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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


Welcome to the Automation Sunday Cup 1999!

The ASC is a championship where used sports cars, hot hatches, and classics battle it out over a series of endurance races across the globe.

Race Schedule:

Race 1: Tsukuba Circuit - 200 laps
Race 2: Fuji Motor Speedway - 100 laps
Race 3: Automation Test Track - 100 laps
Race 4: Mazda Laguna Seca - 150 Laps
Race 5: Green Hell - 30 laps

(All flying lap courses)

Scoring per race:

1st place - 25 points
2nd place - 21 points
3rd place - 18 points
4th place - 15 points
5th place - 12 points
6th place - 10 points
7th place - 9 points
8th place - 8 points
9th place - 7 points
10th place - 6 points
11th place - 5 points
12th place - 4 points
13th place - 3 points
14th place - 2 points
15th place and below - 1 point
DNF - 0 points

How does the ASC work?

Stage 1:
The ASC is part building challenge and part racing. You may only enter a car, only race with someone else’s car, or both. For the first stage, you may make up to 2 used cars that follow regulations to add to the catalog (see regulations below). For those racing, register your racing team, driver name, and any extra info you like. Once enough cars and teams have entered, I will make a catalog of all of the cars to choose from.

Stage 2:
Each team will purchase a used car from the catalog (that is not their own). There will be multiples (2-4) of each car so there is more than enough to go around. Each car will be given a modifier to reliability, drivability, and fuel economy that is loosely based on the mileage the car has. These car files will be sent to the teams who purchased them. Not every car made will be bought, so make it count!

Stage 3:
You will have the opportunity to tune your car’s suspension, tires, gearing, and engine to a limited degree. The car still needs to fit the same regulations when submitted. If it doesn’t meet regulations at this stage or no tuning is submitted, I will use the stock tune. You may also change the color and add a number to the car.

Stage 4:
It’s racing time! Each car will carry the same modifiers to stats throughout the championship. There is a chance for a car to be damaged in a race ranging from minor to race-ending. Damage will not carry over to other races.

There will be 2 winners of this challenge: the winner of the Cup and the maker of the best performing car. I will post some stats at the end that show how each car did on average.

Note: This challenge is based on Mr. Computah’s ASCAR series and races will work similarly.


Notice: The ASC will allow a wide variety of vehicles, but I reserve the right not to accept memey vehicles, very low-effort cars, and cars with deliberately sabotaged tuning.

You are trying to sell your car to those competing in the Cup, so posting an ad for your car is highly recommended!


All cars must be from the year 1998 or earlier. Classic cars from the 70’s and earlier are welcome, but keep in mind it will be harder to meet regulations.

Family and trim/variant year must be within 10 years of each other (no restomods, extreme time attack versions, general memery etc.) Body unlock year doesn’t matter.

Some details like aftermarket exhaust or discolored rims are ok for a used car look, but keep it mostly stock.

The price must be under $10,000 with a NEGATIVE 20% markup.


No carbon fiber (too expensive anyway).

The ASC is focused on fun sports cars and performance sedans. Modern supercars and race cars will not be accepted. All bodies from 1998 or earlier are allowed except these 3:



  • No race headers or intake
  • Must use 95 RON fuel
  • Must have a catalytic converter and at least 1 muffler
  • Turbo Max Boost must be under 1.2 Bar/17.4 psi
  • PU limit - 65
  • ET limit - 75
  • You may use up to 5 quality points +/- total for the engine (not each slider)
  • Engines built before 1980 (family and variant) are allowed 98 Leaded fuel with no catalytic converter.
  • If somehow you make a V16 that meets regulations, I may accept it.


  • Anything goes with the drivetrain.
  • No cross-ply tires or semi-slicks.
  • No more than 6 lips/spoilers.
  • Interior must have at least 2 seats with basic entertainment or better.
  • Must have at least basic safety
  • Anything goes for suspension and brakes.
  • PU limit - 120
  • ET limit - 50
  • You may use up to 5 quality points +/- total for the trim (not each slider)

Every car must reach these stats or higher.

