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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


If a car has a spoiler or anything that produces downforce, would the buyers be able to adjust wing angle when tuning?


Albatross Motors Presents, something we found in the back room of the factory and decided to soup up for racing, the Albatross 280 ‘Sport.’ This car is powered by a straight-out-of-the-80s [REDACTED] V6 producing a whopping 124 horsepower. For some reason, the engineers decided to replace the original [REDACTED] with [REDACTED]. Oh, and it has front wheel drive, because of course it does. Retuned for 95 RON gasoline, it even gets an incredible [REDACTED] MPG! All of this is is available for $8581, when we sell it for a $2145 loss. Hey, if selling at a loss works for the Lexus LFA, then it works for the Albatross 280 ‘Sport.’ See your local Albatross Dealer if you are crazy enough to want to buy this. Remember to ask for the Used department.


Damn, some interesting challenges have been popping up lately :o

Lemme see what I can do



Model: DAITO Eleven
Year: 1989
Transmission: Manual 5 speeds
Mileage: 77 000 Miles
Price: 9312$

A 89’ Daito Eleven, the mkII (last year of production), with a swap of the i6 of the Eleven SR, so it’s RWD and not AWD..
This engine produce 220 hp so I put sports suspensions and changed brakes for 260mm front disc (vented) and I changed rear drums for vented disc of 200mm. The gearbox is from the SR too.
The car has 175 741 Miles, and the engine 77 000 since the swap.
I’ve installed on it a 4-2-1 long tubular exhaust manifold and and an Inbidia inox exhaust, it sounds LIT.
The paintjob have 1 year, so it has no rust or anything on it, and I’ve installed the front lip and the rear wing of the Eleven SR.
Tires are Ok, only 500 Miles each, these are YoTires B1b.

Don’t call me if you only want to try the car, I’m here to sell it.
It was my Dayli-Driftcar, I sell it because I think my doggo has autism and I have to heal him.

Only Mail please.

Posted by JDMDoriftokeke



FS: 1983 IP-Kingston Stanley 1300 GTT/CS

IPs original hot hatch, first model year. Beginned restoration. Rare CS version. Some rare factory options. Rust is repaired, needs a paintjob. Mechanically sound with many brand new parts.

Price: $ 7877


*Price when new

The LMC Miro began production as a cheaper alternative to the Nessus in 1995. The next year, the R6 trim was released with a tuned version of the standard Miro’s inline - 6 which produced 273 hp to the rear wheels. Various changes were made to the suspension, wheels and brakes for a tighter ride. Though not the most luxurious sports car, it was quick around the corners which was enough for many consumers. Used Miro R6’s today go for about $9,935.


For Sale: '86 FAAL Coupe Turbo-cat 190hp LOW MILEAGE NEW TIRES

Posted by: DYL4n-68 two hours four minutes ago
Brand: FAAL
Model: Coupe
Model year: 1986
Mileage: 95450km (59610 miles)
Gearbox: Manual

Wife gave me an ultimatum, me or her. Unfortunately there are laws about human trafficking, so I have to sell the car instead.

It’s a '86 so very last model year with the 256R21 turbo inline 6 engine (same as FAAL Tetra, group B…). It’s a german import so it has a catalytic converter, Still makes 190hp.

It’s very light, and even though it’s a simple Coupe (RWD, not Tetra) it still grips well if you put the right tires on it. Sold with exactly that, brand new Bichelin sport compound with only about 500km on them all around.

The car is completely stock except from the wheels which come from a FAAL Tetra.

Enthusiast car, serviced regulary, may or may not have had a few track days in it though. Ideal car for project (lots of potential!), or just leaving stock and cruising around.

9800$ obo, I’m available to call from 5PM to 9PM on +3365******6 or whenever by mail at dylan.schmidt@wishicoulddoo.fr


I’ve got two cars to offer:

A 1995 Kron Ember Turbo.

and a rare classic: a 1985 TM 464 RXi


Yes, anything in the aerodynamics section can be tuned. The wings and lips are also the only fixtures that can be modified.



Yes, Trafikjournalen will enter this series with our motorsport reporter Erik Carlén as the driver. 23 years old, started his interest with karting as a kid, moved over to folkrace (swedish banger racing) later but the interest dropped after a while, and now he is rallying in group E (Economy class) instead with a Znopresk Z217 coupé. Looking for more speed, he recently upgraded his daily from his trusty old 1969 Volvo 144 to a 1985 Contendiende Enemigo S.

Of course, the rest of us from Trafikjournalen will be backing this racing up as much as we can.

Expect some web exclusive material from the Sunday cup later.



Rather oddly named, The HUSH is the nickname of a small collective of European Racing Drivers and Tuners who meet together to do not much more than tinker and race cheap and cheerful sports cars. A Small splinter of the collective have decided to promote their interest in a more legal route for their passion, so are banding together funds to have a try.

Their Driver for this series is English-Born-German-Raised “Professional” driver Lewis Martin, the only one in the HUSH to have some sort of Professional Racing licence. He daily drives an early model Caliban Thunder, and tinkers on a clapped out ACA Verona. He did some racing in some lower class Euro Touring cars at his Peak, but he’s past that now.


Selling 1988 Horven Type 2000

Horse power: 212hp.
Manual gearbox

This was the car of my grandfather who recently passed away, he drove alot with this car so quite alot of miles on it, but he always took great care of this rare gem.

3L NA six cylinder engine, it make a nice noise.

Price: 9300$

Type 2000 was a special limited series of this Horven model, with a more powerful engine.

