Duff crossed the line fifth, right on Luo’s rear bumper.


Reiko Nagase stormed to the top time in the first heat of Q3, easily beating the rest of the competitors in the race with her. Duncan Duff and Amanda Huuginkis continued their battles from the prior race, with Duff getting the best of Huuginkis on the last lap with an absolutely flawless lap, leaving the Yinzer driver dumbfounded as to how to keep up. Harry Davies beat Kenji Nishida in a chaotic battle for fourth place, with Nishida leading the pair into the final lap, only to run wide at Turn 4, letting Davies through easily. Davies then had a wobble on the final corner, letting Nishida back into the race and making the final dash to the finish a wild drag race, with Nishida just missing out on taking the position by mere metres. Markus Hutter rounded out the field in sixth place, two seconds back of Nishida.

Elaine Eisenberg ran a mostly clean race to mop up the field in the second heat, a big off-track excursion on her final lap being the only serious blemish on the race for the Swiss driver. Feihong Luo had no real answers to Eisenberg’s pace, plus he had to contend with a rear-view mirror full of Saki Mochizuki’s Daylily as well. Only on the last lap, where Mochizuki had a bit of a rough joker, did Luo finally get some breathing room behind him. Gus Block and Job Van Uitert were right behind Luo at the line, after struggling with the deceptive nature of the tricky joker section; both Block and Van Uitert were well ahead of Luo before spinning or running very wide. William Cunningham rounded out the field in sixth place, some three seconds back from Van Uitert.

Dominic Andrew-Scott had a fantastic race in the third heat, putting the #91 Bramhall four and a half seconds clear of Riley Phillips in the #94 Zephorus. Phillips and Mikah Jameson had a tough race against each other, with Phillips working his way past Jameson on the second lap, following a tremendous start by the Kazuki driver. Phillips also kept his cool under pressure by Jameson, trying to force the overtake right up until he ran wide on his final lap. Rena Hayami was close behind Phillips and Jameson, but wasn’t much of an overtaking threat to either, the Wade Racing driver settling in for a close fourth place. Sabine Weber had a difficult race, spinning on her final lap, and generally overdriving the car too much, putting the #55 Motorpop in fifth place.

Elin Arbez had a tremendous race to put the #62 Morton Teo on top in the final heat, running just fast enough to be well clear of a wild battle between Martin Bayer, Alison Wondersley and Stefan Banach. Banach and Bayer got away cleanly at the start, while Wondersley bogged down, finding herself dead last at the start of the first lap. As she often does in these situations, Wondersley got to work, driving the metaphorical wheels off the #7 Gnoo Goblin to overtake Mulle Meck - who faded rapidly after a good start to finish fifth - and Stefan Banach shortly thereafter, putting her car right on the rear bumper of Bayer in front. Unfortunately the race was just a lap too short for Wondersley, unable to get past Bayer by the line.


Amanda Huuginkis took the top time in the first heat of Q4, finishing some twelve seconds ahead of William Cunningham in second place. Cunningham was the best of the rest of the field, closely bunched together at the line; barely two seconds separated Cunningham in second from Markus Hutter in sixth place. Harry Davies overcame a bit of a rough start to finish third in the heat, passing Kenji Nishida on the final lap, leaving the Sparkling Machine driver just a bit short at the line in spite of an excellent final lap. Markus Hutter lost out to Duncan Duff on their joker lap, the SWISSRA driver running just a little wide and letting Duff through for fifth place.

Job Van Uitert shook off his struggles of the first three qualifying sessions, topping the charts in the second heat easily over Gus Block, the Dutchman nearly two seconds ahead at the line. Feihong Luo recovered from a rough start to finish third, while Sabine Weber just pipped Mulle Meck to take fourth place. Weber had a bit of a moment on her final lap, letting Meck get very close indeed, eight thousandths of a second separating the two drivers at the line. Saki Mochizuki hit the barriers on Lap 3, damaging her car significantly and putting her well back in fifth place, dashing Daylily Motorsports’ hopes of a Day Two berth.

Riley Phillips topped the timesheets in the third heat, after a nail-biting race with Mikah Jameson in second place. Jameson had more pace than Phillips for the entire race, but Phillips was the more consistent driver, a point driven home on Lap 3 when Jameson had an off on his joker lap, letting Phillips through for the position. Stefan Banach had a bit of an off race, getting stuck behind Rena Hayami for most of the race and not finding away past until the final lap, where Hayami became the latest victim of the tricky joker section. Elaine Eisenberg’s luck was not with her in this race, damaging her car on the start and limping home, a distant fifth.

Elin Arbez made a statement in the final heat, finishing some eight seconds clear of Martin Bayer in second place. Bayer was once again deep into a big battle with Alison Wondersley and Reiko Nagase. Wondersley again overcame a poor start with four excellent laps, but again ended up falling just short of Bayer on the final lap. Reiko Nagase tried to make it interesting on the last lap with a very good, clean lap, but it wasn’t quite enough to catch Wondersley ahead, but it was enough to pull clear of Dominic Andrew-Scott in fifth place.

Intermediate Classification


Ken Visser made a strong statement in the first qualifying heat, taking the top time easily over Carina Flannagan. Flannagan made a stronger start than Visser did, but the joker lap was not kind to the New Zealander, a wobble from Flannagan putting her behind Visser for the rest of the race. Chizuru Mizuhara ran an uneventful race behind in third, while Riku Jokinen rounded out the field some ways back, having brushed the barriers on his first lap.

