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Automation Social Media Coverage (Photo Edited)


Bocian Storm

Two genereations of a great Polish supercar


An early 80’s European shitbox that sails through inclement weather


A car i made with @RadityaPrasety01




Turns out Japanese officials aren’t fine with people trying to revive the early 90’s mountain pass racing scene




Kinda got some gangster lean going on but this was like my 3rd time opening photoshop


It’s been over a year since this car was released to the public, so here’s a little editing I made as a tribute to the person who has “saved” my spirit of artistry.


this is just a screenshot from the white mirror with the background from black mirror.

might as well throw these in


well uh I’ll leave these here i guess


some edits of the Cordova GTR at Le Mans


Some stencil art



ReShade fun with a Group B homologation special.


Make sure to take breaks often during long road trips, especially at night




Wow it took me a while to discover this thread