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Automation Social Media Coverage






here’s an unedited image of the Sikon XLC. I asked the devs to post it on Ig but they said it’s gotta be on the forums so here it is.


Karma i37 Coupe - A 333HP back to basics sports car




Cropped this one to 1:1, I assumed that doesn’t count as editing, it’s just cropping the sides off because insta doesn’t always play nice with 16:9. If it does count I’ll move it to the other thread

1973 Boulanger Élysée



Not sure if we can do remakes of actual cars, but I like how this turned out.



Here’s a car I really worked hard on with hopes for it to make it’s presence seen on automation social media sites. Sadly, my last car here didn’t get noted much but I hope this one really does because I put a lot of hard work and a lot of effort into it and I’m pleased with how it turned out. The car is a 2020 Compact executive sedan known as “AL-Rubaay Painite FX pre realese” I hope you liked it :slight_smile:







The One to One Twins


Platinum Panamerica

Innovation Reverb

Razor Pelican EV