  • Drivability - 30
  • Sportiness - 20
  • Comfort - 10
  • Safety (based on trim year of car)
    90’s - 35
    80’s - 32.5
    70’s - 30
    60’s and earlier - 27.5
  • Reliability - 63
  • Fuel Economy - 16 mpg (US) (or under 14.7 L/100km).
  • Power to weight ratio must be under 0.15 kw/kg (this should be the unit the game uses)

Re-tuned cars must still meet these regulations except reliability, drivability, and fuel efficiency.


  • Fuel economy. Races will be very long. Your car’s fuel economy could mean the difference between 2 pit stops and 6 in a race. Refuels will take 40-60 seconds. All cars will have 15 gallon fuel tanks.
  • Balance: Going full sport meme or econobox might not get you very far. Other factors will greatly effect race times besides raw power.
  • Drivability: Cars with less drivability will force their drivers to be more cautious and therefore, slower.
  • Reliability: Cars that are less reliable are prone to breakdowns. Breakdowns will be classified in three kinds:
    Slight: minor performance reduction.
    Medium: notable performance reduction.
    Severe: car is completely damaged, forcing the driver to drop out of the race.
  • Tuning freedom: Keep in mind that the car you are sending in will be tuned by others. A car already pushed to the absolute limit will not give the racing teams much to work with, which could harm its results in the race series, especially if the car is barely making it over the sportiness and drivability limits.


Each used car will be given modifiers based on the shape they are in when they are bought. They will stay the same throughout the series regardless of damage. The car’s mileage will hint at how much of an effect they will have.

Reliability - up to -5 points
Drivability - up to -5 points
fuel economy - up to -2 mpg

Submitting your car

Please PM with your car file with the following naming convention:

Car model: ASC - Username
Car Trim: Name of car
Engine family: ASC - Username
Engine variant: Name of engine

Please read up on the advertising rules before posting your car.
You don’t have to send me your ad, just post it in the thread and I will find it.

The multiple(s) of your car will have different colors, so if you have a preference for the other colors, feel free to tell me when you send your car file.

When you buy a car in Stage 2, the trim and variant will be assigned a number corresponding to its number in the catalog. For example: Model - [ASC - Chickenbiscuit] Trim - [#17 LMC Miro R6].

When you submit your tuned model for racing, do not change the name or number of the car. Send it as is.

Tuning regulations

I’m making a few changes to the tuning rules. Your tuned car no longer has to meet the same level of reliability, drivability, and fuel efficiency as the original cars. I will change the first post to reflect this.

When your new used car is sent back to you, you will be able to tune the car to your liking. Your team still only has a budget of $10,000 (@ -20%) for the car. You may not change the trim/variant years on the car.
You are allowed to skip tuning and just go with the stock car, though that isn’t recommended.


-You may add a turbo (or 2) to an N/A engine, which will replace the exhaust headers.
-You may not change the headers otherwise.
-You may change the intake.
-You may remove one muffler if the car has 2
-No other components may be changed, only sliders can be adjusted.
-No changing quality sliders


-Anything in the Transmission tab can be changed except Drive Type.
-Anything goes with the Tires, Brakes, Suspension, and Aero sections.
-Driver Aids & Safety and Body cannot be tuned.
-You may remove the back seats, must still have at least 2 seats total
-You can change interior and entertainment as long as it is at least basic.
-You may change rims and add/remove spoilers or lips.
-You can change the color of your car and give it a number, but do not move existing fixtures besides -spoilers/lips.
-Minor cosmetic changes like bigger exhaust, rally lights etc. are ok, just don’t make it a full on race car.
-You can’t move any morphs, except wheel arches.
-Quality sliders can only be adjusted with the tires, brakes, suspension, and aero sections.

