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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


Doing even better than in Tsukuba? Fantastic!

Actually beating the EVO? Anna is satisfied with her tuning but also secretly devastated inside :joy: (also haha to even more of you slower than a sofa :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also the continued strong MM showing will quite possibly be a reputation boost for the brand, I didn’t expect them to be all up the pointy end!


Sundgaü Motorsports, which are, by the way, totally not endorsed by FAAL in any way, may I remind you

On the radio, mid race:

Loïc: "Deborah Taj Anapol (1951–2015) was an American clinical psychologist and one of the founders of the polyamory movement,[1] which started in the 1980s.[2] Known for her work in erotic spirituality, ecosex,[3] neotantra and Pelvic-Heart Integration,[4] she was an advocate for multiple love and sacred sexuality. Her work made early use of the Internet to gather and organize like-minded people. She was also the co-founder of the magazine Loving More[5] and its conferences. She wrote one of the first books on polyamory, Love Without Limits (1992); which was expanded and reissued as Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits, in 1997. An expert columnist for Psychology Today,[6] she blogged at “Love Without Limits, Reports from the relationship frontier.”

Julien: “Dude are you literally reading the encyclopedia while driving?..”


Julien: “Won’t say that I told you, but I fucking told you. You wanted a reasonable tune, you got a reasonable tune. Enjoy your reasonable results. I could have gotten 314hp out of this but nooooo, fuel economy my boy. By the way, you know the lead Keika does better than you in that department?”

Loïc: angry Alsacian noises


CSM's Tales, Episode 2: Best laid plan? Not so much.

The place is Fuji’s pitlanes, the time is sunset. You know, those really epic sunsets that appear at the end of the manliest anime episodes from the past? No? Well, at least the context is there…

Charlie: (sighs) Well, so much for the main straight plan, Manny.

Manny: Ok, perhaps I was a little too… joyed with the prospect of a faster track and our turbo?

Charlie: Yeah, we’ll go with “joyed”. Once again the best we could manage is a top 30…

Manny: Nashie I know this is one of my classic silver linings, but you did outlast the Mystery Machine. One of Ross’s biggest rivals! And you did it with a sputtering car, no less.

Charlie: Thanks to your blasted turbo, smart ass. What goes does this powerless thing do if it can’t even manage fuel economy?

Manny: …beat Eric Johnrosh?

Charlie: When the chakras align in the Heavens, maybe. As for beating Oliver, on the other hand…

Manny: Yep, we’ve seen the Sagitta’s true colors. The crimson colors of a true oni, thirsty for blood.

Charlie: I think you had too much sake for one Asian weekend, Manny. So, what’s next…?

Manny: Ok, let’s be realistic. We don’t have the pace, we don’t have the fuel economy. The car is neither nimble on short circuits, nor fast on long ones.
Let’s focus on the one thing this car has done consistently. You do you and bring that Kyori home every race. We won’t be known for speed, but we can be known for tenacity. Whaddaya think?

Charlie: …fine, it’s as a good start as any. Onwards to the Killrob Raceway…

To be continued!


Throwback Club - Race 2 (Fuji)

Lap 98, Oliver is sweating as he tries to nail the lines through the track. He loses focus for a second, victim of tunel vision; the radio suddenly beeps.

Flores: “Careful, careful, inside, inside, INSIDE!”

Oliver corrected, just barely missing the ERA he seemed to be destined to crash into. Braking into the next corner, Oliver recovers the racing line before letting more time be wasted.

Oliver: “That was close. Didn’t see him. Tell Mountain Pass this is my bad.”

The two last laps were mostly uneventful, without Oliver being able to get anywhere near Williams. He crosses the finish line in second place after a final sprint at the last straight. After a enthusiastic celebration at the podium and congratulating Williams and Faulkner for a great race, Oliver returned to the pits, hugging and celebrating with his teammates. After the morale had died down, Chen started checking the championship standings.

Chen: “You went from last to sixth in the championship standings in just one race. Great job out there, Oliver.”

Oliver grabbed a towel to clean the sweat in his forehead.

