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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


…it’s how much territory the dog covers. And with this much tread, we could cover the entirety of the Amazon forest! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s not making me anymore confident. Hopefully the car is tuned well.


AWNB: Part 1

Somewhere in Belfast…

Patrick: Hey Larry, you got the car sorted yet? You know we need to start working on this soon.
Charles: It better be good, I don’t fancy driving around any autoshite.
Lawrence: Buddy, I’ve picked the best car of the lot. It’s time.
The garage door opens to reveal the car…

Patrick: Uhh, isn’t that the car the same as yours? It even looks like the one you bought about a month ago, you know with the red pinstripe and all?
Charles: It’s your car isn’t it?
Lawrence: Look, we were going to start from scratch anyways, this is what this car is for. Racing.


2 days left until the deadline to submit tuned cars. A couple of you still haven’t bought a car yet! You’ll need to for participating in the rest of the ASC.


Top gear once proved that public transportation is faster than a car…sooo yeah


yes, when the car was a luxury crossover


Driven by James May…through the city…
Anyway, yeah. 255 rears here and I thought they’re pretty wide, up to the point when I saw the steamroller style on some cars




[Laughs in 325]


Team Super Special Super Mobile - TSSSM

As quick as it can be, but not quick enough


can we submit retuned versions of our cars?




Just to be sure, can we add VVT to an engine which doesn’t have it? I reckon we can’t, nor can we exchange the stock catalytic converter for something else.

Also, I’m sure we can’t rename the tuned trim of the car we’re entering - or the tuned variant of its engine, for that matter.

What about the trim and variant years of the tuned car? I’m certain they must both remain unchanged.


Yeah you can’t change any of that, but naming isn’t a big deal. Just makes it easier for me to find.


Other things to note: Is 95RON premium unleaded mandatory for the tuned trim?

And with regards to tuning:

Does this mean that changes to cam profile, turbo compressor, turbine, AR ratio and intercooler sizes, compression ratio, rev limiter ignition timing and AFR are allowed? I’m pretty sure the stock internals must be retained, though, and the maximum boost must be up to 1.2 bar as for the stock variant.


That’s all correct :+1: . And you can run 91 RON if you really wanted too I guess…but definitely not over 95


cough please buy hermes…


Albatross Motor Company would like to thank TSSSM for choosing an Albatross product for their racing team. Rest assured, our engineers and technicians will not let you down.


It was a close call and the Hermes looked like an amazing car actually.

The lore prevailed but I expect someone will pick it


I would have picked it. :’(
In fact I would have picked literally any of the cars in your dealership because they were almost all on my hit list :t
Except mine of course