Charlie Martin took the top time in the second heat, the race a little bit on the slow side following Martin’s rather defensive driving style. Tsubasa Arima and Bruce Mooseview followed in second and third place, both drivers struggling to get even so much as a sniff against Martin ahead, while Karina Meister suffered suspension damage on the start after bumping Mooseview, slowing the progress of the #3 Evgenis.


The issues Karina Meister ended up with following her collision in Q1 were minor, the German topping the timesheets in the first heat easily, a second and a half up on Tsubasa Arima in second place. Arima ran a clean race without much difficulty, just down on pace, while Bruce Mooseview and Riku Jokinen suffered from some lingering issues from their Q1 incidents still, with Mooseview just trailing Jokinen in third.

Charlie Martin ran a clean, largely uncontested race in the second heat, outlasting Carina Flannagan in the first lap to take the lead and steadily walk away with it. Ken Visser had a bit of a rough start, and some minor mistakes to follow in his race, finishing third ahead of Chizuru Mizuhara, the #599 Kadett driver struggling to put down consistent laptimes.


Bruce Mooseview edged out the rest of the field to take the top time in the first heat of Q3, a big mess occurring on the final lap when everyone in the heat was forced to take the joker lap. None of the jokers were particularly clean, with Mooseview’s being the best of the lot and being the difference maker for the #32 FABEL. Chizuru Mizuhara finished a very close second to Mooseview, with Ken Visser bump-drafting Mizuhara’s Kadett across the line in a wild finish. Riku Jokinen fumbled from the start and did not recover, crossing the line nearly a full second behind Visser in fourth.

Charlie Martin made an enormous start in the second heat, monstering the rest of the grid into the first lap, and gaining a lead he would not relinquish, finishing a half a second ahead of Karina Meister. Tsubasa Arima also started well, but a nasty moment on her joker lap put her behind Meister in third, with the #63 Evgenis of Carina Flannagan breathing down her neck in fourth.


Chizuru Mizurhara returned the favour to Ken Visser in the first heat of the final qualifying session, keeping a hard-charging Bruce Mooseview out of the way on the first lap and letting the Dutchman build a lead freely to ultimately win the heat, with Mizuhara coming in second. Mooseview fell back considerably on Lap 3, the latest in the long line of drivers making mistakes on the joker section. Riku Jokinen did not, however, make a mistake on the joker, instead finding the #74 Evgenis to be well off the pace instead.

Karina Meister took the top time in the final heat, snapping up the lead on Lap 3 from Charlie Martin, then holding on for dear life as Martin pressured Meister immensely to try and force the error, which never happened ultimately. Carina Flannagan finished third, a second and a half back from Martin, having taken the place from Tsubasa Arima on the final lap. Arima ran strong until her joker, where she too made a mistake and ran wide, letting Flannagan slip past for third place.

Intermediate Classification


Fujisaki Tires RX of South Africa, Day Two (Finals)

The cloudy weather of the first day gave way to a pleasant, warm day here at Killarney Raceway, ideal conditions for the final day of the Fujisaki RX South Africa. Close and hard racing is eagerly anticipated by the fans, the grandstands packed to capacity.

Semi-Final 1

Pekka Heikkinen was the class of the field in the first semi-final, taking the victory by almost fifteen seconds. The Finn started strong, virtually neck and neck with Delta Motorsports’ Eino Vatanen, but Heikkinen’s unyielding driving style soon had him in the lead after the first couple of corners, at which point he just walked away from the rest of the field. Charlie LeClair finished second, the best of the rest of the tightly-packed field. LeClair struggled a bit on the start, nearly getting tangled up with Armada’s Hsiu-Yinn Lim, then drove five consistently good laps to hold second place, managing to keep cool under pressure from Vatanen. Vatanen faded quickly after his solid start, finding it very difficult to put down a consistent lap time. Hsiu-Yinn Lim looked off right from the start, finding herself at the back of the pack on the first lap, then struggling to get the most out of the #1 Armada for the rest of the race, finishing some five seconds back of Vatanen.

Semi-Final 2

Yuki Fujishima continued her excellent weekend with a very strong race in the second semi-final, taking the easy win over Aatto Virtanen in spite of a mediocre start. Virtanen had a bit of a bump on his joker lap, damaging the #7 Haapala and preventing him from mounting any kind of a serious challenge to Fujishima. In spite of the issues, Virtanen managed to hold off the Shromet of Pablo Sanchez, putting on a clinic of purely defensive driving. Matt Sierra fizzled after a very strong Day One showing, the #36 Merciel Pixi just not working as well for some reason today.


It was an all-Finland one-two finish in the final, with Aatto Virtanen holding off a late charge from Pekka Heikkinen to hold on for the victory. Heikkinen actually overtook Virtanen in the first sector briefly, but a bit of a wobble on the tricky joker section meant that Virtanen was able to just sneak past again to re-take the lead, a position that he was just able to hold on to by half a second. Charlie LeClair took third, some ways back from the brawling Finns, figuring that getting involved in that fight would just end with DNF, especially after Yuki Fujishima suffered a catastrophic engine failure on Lap 3, the #96 Kitanishi grinding to a halt part way through the lap.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

The first semi-final ended with a wild finish, with Elin Arbez just edging out Martin Bayer for the win. The last three laps of the race were chaotic among the top three, with Arbez struggling to be consistent in the lead, under pressure from Dominic Andrew-Scott behind. Andrew-Scott took his joker on the fifth lap and promptly became the next victim of the tricky, off-camber hairpin, allowing Martin Bayer through into second place. Andrew-Scott was not done though, pushing hard to catch up to Bayer, re-taking second on the final lap, only to make an unforced error in the bottom of the track to let Bayer through, this time for good. All the while, Arbez was pulling away from the two drivers, finishing a second and a bit clear of Bayer in second. Riley Phillips finished on the outside looking in, a rough joker lap the sole difference between making the final and not in the Brit’s case. Job Van Uitert made a rough start and never really recovered from it, finishing well back of Phillips in fifth place, and Reiko Nagase fell victim to the joker on her first lap, damaging the #10 Zenith and setting her back considerably.