Oliver: “Thank you. What’s next?”

Chan: “New Zealand. The Automation Test Track.”

Oliver: “We better get ready, I’ve heard it’s not precisely an easy one…if you excuse me, I’m gonna pay Mountain Pass a visit and apologize for nearly hitting them.”

Chen: “Sure, don’t take long though, we’re gonna start packing up soon.”

Oliver put his beloved cap on, before walking down the pits. As he walked past the CSM pits, he saluted Charlie and his crew friendly before resuming his stroll. He was soon in front of the pits chosen by Mountain Pass.

Oliver: “Hello. Who’s Andrew?”

One of Andrew’s teammates gestured towards the driver, who was helping pack up for the day.

Oliver: “Hey, I’m the driver of the Sagitta…sorry about what happened out there. Tunnel vision almost made me crash into you.”

To be continued.

(@HighOctaneLove this part is on you :wink:)


Andrew: Hey, no worries man. It was kinda my fault for bringing a .22 rifle to a 50 cal sniper rifle match! I’m just glad I don’t have to catch the bus home again… Apology accepted!

Andrew then turned back to his task, packing the stolen toilet paper from the racers lounge into the front compartment of his Maglev…

(@Mr.Computah thanks for the RP opportunity!)



The race at Fuji can best be described with one word - disaster! After a start that was looking promising, I was out after a crash already in the beginning of the race. I am sure that the Miro can be repaired to be ready for the next race at Automation test track though. See you then!


Race 3 - Automation Test Track - 100 laps

Welcome to race 3 of the Automation Sunday Cup! Today’s race takes place on the Automation Test track. Although it has some history in motorsports, the ATT is known worldwide as one of the best destinations to test cars due to its very challenging and varied layout. This course will be demanding for drivers at all skill levels.

A little nostalgia for you

Family Pictures! (I was missing a couple so sorry if you don't see your car in here.)

Laps 1-25

The familiar roar of 32 tuned cars flooring it signals the beginning of race. Only 50 seconds in, the first wreck of the race occurs when one of the Tsumori’s wheels seize just after exiting the carousel. Braithewaite finishes the first lap in 7th place, having an excellent start. Williams and Ross again pull away from the pack early in the race. Jimmy Beijer struggles to advance through the pack as Donahaugh and Whitestone give him a tough battle. Faulkner overshoots the final turn of lap 3, kissing the wall and dropping back a few positions. Hurley attempts a risky move to the inside of Carlen in Killrob Chicane, but clips the tire wall. Connor Jones skillfully makes his way up to 7th passing a few rivals from this series after a rough start. Miles Phillips is following not far behind gaining ground in the corners. Jonrosh has difficulties pushing the Mystery Machine as fast as before after last race’s troubles. Braithewaite’s takes a bad line through the Bavarian Bend and leaves 15th place open for Shinomiya. Schwob and B1 make quick work of Jonrosh in lap 21, taking 17th and 18th respectively. Martin takes the inside on Adam’s Apex passing Nash on lap 24.

Laps 26-50

By lap 25, the top 5 racers have settled into their positions while the midpack continues to shuffle. Wilford slides into the wall and is the third car taken out of the race by just lap 29. Turini makes it back to 12th place after losing control earlier in the race, now closing in on Prior. Rusty Kuntz can’t find a way past the inexplicably fast Sofa while Cooper bides his time just behind the two of them. Eric Jonrosh’s bad luck continues as he loses control of his van in the carousel crushing the back end. Bugsy Malone passes Agregaatti on the difficult Bavarian Bend in lap 47.

Laps 51-75

The second half of the race was sadly very uneventful as most of the racers have found themselves comfortably in their positions. Prior claims 10th place from Phillips in the back straight while Kuntz and Cooper finally make it past the Sofa. Barnes passes Newman in the first turn after nearly 10 laps of blocked attempts. Bugsy claws his way past Martin to gain another position, determined to get a better finish than past rounds.