Your tuned car must still meet all the same regulations as the stock car except reliability, drivability, and fuel


Part of the challenge is using your best judgement to choose a car based on the limited information you are given. Therefore, ads will be limited stats-wise to only showing horsepower, used price (-20% markup) or price when new, engine type (ex. Inline-4 turbo) and drivetrain. Your ad should instead rely on your car’s looks, provocative language, and company reputation. Ads that spill the beans on lap times and very detailed stats will disqualify the car.

This rule requires a bit of an honor system. Showing off designs and in-progress stuff on discord is fine, but please don’t spoil everything about your car. I realize naming car variants after engine sizes/badging on the car could give away more than whats allowed. That falls under the honor system as I can’t check for everything.

To recap: You can show only Horsepower, Price, Engine type and Drive type.

For Example: The 1998 LMC Miro R6 is a mid-engine rear-wheel drive car with a powerful naturally aspirated Mirotech Inline 6. It has 272 hp and sells used for $9,947.

You cannot get more detailed on your car’s stats than this. You can however play up how good your car is in other ways.

For example: The LMC Miro is a raging stallion that tears though every corner with speed and style.

Or…I’m selling my 4 year old Miro S6 with a killer I6 turbo and a thicc aftermarket exhaust. Its seen some miles but still drives as good as new.

Your ad can be for your car used or new, but keep in mind the car will be sold from a used dealership.

Buying a car

Once all of the cars are submitted, there will be multiple versions (2 to 4) made of each car. Each car has been given the modifiers on reliability, drivability, and fuel economy. How much these change the performance of the the car will be loosely reflected in the car’s mileage.

Everyone will have one dealership to select cars from. Each dealership will have 6 cars all unique from each other. Some car choices will overlap with other dealers, but each dealership will be unique. Also, your own car will not be in your dealership.

I will post the master catalog of all cars and ads for you to browse while I make all the dealership catalogs. I will also post a list of the names of dealerships that you can sign up for the one you want (you won’t know what they are selling at that point though). Use the info from the ad (if there is one) and catalog to make the best choice for your team.

Since I am participating and will know all the cars, my team will drive an oddball entry that might be cool, but not fast after everyone else has purchased their car.

At the end of the race, all the car models that weren’t bought will do one race to see how they fare against the others. So if your car isn’t bought, stay tuned at the end to see how it does!

Car Entries:

@Chickenbiscuit 1996 LMC Miro R6
@zschmeez 1984 Albatross 280 ‘Sport’
@Knightophonix 1986 FAAL Coupe Turbo
@accent 1995 Kron Ember Turbo
@accent 1985 TM 464 RXi
@Knugcab 1983 IP-Kingston Stanley 1300GTT CS
@Aaron.W 1987 TSR Tora Touring
@Geronimo 1988 Horven Type 2000
@flop404 1985 Turini Berlinette 200
@nerd 1996 Sofa S2200 - R
@Mr.Computah 1987 Caliban Type SC BO
@Mr.Computah 1984 Conte Ataque S 3 door
@Alib 1987 Vernum Scafell S
@XenoYparxi 1990 Hermes Rallex RS
@thecarlover 1988 Mosport Arrow
@Geronimo 1989 Keishanda Sport 909
@Gamer_Cheetah 1995 El Verano Sport V6
@BoostandEthanol 1986 Keika Hop 2000
@BoostandEthanol 1995 Keika Twist 2.2 Premium
@Elizipeazie 1984 Anhultz Mimas Turbo
@Elizipeazie 1994 Anhultz Nereid
@Mikonp7 1982 Neko MRX-1 Targa Turbo
@Mikonp7 1990 EcaMobile Broadway
@NiuYorqCiti 1988 DAAG ES40s
@NiuYorqCiti 1988 Ponni Prime Turbo
@Grandea 1985 Zenshi Tessitura Turbo GT
@Grandea 1989 Zenshi Tsumori 2.3G
@Chickenbiscuit 1979 LMC Maladus M100
@machalel 1995 Ios Helix 2000TX
@Dorifto_Dorito 1985 ACA Prowler V8 Runner
@Urbanliner 1995 Ninomiya Evron Sport
@HighOctaneLove 1973 Zealot Enthuse
@Dorifto_Dorito 1985 Meme Machine Mystery Machine
@Vri404 1995 ERA Maglev Turbo
@Knightophonix 1985 FAAL Mesaia GTI
@Leonardo9613 1991 Baltazar Zeppelin 2.0 S
@machalel 1997 Epoch M10 Ansom RSA
@thecarlover 1992 Cascadia Hariken ST
@squidhead 1990 KHT Tsukuba (1)
@squidhead 1990 KHT Tsukuba (2)
@JohnWaldock 1975 ZAF Orzeil
@JohnWaldock 1994 JHW Classique V6i
@DeusExMackia 1987 Erin Merna XR Cup Edition
@flop404 1997 SARA 4 Turini
@Dragawn 1997 Dragotec Sagitta Ecosoar
@RetroSteve 1986 Pegasus Kid
@LinkLuke 1982 LLA Comet Ti
@LS-Vehicles 1990 LSV Knight
@conan 1995 Mitsushita Boarilla GTi
@strop 1995 MM Excelsior Rosso Corsa
@vmo 1995 Gabatron Xenus TSX 16V
@MasterDoggo 1996 Tania MKII I6 Turbo
@MasterDoggo 1989 Daito Eleven
@abg7 1995 Hanson Harrier ll
@Chipskate 1986 Arai Kyori GT-T
@Chipskate 1995 Falcon Vertu 18T
@strop 1988 Armada Motors EVO RC Homologation Special
@zschmeez 1979 Albatross 570 Sport
@koolkei 1985 Grehet Emotion GSi
@RetroSteve 1988 Pegasus Primo
@Dragawn 1998 Dragotec Venture
@Echowaffle8 1997 Aeros Remex
@Echowaffle8 1989 Aeros Router GT
@rileybanks 1995 Hor Katana S

Note: list may not be up to date, but I will let you know if you need to resubmit

Race Teams:

I will be competing, but I won’t be able to win.

@Chickenbiscuit Seabeast Motorsports - Eric Jonrosh
@Mr.Computah The Throwback Club - Oliver Ross
@Knugcab Trafikjournalen - Erik Carlén
@Vri404 The HUSH - Lewis Martin
@Aaron.W NR Group Racing Team - Kai Shinomiya
@Geronimo TEAM RANT 13 - Richard Cooper
@Mikonp7 Cat eye - Tina Whitestone
@MrChips Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory - Rusty Kuntz
@HighOctaneLove Team Mountain Pass - Andrew Morgan
@Knightophonix Sundgaü Motorschports - Loïc Schwob
@Elizipeazie AIRD Racing - Connor Jones
@BoostandEthanol The Getaway Plan - Skyler Newman
@squidhead Miles Garage - Miles Phillips
@flop404 SARA Gentleman Club - Jean Turini
@Nicking_HC Team CSM - Charlie “Guile” Nash
@LinkLuke Team Dock Tower - Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior
@nerd Team Beaten Horse - Scott Wilford
@JohnWaldock Team Fundae Cup - James “Bugsy” Malone
@DeusExMackia Southend Or Bust - James Hurley
@koolkei Extremely Astounding and Totally Super Highly Intelligent Team - Matthew Donahaugh
@Dorifto_Dorito Team AWNB - Lawrence Faulkner
@abg7 Team Sunday Strikers - Walter Thompson
@Dragawn The Drunken Dragons - Patrick Williams
@Chipskate Team Falukorv - Jimmy Beijer
@Echowaffle8 Team Sky Screamers - Jimmy Barnes
@rileybanks The Muses - James Nurse
@stm316 Bananas in someone else’s pyjamas - B1
@Urbanliner Matsunaga M.R. Team - Alfred Hunter
@thecarlover Mosport Tuning Garage - Alex Young
@strop Herrington Driver Development Program - Elaine Braithewaite
@DukeOFhazards The OG’s - Marvin Callaway
@LS-Vehicles Team Super Special - Aki Agregaatti