Semi-Final 2

Stefan Banach romped to an easy victory in the second semi-final, making a decent start, followed a clean overtake of Kazuki’s Mikah Jameson on the first lap to take the lead, en route to a twelve-second margin at the chequered flag. Jameson’s trouble mounted on the second lap, making a big mistake leading into the joker section and allowing Feihong Luo through to take second place, with Jameson scrambling and perhaps over-driving the car to try and retake the position. Despite this, Jameson still made the final comfortably, with Mulle Meck having a big wobble on his final-lap joker to allow Jameson through into third place. Meck was visibly dejected by the result, having just thrown away one of Skog’s best results with a careless mistake. Alison Wondersley crashed hard on the second lap, retiring the #7 Gnoo Goblin on the spot and ending an otherwise-promising weekend.


Martin Bayer elbowed his way to the front of the pack in the final on the first lap, dominating the race to take what turned out to be a relatively easy win. Elin Arbez got the best start of the pack, but quickly found herself under considerable pressure, first from Bayer before he overtook her, then from OBRSO’s Stefan Banach, who practically welded himself to Arbez’s rear bumper for the rest of the lap and most of the second. Arbez wilted under the pressure unfortunately, losing second after Banach made three solid laps in a row to take the effective position away from the New Zealander. Dominic Andrew-Scott made a spectacular late charge, passing both Mikah Jameson and Feihong Luo for position in the closing laps to take a solid fourth-place finish. Luo held on to fifth place, even with a bobble on the joker lap, with Jameson right on his tail at the line in sixth place.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

MHIR’s Chizuru Mizuhara took a convincing win in the first semi-final in Super 1250, making a good start and a superb joker lap to find themselves a second and a half ahead of Riku Jokinen in the last final berth. Jokinen had a wild race, overtaking Charlie Martin on Lap 4 to take second, and surviving a hair-raising close-call on joker lap on the final lap to just barely hold on to the position, merely three hundredths of a second ahead of Martin. Carina Flannagan had a hair-raising moment on her joker lap right off the start, brushing the barriers and nearly writing the car off in the process. Flannagan recovered from this, but was rattled enough to struggle for the rest of the race, finishing a quarter second back of Martin in fourth place.

Semi-Final 2

Tsubasa Arima made it look easy in the second semi-final, finishing two seconds ahead of Team Oranj’s Ken Visser in the last final berth. Visser made an excellent start and held his ground against Bruce Mooseview and Karina Meister, until the latter took her joker on Lap 3, leaving Visser with the relatively easy task of bringing the #23 Kadett home. Unfortunately for Meister, things all went wrong at that point, colliding with Arima on Lap 4 and sending the #3 Evgenis into the barriers hard. Meister’s car was heavily damaged, but she pressed on regardless, finishing a distant fourth behind Mooseview.


Ken Visser held on to the win after a wild final race, which saw Chizuru Mizuhara make a dramatic push to try and take the victory from Visser, only to fall two-tenths of a second short at the chequered flag. Both drivers raced hard and fair with each other, giving exactly the amount of room the other needed and not a millimetre more, which made for a thrilling spectacle. Riku Jokinen took third place, about a second behind Visser and Mizuhara, the Ralliheart driver finally conquering his issues on the joker lap with a clean, if conservative, trip through the challenging sector. Tsubasa Arima’s luck ran out on the starting grid, the #47 Kadett’s race ending after a metre or so with a catastrophic drivetrain failure.

Final Classification


Standings After Round 11





One more race! It’s so close. Just as long as the engine doesn’t blow up again :crossed_fingers:


Sea Fuels RallyX of Abu Dhabi, Day One (Qualifying Rounds)

The late evening was warm and clear as the lights went on at the Yas Marina Circuit, the competitors preparing themselves for the final round of ARXL Season Two. The racing has been tight this season, and all three championships are still very much up for grabs this weekend…who will take home the hardware?


Matt Sierra set the tone in the first heat of the session, making an excellent start in the #36 Merciel and walking away from the rest of the pack with an excellent race overall. Aatto Virtanen came second some five seconds back of Sierra, the #7 Haapala quick on the pavement but suffering on the unpaved sections. Delta Motorsports’ Eino Vatanen took third in the heat, always looming in Virtanen’s rear view mirror but not quite able to put the move on to overtake. Marie-Claire Allemand rounded out the field in fourth place in the #707 Haw, struggling right from the word go.

Pablo Sanchez kept his cool under pressure, taking the top time of the second heat in daring fashion over Armada’s Hsiu-Yinn Lim. Sanchez found himself a little on the back foot on the start, but got his head down and pushed through to outrun Lim over the four laps, not realising he had beat the defending champion until the #52 Shromet had crossed the line. Lim had a tough battle of her own to fight, with KMC’s Kevin Michaels putting up stiff opposition in third place close behind. Jaimz Marshall stumbled on the start and never really recovered in the #68 FMR, some three seconds back of Kevin Michaels at the finish line.