Laps 76-100

In Lap 80, the Sofa strikes back as Braithewaite catches Kuntz and Cooper battling ahead off-guard on an inside pass. Faulkner, disappointed in his performance this race, makes a final push to catch up to Donahaugh while he is in the pits but is unable to cover enough ground in time. The aggressively green Keika crosses the finish line nearly a full lap ahead Ross, followed by Beijer, Donahaugh, Faulkner, and Hunter in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively. With 4 cars out of the race, Morgan has his best finish yet in 28th.



  1. Patrick Williams (#46 Twist) - 25 points
  2. Oliver Ross (#109 Sagitta) - 21 points
  3. Jimmy Beijer (#175 MM) - 18 points
  4. Matthew Donahaugh (#128 MM) - 15 points
  5. Lawrence Faulkner (#129 MM) - 12 points
  6. Alfred Hunter (#48 Twist) - 10 points
  7. Tina Whitestone (#07 MM) - 9 points
  8. Connor Jones (#134 Harrier) - 8 points
  9. Erik Carlén (#1 Miro) - 7 points
  10. Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior (#149 Venture) - 6 points
  11. Miles Phillips (#36 Arrow) - 5 points
  12. Jean Turini (#165 Caliban) - 4 points
  13. Elena Braithewaite (#21 Sofa) - 3 points
  14. Rusty Kuntz (#25 Caliban) - 2 points
  15. Richard Cooper (#136 EVO) - 1 point
  16. Walter Thompson (#37 Arrow) - 1 point
  17. Kai Shinomiya (#89 Zeppelin) - 1 point
  18. Loïc Schwob (#91 M10 Ansom) - 1 point
  19. Jimmy Barnes (#167 Hermes) - 1 point
  20. B1 (#101 Erin Merna) - 1 point
  21. Skyler Newman (#11 LLA Comet)
  22. James Nurse (#16 Horven) - 1 point
  23. Marvin Callaway (#49 Twist) - 1 point
  24. Charlie “Guile” Nash (#176 Kyori) - 1 point
  25. Lewis Martin (#38 Arrow) - 1 point
  26. James “Bugsy” Malone (#86 Mesaia) - 1 point
  27. Aki Agregaatti (#55 280 Sport) - 1 point
  28. Andrew Morgan (#86 ERA) - 1 point
  29. Eric Jonrosh (#81 Mystery Machine) - 0 points
  30. Scott Wilford (#17 Horven) - 0 points
  31. James Hurley (#132 Xenus) - 0 points
  32. Alex Young (#72 Tsumori) - 0 points


  1. Patrick Williams (#46 Twist) - 75 points
  2. Lawrence Faulkner (#129 MM) - 51 points
  3. Matthew Donahaugh (#128 MM) - 48 points
  4. Oliver Ross (#109 Sagitta) - 42 points
  5. Jimmy Beijer (#175 MM) - 40 points
  6. Alfred Hunter (#48 Twist) - 32 points
  7. Tina Whitestone (#07 MM) - 28 points
  8. Connor Jones (#134 Harrier) - 16 points
  9. Erik Carlén (#1 Miro) - 16 points
  10. Miles Phillips (#36 Arrow) - 15 points
  11. Rusty Kuntz (#25 Caliban) - 14 points
  12. Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior (#149 Venture) - 14 points
  13. James Hurley (#132 Xenus) - 13 points
  14. Jean Turini (#165 Caliban) - 13 points
  15. Elena Braithewaite (#21 Sofa) - 8 point
  16. Kai Shinomiya (#89 Zeppelin) - 6 points
  17. Richard Cooper (#136 EVO) - 4 points
  18. Walter Thompson (#37 Arrow) - 3 point
  19. Loïc Schwob (#91 M10 Ansom) - 3 points
  20. Skyler Newman (#11 LLA Comet) - 3 points
  21. Jimmy Barnes (#167 Hermes) - 3 points
  22. B1 (#101 Erin Merna) - 3 points
  23. James Nurse (#16 Horven) - 3 points
  24. Marvin Callaway (#49 Twist) - 3 points
  25. Aki Agregaatti (#55 280 Sport) - 3 points
  26. James “Bugsy” Malone (#86 Mesaia) - 3 points
  27. Charlie “Guile” Nash (#176 Kyori) - 3 points
  28. Lewis Martin (#38 Arrow) - 3 points
  29. Scott Wilford (#17 Horven) - 2 points
  30. Alex Young (#72 Tsumori) - 2 points
  31. Andrew Morgan (#86 ERA) - 2 points
  32. Eric Jonrosh (#81 Mystery Machine) - 1 point