Current stage: Stage 2: Buying your Cars

Soon I will have a dealership catalog for you to purchase cars from. In the meantime, here is the full list of cars to browse. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1peN34lcMVN_mpSnMRHjNCAWLbaRGdZs-

Deadline for Entries has passed


A fellow you guys have already seen in a previous racing challenge will show up here :wink: really digging this idea!

Oliver Ross and the Throwback Club wish every team and racer good luck and good racing!


I remember Gran Turismo 1 , 2 ,3 and now we can make part of Gran Automatismo. :slight_smile:


There will be some Turinis offered for buying…

Wether or not some gentleman driver from SARA decides to participate is uncertain for now

Edit : perhaps no berlinette, the price tag is a bit low for the mid engined bodies…


Sounds very interesting, I think that I’ll join.


I’ll try building a car at least.


So I’ve made some adjustments. Mainly tuning regulations are more loose than before. Turbos can be added, seats can be removed, tires can be changed, all as long as it still fits the regulations and price. There is a boost limit to help prevent overpowered turbos. Also safety requirements are more lax the older the car is. Also fixed some of my horrible typing.

Anything else you think I should change, or do you disagree with any changes made already?


I really like the concept, i just have a few questions.

  • I’m not noticing a minimum weight requirement, nor a maximum power to weight ratio. Are you looking for 1,000+ horsepower cars here? Kinda seems to go against the theme of the competition, but it’s your show and i just wanted it to be clarified

  • we can’t adjust brakes on the trim. Why? Brakes are one of the first things you upgrade when turning a classic to a weekend racer, likewise with suspension

  • We can adjust the powertrain. This is very confusing to be honest, we can’t change brakes but we can change the cars from RWD to AWD?

  • you can’t Change it all visually. Again, can I ask why? Wider arches are a common thing for wider tires.


Oh I meant to change the brakes. Will add that. You can’t change the drive type (AWD,RWD), just gearing etc. And with visuals, I guess it makes sense to allow wheel arches, I just don’t want people to alter their cars beyond recognition.

With the power to weight ratio thing, the most I could eek out without it was around 400hp, which came at a cost but was still too much, so I’ll add a limit for that, good call


You haven’t mentioned anything about billet steel cranks or titanium rods, both of which require a CNC shop. However, they are so expensive (in terms of PU and ET) that it might make more sense not to permit their use, and besides, back in 1999, it was unlikely for most cars (except exotics) to come equipped with them anyway.

Also, 10k with 20% markdown equates to $12,500 with no markups.


Because of the relatively strict price limit, I assume the higher end parts won’t really see much use anyway.


So that means if I create a car and my car starts at 1995, that means I should make the trim/variant that I should is at 2005. Am I correct?


No, the trim has to be 1998 or earlier. You could make a car that starts in 1985 with the trim and engine variant at 1995 for example.


I have another question. I think the price is too strict. How about making the price limit $16000 with negative 30% mark-up?


Sorry, but I don’t want to go any higher. It seems higher the price limit, the more uneven the playing field gets. With $16,000 with -30% markup, that’s easily getting into supercar territory.


OMG! I have so many questions just because I’m confused… Do I really need to put the trim/variant 10 years apart from the original model year?


I’m sorry I must’ve misunderstood the question. You can have the trim and variant the same year as the model if you wanted. They can be any year as long as they’re within 10 years of eachother.


God, this is so hard to fit in that price range. I might as well participate with other people’s cars. But where can I ask for the car?


Is it time to unreal-ize the KHT Tsukuba now?


And make Spoon Integra that had 1.05 or i don’t remember on tsukuba.(I know this from Gran Turismo 2)