Charlie LeClair won a pitched battle with Team Red Cock’s Pekka Heikkinen to take the top time in the final heat, a stonking final sector by the Frenchman put him just past Heikkinen at the line. Both drivers suffered their share of mistakes in the race, with LeClair struggling on the start then running wide on his first lap in the hairpin corner, while Heikkinen befell the same fate on Lap 2, the tricky braking zone catching both drivers out. Yuki Fujishima finished third with a competitive time, but was not quite fast enough to challenge either LeClair nor Heikkinen ahead.


Yuki Fujishima unshackled the #96 Kitanishi in the first heat of Q2, setting the high water mark well ahead of Eino Vatanen. Vatanen ran a solid race to take second, but just didn’t have an answer to Fujishima’s pace ahead. Marie-Claire Allemand took third place in the heat, ahead of Jaimz Marshall in fourth. Allemand suffered a wobble on her joker lap, allowing Marshall to get close, but not quite close enough to be a serious overtaking threat.

Pekka Heikkinen romped to the best time of the session in the second heat, leaving Hsiu-Yinn Lim in the dust, wondering how and where she was going to catch the #80 Pepperbomb after the Finn drove essentially the perfect race heat. Aatto Virtanen came third after a disappointingly inconsistent race, with Kevin Michaels rounding out the field some distance behind Virtanen.

The final heat of Q2 was a wild affair, with Charlie LeClair overcoming a poor start and inconsistency to just slip past Pablo Sanchez and Matt Sierra to take the top time by barely more than a second. While LeClair did suffer from inconsistencies in the race, he was fast and smooth where it counted; the joker lap, on which both Sanchez and Sierra suffered. Ultimately, Sanchez was slightly faster around the circuit than Sierra was, just edging out the Merciel driver by two hundredths of a second at the finish line.


Kevin Michaels took the top time in the first heat of Q3 quite easily, making a strong start and then running largely uncontested for the rest of the race, with Haapala’s Aatto Virtanen two seconds back. Marie-Clarie Allemand and Jaimz Marshall had quite a battle in their own right, with Allemand building up a decent lead by Lap 2 over Marshall. The FMR driver erased a big part of the deficit following a solid joker lap, but it wasn’t enough unfortunately to challenge Allemand seriously.

Eino Vatanen put the #4 Leopard on the top of the timesheets in the second heat, just clear of the re-match of Pablo Sanchez and Matt Sierra behind. Unlike Q3, Sierra had the upper hand in this affair, running two clean and fast laps on the second and third lap to put the #36 Merciel just ahead of Sanchez’s Shromet. Hsiu-Yinn Lim looked unfocused in fourth place, some ways back of Sanchez.

Pekka Heikkinen made it two in a row with another excellent race in the final heat, overcoming a difficult start to finish some two and a half seconds clear of Charlie LeClair. Yuki Fujishima took third in the heat, suffering difficult start and a messy joker lap to put her some three seconds behind LeClair in the end.


Aatto Virtanen put the #7 Haapala on the top of the timesheets in the first heat of the session, pushing past a rather poor start, as well as both Kevin Michaels and Jaimz Marshall, enroute to four solid laps to finish his season. Michaels survived a wobbly race in general, the #63 KMC naturally faster than Jaimz Marshall behind, but a series of mistakes eliminated much of Michaels’ advantage ahead. Marie-Claire Allemand suffered from a loss of power in the #707 Hwa, a bitter moment to an end to her disappointing season.

Hsiu-Yinn Lim regained the focus that she lacked in the first heats, running strong in the #1 Armada to take the top time. Pablo Sanchez was a second and a half back in second place, not really able to catch up to Lim with her much stronger racecraft. Yuki Fujishima had a bit of a coming together with Matt Sierra on the first lap, damaging the #36 Merciel and relegating it to the back of the pack, while Fujishima pressed on, finishing a decent third place three and a half seconds back of Sanchez. Sierra finished the race, but was a couple second back of Fujishima in fourth.

Pekka Heikkinen proved he was the class of the field again in the final heat, easily beating Charlie LeClair to the finish line and eclipsing the time set by Hsiu-Yinn Lim for the top overall in Q4. LeClair had a very difficult race, with Eino Vatanen pressuring him hard from behind, the Delta Motorsports driver getting a sniff of an overtake on LeClair several times throughout the race. Unfortunately for the Finnish driver, those sniffs of overtakes remained as such, consigning him to a third-place finish.

Intermediate Classification


Feihong Luo and Dominic Andrew-Scott had a wild race in the first heat, the Huangdou driver running absolutely flat-out to try match speed with, and hopefully overtake the Southark Racing Bramhall. In spite of Andrew-Scott’s solid joker lap, Luo’s final lap was that much better, putting Luo just half a second ahead at the line. Saki Mochizuki just edged out Alison Wondersley for third place, following a bit of a contentious race between the two; more than a little paint was traded between the #186 Daylily and the #7 Gnoo Goblin. Sabine Weber struggled in fifth place, just beating out Rena Hayami after both drivers faced their own respective challenges in their respective races.

Job Van Uitert rode a solid race to the best time in the second heat, beating Martin Bayer’s #3 Cisalpina to the line by a full second. Amanda Huuginkis finished third, some two and a half seconds down on Bayer, after a poor start and a messy joker lap spoiled her otherwise solid race. Mulle Meck survived a big scare on his final lap, making a big mistake on the entry to the joker to spin the #777 Shinrin around and allowing Markus Hutter to get right up on his rear bumper, barely a third of a second between the two at the line. Harry Davies had a big off on the second lap, damaging the #34 Knightwick substantially and eliminating him from contention this session.