Team Mountain Pass

Race Three: Automation Test Track
Last weeks Blog

Thanks to the money I was able to make bootlegging the TP I “appropriated” from Fuji Speedway I was able to bribe a RAAF aircrew into transporting me and my ERA to New Zealand. Once I arrived I prepared myself and the Maglev for the big race. I managed a few stolen laps of the track the night before the big race and I knew I was experiencing deja vu… A large track with a massively long straight and a lack of tight corners to slow the high speed cars down, just like Fuji Speedway!

My premonition was correct for the most part. I was fundamentally outclassed by all the other entrants who simply left me behind on the long back straight. I was wrong in one area though; I didn’t come last! A total of four entrants failed to finish which meant that I achieved my greatest result yet… 28th!!! I managed to avoid the shenanigans this time around, which is great, because ERA parts are rather rare here in the land of the long white cloud…

At the end of the race I knew I needed something special to get my car onto a USAAF cargo plane headed to California. A couple slabs of L&P soft drink and a few jars of Marmite ought to do the trick. Now where did I stow my lockpicking kit?


No wonder this race took a bit longer to be posted, the Beam photos were a very cool (and rather unexpected) surprise. That first family should definitely be used as the thread’s cover photo!

Also, how were those on-track shots done? Was the race actively simulated in Beam with AI drivers?


Fantastic usage of Beam right there, 10/10 effort :+1:

Also, the Sofa still beating the EVO by 2 positions TRIGGERED. Can’t believe I’m actually scoring points with the thing now that the dampers and springs are at appropriate values the car isn’t nearly as twitchy as it was, but still, really don’t lift off and stamp on the brakes in a corner, that’s asking to die…


Team Sunday Strikers, Post-Race 3

Again the Arrow finished in the middle of the pack, just as the team had been expecting. It was clear that their engine’s lack of capacity was limiting the car’s potential compared to the Drunken Dragons’ all-conquering, lime-green, V6-powered Twist, but the team persisted. With two races to go, anything could happen… but before that, the Sunday Strikers had to regroup yet again and prepare the Arrow for its next outing.

Walter felt obliged to remark on the immense performance of the Twist which had just claimed a hat-trick. “How on earth are they still unbeaten?” he asked Henry.

“I don’t know what they’ve done to it, but whatever it was, it’s not just unbeatable, but also untouchable. The fact that its driver is one of the best on the grid only makes things even worse for the other teams - including us.”

Reluctantly, Walter nodded in acknowledgement of the fact that the Twist in question was just too good for its own good - just as he had suspected all along. Not even the fact that he had stayed out of trouble could make him feel better. But he remained as optimistic as ever about the Arrow’s competitiveness. For now, hopes were high, but whether or not his prayers would be answered would have to wait until the next race.


What happened to this?


I don’t know


Race 4 - Laguna Seca - 150 laps

Welcome to race 4 of the Automation Sunday Cup! Today’s race takes place on the historic Laguna Seca. Famous for its exciting undulating turns and the legendary Corkscrew, this course provides a challenge to even the most experienced drivers.

