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Automation Soft-Locking entire system


being a self-proclaimed veteran player (started just when it reached steam with now about 1500 hours), i really enjoy this game a lot.

there was a time when the game went :bugsplat:, popped the “send error report” thing and all went well…

now, for whatever reason, at a (seemingly random) point of playing, literally everything locks in place and my PC won’t react to any input (including crtl+alt+del).
note that Automation is the only game with this problem.

only way to temporarily circumvent this is hard-killing it via the power-button and restarting it.

EDIT: it may be some memory leaking issue that clutters the RAM with automation-stuff

hope there is an idea to fixing this.
(all the info i have is already stated)


It is a bug where all the system resources are eaten up by a run-away process. It is not a memory leak though (we probably have those too, but they are not causing the issue you mention here :slight_smile: ). We are aware of the problem and are eliminating it in the various places where it pops up. It will take some time to entirely get rid of it though ;(


well it seems like imma have to watch RAM usage through MSI Afterburner…


We’ve observed one of these crashes in the resource manager and it basically is an instant jump from normal RAM usage to maximum available on your system, locking up the system. There are no warning signs before.


it seems like the Automation-process is unable to clear the RAM of unused parts of data.

i noticed this when cycling through a few colors and the RAM usage never declined… tho this may be that runaway process you meant…

hope this helps.



sorry for double post…

i did discover some (more or less) repeatable circumstances in which the process turns deviant.

1: loading up the second car from the car list after returning to menu (sometimes, not always)
2: changing trim/ family year causes the entirity to reload, thus taking 3GB RAM extra
3: heavy coloring things (as in: trying A LOT of colors on the same car)

hope this more detailed info helps in fixing this game-braker of a bug


Just chiming in to report I’ve had this virtual memory annihilation occur as well.

It doesn’t “creep” up in memory usage until forced to swap to the page file, it just comes out of nowhere with no warning like you said and BAM, memory and page file maxed, Windows completely unresponsive for at least a minute.

Thankfully the Automation process kicks the chair on it’s own by what I assume is OOMing so Windows can recover because I wouldn’t have been able to do so myself, though the app crash is strangely silent, no crash messages or anything.

DxDiag.txt (39.3 KB)


I’ve seen this happening when:
I bump up the cam profile of an engine
I leave the photo booth
Opening/leaving the Beamng Exporter


These should be fixed with the next patch :slight_smile: we found the issues that were causing this.