Gus Block withstood a frantic effort from Elaine Eisenberg to take the top time in the third heat, the #5 Hooligan Racing driver holding on by a third of a second at the line. Duncan Duff ran a rather lonely race in third place, some three seconds behind Eisenberg, and nearly a full second ahead of Mikah Jameson behind. While Jameson was reasonably close to Duff ahead of him, at no point was the Kazuki driver ever able to press the attack home, being more concerned with Team Sasquatch’s William Cunningham. Cunningham had been running ahead of Jameson for most of the race, but a very poor joker lap meant that he lost out by the narrowest of margins in the end, barely more than two hundredths of a second.

Stefan Banach put the #42 OBRSO on the top of the timesheets for both heat and session with his effort in the final heat, some two seconds clear of championship co-leader Elin Arbez. Arbez had an awful joker to start her race, but recovered admirably to finish two seconds behind Banach. Riley Phillips struggled with his consistency in third place, showing he clearly had the pace, but would occasionally over-drive the car from time to time. In spite of his mistakes, Phillips did enough to stay ahead of Kenji Nishida, finishing two-thirds of a second clear of the fourth-place Japanese driver. Reiko Nagase rounded out the field in fifth place, struggling with the joker lap and with general inconsistencies some three a half seconds behind Nishida.


Sabine Weber overcame her Q1 woes with a solid race in the first heat of Q2, taking the win easily in spite of spending two laps stuck behind Ace Racing’s Reiko Nagase. Weber unshackled the #55 Motorpop on Lap 3, making a bold overtake on Nagase, then following that up with an easy pass on Rena Hayami to take the lead, following a mistake by the Wade Racing driver. Weber made a solid joker lap to finish her race, some two seconds ahead of Hayami. Nagase struggled in the last half of her race, losing out to Hayami in the last couple corners of the final lap to finish third. Markus Hutter struggled with a minor engine issue in Q2, finishing well back of Nagase in fourth, while Mulle Meck and Harry Davies collided on the start, damaging both cars heavily and putting them well back of the pack.

Alison Wondersley had a breakout race in the second heat, overcoming a mediocre start to overtake the entire second-heat field on the first lap, enroute to a five-second margin of victory over Daylily’s Saki Mochizuki. Mochizuki ran four clean, solid laps to take second place over Kazuki’s Mikah Jameson, who ran a decent race right up until the joker on the final lap, where Jameson struggled to find grip, losing out to Mochizuki on the main lap. Amanda Huuginkis also struggled to find grip on her joker behind Jameson, unable to close the gap between the drivers in the last bit of the final lap. William Cunningham struggled with an overall lack of pace to finish fifth in the heat, while Kenji Nishida rounded out the field in sixth, some ways back after a difficult race.

Martin Bayer topped the sheets in the third heat, avoiding trouble, and dipping into the forty-sevens on one lap to just beat co-championship leader Elin Arbez for the top time. Arbez too had a very strong race in second, but a bit of a messy joker on Lap 2 put the #62 Morton Teo a second behind Bayer at the line. Riley Phillips struggled a bit with inconsistency in third place, close to Arbez ahead but not close enough to be much of an overtaking threat. Autodelta’s Job Van Uitert finished fourth behind Phillips, a big wobble on his joker lap, as well as a bit of trouble on his third lap, spoiling the Dutchman’s race. Duncan Duff rounded out the field in fifth, running a consistent and clean race, but struggling with a general lack of pace.

Stefan Banach dominated the final heat to take the top time overall, some eight seconds clear of a very tight battle among the rest of the heat’s drivers. Elaine Eisenberg found herself second to last at the start of first lap following a dismal start, but four solid, mistake-free laps had her claw her way past the rest of her rivals. Feihong Luo had a wobble on Lap 3, running wide in the final complex of corners, the cost of that small mistake ultimately leading to the #26 Huangdou finishing third, just half a car length behind Eisenberg. Dominic Andrew-Scott had a bit of trouble on his first lap, overcooking the first corner, but recovering well to finish on the back bumper of Eisenberg. Gus Block had a dismal start as well, and was up and down in terms of his consistency to finish fifth in the heat, a bit of a disappointment for the American, as he felt very comfortable with the challenging Yas Marina circuit.


Reiko Nagase took the top time in the first heat, easily beating William Cunningham’s #423 FWM Mirra for the top spot in the timesheets. Cunningham struggled on the start, but found enough pace in his car to pass Kenji Nishida on Lap 2. Nishida struggled on the joker lap, then had issues with inconsistency on following laps to finish well back in third place. Markus Hutter squandered his third place, after a very difficult final lap for the Swiss driver, letting Nishida through following a big spin. Mulle Meck soldiered home in fifth place in his battered Shinrin, while Harry Davies retired on the final lap, the damage from his Q2 accident being just too much.

Mikah Jameson cruised to an easy top time in the second heat, some three seconds clear of the tightly-bunched pack involving the rest of the second-heat runners. Amanda Huuginkis managed to come out ahead in this group of five drivers, overcoming a poor start with four good laps and an exciting drag race to the finish against Gus Block to take second. Block struggled with inconsistency in his race, losing the advantage of an excellent start to finish third. Duncan Duff ran a clean, if unremarkable race to slot the #404 Mons into fourth place, with Wade Racing’s Rena Hayami a second behind Duff. Saki Mochizuki finished sixth, struggling a bit with finding the right lines through the course to improve on her times.