Sorry this took so long, apparently it took me being stuck home after surgery to get me to finally start wrapping this up. So without further ado…

Laps 1-10

3…2…1…START And the battle is for Laguna Seca is on. To no one’s surprise, the ever-consistent Patrick Williams pulls ahead on the first lap, steadily distancing himself from the pack. Faulkner cuts inside heading into the first turn getting ahead of Ross before he starts slipping out of reach from him again. Donahaugh has a rough first lap in 8th, but quickly finds his groove passing Hunter, Turini, and Phillips over the next few laps. Jimmy Beijer makes a major flaw in the corkscrew, forcing Whitestone beside him into the wall, taking some damage. Beijer makes it out relatively unscathed. Connor Jones takes 3 positions in the first 6 laps, weaving his way up the upper pack. Although near the back of the pack, Alex Young has a brilliant 2nd lap outpacing cars much faster than the Tsumori. In lap 3, Eric Jonrosh and Luke Prior intimidate B1 out of 17th. Cooper and Shinomiya blow past them in the main straight just one lap later. Callaway has a relatively good start, but the stock Keika can’t keep Wilford and Nurse’s Horvens at bay. Turini pushes the Caliban to its limits, trying to keep 5th place from Hunter, but can’t keep the pace forever. Elena Braithwaite’s strategy of slinging the best Russia has to offer around corners wildly is proving helpful in intimidating others from trying to past. Ross finally solves Faulkner after a tense battle for 2nd place at lap 9. Alex Young completes lap 10 just 4 seconds behind the pack.

Laps 11-50

As the race goes on, the pack is still constantly shifting. Donahaugh makes quick work of Faulkner after being passed by Ross. Whitestone charges forward despite what appears to be heavy damage cosmetically, first passing Hunter in lap 15, then Beijer in lap 28. At this rate she has a shot at a top 5 finish in the series. Jones continues to impress, making it all the way to 7th by lap 50 with patience and tactical pitstops. Miles Phillips notices something off about his handling and takes it in the pits. Unable to find anything wrong, he’s sent back into the race after dropping a few positions. Hurley Creeps up to 9th place not having to pit at all for the first 54 laps. Braithewaite pushes it too hard in turn 9, spinning out luckily without hitting anything. Bugsy Malone and Charlie Nash have been trading spots for most of the race. Malone starts pulling away by lap 45. Scott Wilford’s determination brought him to 23rd place early in the race, but the battle-scarred Horven isn’t quite the same after last race’s heavy impact.

Laps 51-100

The podium positions remain unchanged through the mid-section of the race. Hunter takes on Connor Jones in lap 53, battling it out until a smooth move on the last turn earns Hunter 7th place. He didn’t stop there. Whitestone was in his sights and a few laps later he was able to pass the quick MM. Although too far away from the front of the pack, Turini is able to make a bit of a comeback, passing Impossible Prior’s powerful but clumsy Venture. The Sofa is all over the place this race but finds itself doing well in 13th and climbing by lap 100. Shinomiya in the Batmobile-like Zeppelin zeroes in on Thompson as he comes out of the pits just ahead. Darting to the inside of turn 5, the Zeppelin makes it beside the Arrow and it’s a drag race to the corkscrew, with Shinomiya coming out on top.

A relatively clean race so far, things take a turn for the worse starting in lap 82. Miles Phillip’s Arrow’s rear axle seizes mid turn, sending him of the track and out of the race. A few laps later, Faulkner loses control at turn 6 trying to catch up to Donahaugh, hitting the wall and sliding back across the track where Beijer narrowly misses contact flying by the wreck. Most cars in the field move up two positions as a result of the string of wrecks.

Laps 101-150

The pack is mostly settled in the last stretch of the race as usual. In lap 101, Eric Jonrosh closes in fast on Andrew Morgan’s tail. Morgan makes an unexpected move and Jonrosh collides with the ERA, sending it flying off the track, taking it out of the race (again). The Mystery Machine shrugs off the accident and chugs along. Whitestone gets revenge on Hunter, swiping the top five spot from him towards the end of the race. Kuntz and Braithewaite makes their way past Prior during an extended pit stop late in the race. To take 11th and 12th respectively. Barnes battles with Newman and B1, emerging the victor 3 grueling laps later, finishing at a hard fought 19th. To little surprise, Williams takes the win with stunning consistency with Ross less than 2 minutes behind in 2nd.