Dominic Andrew-Scott took the top time in the third heat, his strong start and three excellent main laps being just enough to excuse a rather messy joker lap to finish ahead of Huangdou’s Feihong Luo, in a heat that saw very little between all five of the drivers. Job Van Uitert had a bit of a troubled final lap to let Luo through for second place, but the Dutchman was just able to hold off Sabine Weber to retain third place. Elaine Eisenberg was just off the pace in fifth, a good joker lap not quite enough to threaten Weber a couple of car lengths ahead.

Elin Arbez took the top time in the final heat, some two and a half seconds ahead of Alison Wondersley in second and Martin Bayer hot in pursuit in third. Stefan Banach was running in this tightly-packed group, but the Polish driver had a momentary lapse of attention on the final lap, bumping into Riley Phillips’ Zephorus and sending the #42 OBRSO into a spin, his car heavily damaged following contact with the barriers. Phillips continued, unscathed but a little rattled, to finish fourth in the heat, half a second behind Bayer.


Three large heats to finish the final qualifying session of the season, with Saki Mochizuki taking the top time in the first heat easily, six and a half seconds clear of Rena Hayami and William Cunningham. Cunningham and Hayami were virtually side-by-side going into their final laps, but a wobble on his joker lap put Cunningham behind Hayami once and for all, finishing a car length behind in third. Kenji Nishida bested the struggling Markus Hutter for fourth place, while Stefan Banach managed to limp the stricken #42 OBRSO Hussar home in sixth place, well ahead of Mulle Meck’s heavily damaged #777 Shinrin.

Gus Block survived a big off on his joker lap in the second heat, taking the top time over a frustrated Elaine Eisenberg, whose mediocre start and first-lap woes proved to be the difference maker between the two drivers. Sabine Weber put the #55 Motorpop Kiai into third place, holding off both a hard-charging Mikah Jameson and Duncan Duff and even after a rather messy final lap for the German driver. Duff flew past Amanda Huuginkis on the final lap, after the Yinzer driver had a big wobble to lose fifth place, but the Canadian didn’t quite have the measure of Jameson ahead. Reiko Nagase rounded out the field some ways behind Huuginkis, suffering from a general lack of pace overall.

Alison Wondersley put the #7 Gnoo Goblin on top in the final heat, holding on after Martin Bayer made a mental miscue on Lap 2 to put the #3 Cisalpina into the wall, damaging it severely. While it was a disappointment for the German driver, his spot in Day Two was all but guaranteed, so no real harm was done other than a long night of repairs for the Cisalpina team. Elin Arbez finished second behind Wondersley, avoiding trouble in a clean race, with Riley Phillips pressuring her from behind in third. Job Van Uitert finished fourth after a messy race, struggling to find consistency on the paved sections of the track, and also dealing with holding off a very pushy Dominic Andrew-Scott, the Southark Racing driver looking to be in fine form this weekend. Feihong Luo struggled in the final heat, with a sloppy penultimate lap leading to an even sloppier final lap, relegating the #26 Huangdou Sprite to the back of the running pack in the heat.

Intermediate Classification


Carina Flannagan put in an impressive performance in the first heat, putting the #63 Evgenis some two seconds ahead of Chizuru Mizuhara’s Kadett. Ken Visser struggled in the early stages of the heat, but put together an excellent joker lap to finish just half a car length behind Mizuhara in third place. Riku Jokinen had a difficult start and struggled on the paved sections of the track, finishing well back of Visser in fourth.

Karina Meister put the #3 Evgenis on the top of the timesheets in the second heat, a second and a half between her and Tsubasa Arima in second place. Arima was in tight with Charlie Martin all race, until the Japanese driver found just a little extra pace on her joker lap, building a narrow margin of a tenth of a second at the line. Bruce Mooseview had issues off the start in the #32 FABEL, spinning off at the first corner and damaging his car, finishing well back in fourth.


Charlie Martin made an excellent start in the first heat, the difference proving to be his margin of victory over both Tsubasa Arima and Riku Jokinen; Arima being little more than a bumper-length behind in second and Jokinen right on Arima’s rear bumper in third place. Bruce Mooseview rounded out the field in fourth, determined to see the #32 FABEL into Day Two no matter what.

Chizuru Mizuhara made an excellent start and a fantastic joker lap to take the top time in the second heat, beating Karina Meister by a third of a second at the finish line. Meister made a very poor start, spinning her wheels hard and losing a lot of traction, but managed to recover admirably, chipping away at Carina Flannagan ahead on each lap, until Meister finally got past on the final lap. Ken Visser picked up a puncture on his first lap, slowing the #23 Kadett considerably and relegating him to the back of the pack.


Riku Jokinen cruised to an east top time in the first heat of Q3, nearly a full second between him and Tsubasa Arima in second place, in spite of the drivers being virtually in a tie following the start. Ken Visser struggled behind in third, the puncture seemingly causing some suspension damage to his #23 Kadett in the prior race. Bruce Mooseview limped his stricken machine home in fourth, showing his determination to finish the season on a strong footing.

Charlie Martin snuck past Carina Flannagan in the final few corners of the final lap to take the top time in the second heat, eight hundredths of a second being all that separated the two drivers at the finish line. Karina Meister had an awful joker lap, losing half a second to both Flannagan and Martin to finish third, while Chizuru Mizuhara squandered an excellent start with a couple of wobbly laps to round out the field in fourth.


Tsubasa Arima made a good start to pip Riku Jokinen for the top time in the first heat of Q4, following it up with four solid laps to close out her session. Jokinen, unable to keep up with Arima ahead and well clear of the damaged cars of Ken Visser in third and Bruce Mooseview in fourth, cruised home in second place in a quiet, uneventful race.

Carina Flannagan made things interesting in the final heat, a solid start nearly spoiled by a couple of very sloppy laps to just hold on against Karina Meister. Charlie Martin brought the #84 Autodelta Kadett home in third place, having lost second to Meister on Lap 3, while Chizuru Mizuhara struggled a little to find pace in fourth place, rounding out the field.

Intermediate Classification


Sea Fuels RallyX of Abu Dhabi, Day Two (Finals)

Another beautiful, clear evening under the lights here at Yas Marina Circuit, for the finale of the Automation Rallycross League - after eleven rounds spanning the globe, with joy and heartbreak abound for all the competitors, it all comes down to this; one last elimination day. All the leagues are very much undecided…who will prevail?

Semi-Final 1

The first Premier League semi-final was anything but a close affair, with Merciel’s Matt Sierra walking to an easy victory, following the retirement of SCH minMAX’s Charlie LeClair on the second lap, following a big mistake that put the #33 Kuma into the barriers hard. LeClair was unhurt, but his title chances were effectively ended right then, barring a series of highly improbable events. Kevin Michaels made the second final berth, keeping Kitanishi’s Yuki Fujishima at bay the entire race, until the Japanese driver made a mistake on her final lap, stretching the gap to Michaels to two seconds.

Semi-Final 2

Eino Vatanen survived a late push by Hsiu-Yinn Lim to take the victory in the second semi-final by the narrowest of margins; just half a second separated the Delta Motorsports driver from the defending champion in the last berth for the final. Pekka Heikkinen buckled under the pressure, it seems, suffering a dismal start, then making a series of mistakes in his opening laps to put the Finn into third place, well back of Lim. Shromet’s Pablo Sanchez had a major engine failure on Lap 4, the #52 Shromet expiring at the side of the track in a large cloud of smoke.


Hsiu-Yinn Lim pushed past a rather poor start to take the victory in the last final of the season, running an excellent race overall to beat Merciel’s Matt Sierra by two seconds at the chequered flag. Eino Vatanen took third, some ways back of Lim, having struggled to keep up to the #1 Armada and suffering a bit of wobble on his final lap. Kevin Michaels suffered a transmission issue on the first lap, finding only even-numbered gears in his gearbox to finish a rather distant fourth.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

Stefan Banach monstered the first semi-final of League One, the Polish superstar making an exceptional start followed by six nearly perfect laps to take the win by over five seconds. Buy2Get1Free’s Elin Arbez finished second after a wild battle with Riley Phillips, the two drivers virtually neck and neck through five laps, and only after Phillips had a wobble did Arbez take second place in the final few corners of the race. Though Phillips was disappointed at his mistake, he was nonetheless thrilled to make the final in the last race of the season. Saki Mochizuki finished fourth, surviving a hard push at the end of the race from Dominic Andrew-Scott, who got right alongside the Daylily driver in a thrilling drag race to the finish line out of the final corner. Feihong Luo was off his game in the final, finishing a somewhat distant sixth place behind Andrew-Scott, the #26 Huangdou not quite up to the pace of the rest of the field.

Semi-Final 2

Alison Wondersley showed the potential of what might have been this season in the second semi-final, the #7 Gnoo Goblin winning easily over Martin Bayer in second, nearly four seconds back. Job Van Uitert slotted into the last remaining final berth with a solid race in the #83 Autodelta Hinde, having been stuck behind Gus Block’s #5 GAA Volche for the first two laps. Van Uitert made up for that quickly, passing Block and Elaine Eisenberg on Lap 3, cementing himself into third with each successive lap. Elaine Eisenberg also got past Block on Lap 3, but didn’t have the measure of Van Uitert or the frontrunners, finishing a second ahead of Block in fourth place.


Martin Bayer exploded out of the starting block, taking a stranglehold on the lead that he never relinquished for the rest of the race, beating Gnoo Dadsport’s Alison Wondersley by four seconds at the chequered flag. Elin Arbez, needing to finish second behind Bayer to clench the championship, found her Morton Teo to be just lacking in the pace she needed, finishing some ways back in third, and with both OBRSO’s Stefan Banach and Autodelta’s Job Van Uitert large in the rear-view mirror in fourth and fifth place respectively. Riley Phillips suffered a major error on Lap 3, putting the #94 Zephorus into the barriers and taking extensive damage and relgating the Brit to sixth place, well back of the rest of the pack.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

Bruce Mooseview got his elbows out in the first semi-final, making an aggressive move on the start across the grid to better position himself for the first couple of corners, unfortunately catching Riku Jokinen by surprise and putting the Finn into the wall. Jokinen’s car was heavily damaged, relegating him to the back of the pack, while Mooseview continued on to take the flag in the race, some one and two-thirds of a second ahead of Charlie Martin in the last final berth. Chizuru Mizuhara suffered a couple of minor errors on their final lap, letting Martin sail through into second place, a bitter disappointment for the up-and-coming Japanese start in an otherwise excellent race.

Semi-Final 2

Tsubasa Arima took the flag in the second semi-final, her quality start being effectively the margin of victory over Team Oranj’s Ken Visser, two thirds of a second back in the last final berth. Karina Meister had a messy joker to end her race, allowing Visser to slip past for the last spot, only fourteen hundreths of a second separating the two drivers at the line. Carina Flannagan made a rare mistake on Lap 2, damaging the #63 Evgenis and putting her at the back of the pack, her championship now assured now that Chizuru Mizuhara was eliminated from the final on the other side of the bracket.