Ain’t this a familiar sight? :wink:


  1. Patrick Williams (#46 Twist) - 25 points
  2. Oliver Ross (#109 Sagitta) - 21 points
  3. Matthew Donahaugh (#128 MM) - 18 points
  4. Jimmy Beijer (#175 MM) - 15 points
  5. Tina Whitestone (#07 MM) - 12 points
  6. Alfred Hunter (#48 Twist) - 10 points
  7. Connor Jones (#134 Harrier) - 9 points
  8. Erik Carlén (#1 Miro) - 8 points
  9. James Hurley (#132 Xenus) - 7 points
  10. Jean Turini (#165 Caliban) - 6 points
  11. Rusty Kuntz (#25 Caliban) - 5 points
  12. Elena Braithewaite (#21 Sofa) - 4 points
  13. Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior (#149 Venture) - 3 points
  14. Richard Cooper (#136 EVO) - 2 points
  15. Kai Shinomiya (#89 Zeppelin) - 1 point
  16. Walter Thompson (#37 Arrow) - 1 point
  17. Eric Jonrosh (#81 Mystery Machine) - 1 point
  18. Loïc Schwob (#91 M10 Ansom) - 1 point
  19. Jimmy Barnes (#167 Hermes) - 1 point
  20. B1 (#101 Erin Merna) - 1 point
  21. Skyler Newman (#11 LLA Comet)
  22. James Nurse (#16 Horven) - 1 point
  23. Scott Wilford (#17 Horven) - 1 point
  24. Marvin Callaway (#49 Twist) - 1 point
  25. Aki Agregaatti (#55 280 Sport) - 1 point
  26. James “Bugsy” Malone (#86 Mesaia) - 1 point
  27. Charlie “Guile” Nash (#176 Kyori) - 1 point
  28. Lewis Martin (#38 Arrow) - 1 point
  29. Alex Young (#72 Tsumori) - 1 points
  30. Andrew Morgan (#86 ERA) - 0 points
  31. Lawrence Faulkner (#129 MM) - 0 points
  32. Miles Phillips (#36 Arrow) - 0 points


  1. Patrick Williams (#46 Twist) - 100 points
  2. Matthew Donahaugh (#128 MM) - 66 points
  3. Oliver Ross (#109 Sagitta) - 63 points
  4. Jimmy Beijer (#175 MM) - 55 points
  5. Lawrence Faulkner (#129 MM) - 51 points
  6. Alfred Hunter (#48 Twist) - 42 points
  7. Tina Whitestone (#07 MM) - 40 points
  8. Connor Jones (#134 Harrier) - 25 points
  9. Erik Carlén (#1 Miro) - 24 points
  10. James Hurley (#132 Xenus) - 20 points
  11. Rusty Kuntz (#25 Caliban) - 19 points
  12. Jean Turini (#165 Caliban) - 19 points
  13. Luke ‘Impossible’ Prior (#149 Venture) - 17 points
  14. Miles Phillips (#36 Arrow) - 15 points
  15. Elena Braithewaite (#21 Sofa) - 12 points
  16. Kai Shinomiya (#89 Zeppelin) - 7 points
  17. Richard Cooper (#136 EVO) - 6 points
  18. Walter Thompson (#37 Arrow) - 4 point
  19. Loïc Schwob (#91 M10 Ansom) - 4 points
  20. Jimmy Barnes (#167 Hermes) - 4 points
  21. Skyler Newman (#11 LLA Comet) - 4 points
  22. B1 (#101 Erin Merna) - 4 points
  23. James Nurse (#16 Horven) - 4 points
  24. Marvin Callaway (#49 Twist) - 4 points
  25. Aki Agregaatti (#55 280 Sport) - 4 points
  26. James “Bugsy” Malone (#86 Mesaia) - 4 points
  27. Charlie “Guile” Nash (#176 Kyori) - 4 points
  28. Lewis Martin (#38 Arrow) - 4 points
  29. Scott Wilford (#17 Horven) - 3 points
  30. Alex Young (#72 Tsumori) - 3 points
  31. Eric Jonrosh (#81 Mystery Machine) - 2 points
  32. Andrew Morgan (#86 ERA) - 2 points