Bruce Mooseview dominated to take the chequered flag in the final, winning by two seconds over SCH minMAX’s Tsubasa Arima in a nearly flawless race. Arima tried to challenge Mooseview ahead, but just feel short in terms of pace, not really able to keep up or make any sort of a serious challenge. Ken Visser took third place, recovering from a disappointing start to pass Charlie Martin with a spectacular joker lap on the Dutchman’s final lap.

Final Classification


Final Standings


Relegation/Promotion party anyone?

Congrats to the winners, shame the weather wasn’t awful in every round, bring on next season.


Congratulations to all the winners! Due to the number of entrants this time around, there will be a slight re-balancing of relegations and promotions for Season Three. The bottom three in Premier League will be relegated, while the top eight of League One are being promoted to Premier League:

In the next couple of days, I will be putting up a detailed stats post of all the entrants. Also, I have something else special planned too - a six-lap shootout at Yas Marina between the top four in the standings of both Premier League and League One; an All-Star race, for lack of a better way of putting it!


Ah yes, I get to enjoy being beaten even more thourougly than last time for next season :smile:
Very pleased to atleast make the finals for the last round and 6th overall isn’t bad at all considering the car that I had made. Congrats to the winners, thanks to @MrChips for hosting.
I can’t wait for the next one.

There was discussion of putting up stats and things at the end of this, how much was going to be revealed? and when


screw this I’m not going to attempt any more Norfolk accent for now

After a scrappy last few rounds we’ll take the win and a second overall when it was looking like we’d drop off the podium completely. Armada Racing will obviously rue the missed opportunities and wonder what the strategy should and could have been, but what’s sure is that the level has significantly increased and the field is much closer. Not to mention just how big a threat the League One entrants are.

Congrats to @Dorifto_Dorito on a long awaited much deserved win with one of the biggest high-risk gambles of them all a French engine.

See you all at Yas Marina with elbows out dial me in for 10 all the fucking way Chips


Holy shit I won.


Congrats @Dorifto_Dorito

Was a 4 horse race for a lot of the season and really went down to the last day, but I cursed myself to be third place in racing challenges :smiley: Not that its a bad result, a few missed opportunities towards the start of the season but only got better as it got closer to the end for Team SCH.

Looking forward to the Allstar race, gonna give it a little less than 10 cause that gave me crash xd


Wow; down to the last round! Congrats to all the winners. I think that’s the last season for that build concept… have a new idea up for next time which should be more consistent.


First of all…WOW…I didn’t come last!! Maybe there’s hope for me yet!!

Secondly, well done to all those that did better than me.

Finally, thanks @MrChips for running this…I’ll definitely be back for the next one!


Well, Haven’t had much of a chance to read the forums much, I’m surprised I managed to get into the finals a few rounds! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get out of last place in the Premier League. I’ll definitely be making a League One car for next season though!


Alex “AA” Adams was sober for once:

First off, we'd like to congratulate all the winners and those that are promoted to the Premier League, well done! We'd also like to thank the organizers for running such a great race series. I won't comment on our last race weekend. Instead, I'll look back at the whole season. There are certainly some highlights, especially that podium in Norway. It seems that our car was well suited to wet and slippery conditions, but struggled in the hot and dry - this is something we'll have to analyze and plan around for next season. Mons Racing achieved its goals for the year, learned a lot, and above all - I got to sample some great beverages along the way.

We were certain that we’d find Duncan for an interview, but he seems to have disappeared. Let’s hope that he’ll be back next season.



NONO Racing Team Cisalpina

Season Review

It could not have been any closer! After a nerve-wracking finish Cisalpina is happy to announce the victory in the ARXL League One. 1 point separated us from the Buy 2 Get 1 Free team with their driver Elin Arbez, who have been in the lead before the final heat - but thanks to Alison Wondersley from Gnoo Dadspeed, who took a few points from Arbez, we managed to take the win. This is completely exceeding Cisalpina’s expectations from the season! We want to thank all supporters and the ARXL organization committee - and of course the competition for an exciting experience.

Season Review

After a very rough start into the season, where Martin Bayer just wanted too much too soon, we quickly had more success. P3, P2 and P1 marked our progress in the races 2 to 4. With three podiums out of 4 races in the bag and having made a lot of progress in the overall standings, the next big hit came in race 5, where Bayer crashed hard in qualifying and put our feet back on the ground. In race 6 we did not make it to the finals as well. After that, we took our time to analyze the first half of the season. The car clearly had the pace. With its 690 hp it was fast, but on the edge of drivability. If we wanted more than the occasional podium, we needed to be more consistent. We made sure that everybody in the team understood this.

Of course it helped, that the weather conditions in the second half of the seasons improved and we were able to put the power down more regularly. But it really came down to the discipline on the track - don’t risk too much, we don’t have to try to win every heat, try to make it to the finals. Especially in qualifying we tried to play it a little bit more safely. Our strategy payed off - all of the second half of the season we made it to the finals and 4 wins out of 6 races have been the foundation of our victory. Being consistent in the end was not enough though - Arbez was consistent, too. Except for race 9, where we could eliminate almost the complete point lead. But after that, it was really tight and a game of luck and of trying not to make a mistake. In the end, it was our superior performance in the race finals. That’s where we could make up the points we lost in the first half of the season and during the qualifying sessions. And of course the luck of not having a major incident when it counted.

Cisalpina will be back next season in Premier League where we are looking forward to the fight with old and new rivals!


Thanks to @MrChips for all the hard work and an exciting season! Do you need an updated pace control sheet for the bonus race?