Contact me for additional detail.
email: John.Doe4578@satcom.com
Phone: 0478963145


The Throwback Club: preparations.

Throwback Club’s Hangar, near the Watkins Glen race track. 13:42 PM. An old ACA Slipstream entered the hangar, stopping before maneuvering to park between two recently restored vehicles, a tiny Sakura Shogun and a IP Warbler. The car’s engine was shut down and the driver side door opened. Oliver stepped out of the vehicle, walking towards the office inside the hangar, inside of which the cofounder, Alejandro Flores, and the rest of the team, were filling paperwork and looking for info. The door to the office opened and Oliver entered.

Oliver: “Fellas, was our inscription accepted?”

One of the employees, in a car mechanic uniform, stepped forward. The employee plate on his chest read “Chen”. Nodding, he handed Oliver some papers.

Chen: “We’ve been accepted. We have better put a good show there, Trafik Journalen will be there and attendance is expected to be high. Mix of veterans like you and rookies wanting to show 'em what they got.”

Oliver: “What about the car? Did you guys find anything?”

Chen: “Oh yes, there’s this dealership. Take a look at the catalog.”

Oliver grabbed the catalog, opening the pages. It’d be a long afternoon picking the right car.

FOR SALE: Caliban Type SC TO '87.

Original Caliban Type SC BO from 1987. All original parts, manual transmission recently rebuilt. Taken good care of; big engine, runs on 95 octane fuel. $9900, accepting trades for a Katana or a similar Nohda.

FOR SALE: Contendiente Ataque S 3 door '85.

Contendiente Ataque S from '85, big engine option, fuel injected, with a manual. Very light and nimble, has the sports package suspension, and chassis seems to be in good condition. Interior smells funny. I am willing to negotiate, but I won’t accept trades. $8200.


Upon calling the seller, some precisions :

Though well maintained and not showing too many miles, this is still a 13 years old track car, who has seen some track use - as every Turini Berlinette should

As every berlinette, this is a light-weight, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, with a Turbo inline 4 delivering slightly over 200hp, and designed for gentlemen drivers. This is definitely not as a cruiser, some driving skills are advised

Though Hagerty quotes the car at 12500$, he’s willing to sell it for 10 grands, or less (markup price @-20% is 9969)

This is a great opportunity, Turinis are known for their amazing price/pleasure and performance ratio, and this one looks solid, either as a garage queen or to finish it in historical races, where it is eligible.

Uncommon in Europe, Turinis are very rare in the US, were they were scarcely imported. This one, reportedly, is a federalized one that the seller returned to its Euro configuration (he might have the huge bumpers somewhere though)


NR Group Racing Team

NR Group Racing Team are a group of tuners such as NR5, Nemesis Tuning and Razor ECU Tuning who formed this racing team in 1999. They had a pretty low budget. Well anyways, here’s the driver. His name is the CEO of the NR5 Racing Division, Kai Shinomiya. The rest of the team are the ones who tunes and services the car. They didn’t have a car to start with. They sold a car recently…


From what I’ve seen of your cars from my competition, that may be because you are extremely heavy-handed with quality sliders. After about +2 or so, they really REALLY start adding up costs and ET/PU. With minimal return.



Our garage is selling a 1989 Keishanda convertible, 130 horsepower, lightweight body.
Nimble car for tight turns and ideal for tuning/track project.

909cc three cylinder turbo engine.
3 spoke wheels
Japanese Engineering


1988 Mosport Arrow

Original ad for the car included (with some water damage)

$9116 gets you a sweet mid-engined coupe from the 80s!

The car has changed since the original competition due to game updates and some changes on my part, so any earlier information about it is now void.



Selling two Keikas for cheap!

Right now I have two different Keika models for sale, for a low price. Keika Automotive has a history of performance cars, and have been dominant in racing events, from desert races to endurance runs. This has put them into the history books as one of the most prestigious performance brands the world has ever known. Started in the mid sixties, they made their way around the world, quickly becoming a legend. Their first models imported to the US were a hit (Scoring 98/100), showing that their cars can compete against cars with twice, or even three times the power, thanks to their well set up suspension and finely tuned handling. Even then, these cars will make a great base for anyone who would want to tune these cars to ultimate racing spec machines.

1986 Keika Hop 2000 - $7371

This angry little hot hatch certainly isn’t something you’d want to see in your mirror. With a screaming, lightweight, N/A V6 derived from a classic race car, this isn’t something you’d want to see in your mirror. And thanks to that age and heritage, it’s an easy and simple base to build a monster of a performance car from.

Despite only having 131hp, it’s light body gives it enough get up and go to chase cars way above its power level. In fact a similar special edition and tuned model even managed to hold its own against some more powerful and more modern rivals in an endurance race.

Thanks to this being the first mass produced Keika, it was built to be easy to drive, even when on the limit. This combined with a lightweight FWD set up means anyone can drive it at the very limit of grip, without worries of making a mistake! And thanks to the low weight and efficient engine, it’s fuel efficient, perfect for longer races.

All of this for only $7371, leaving plenty of room for some power upgrade, if needed. Oh, and by the way, I hear the aftermarket fenders can hold some pretty wide tyres.

This car can also be fueled off hatred for pushrod engines and solid axels. The massive vent is for swallowing children that may be standing in the way.

The car is so focused on performance, that rather than raising the ride height or widening the arches (which adds weight), Keika just cut holes in the fenders to fit the wheels. Also side exit exhaust, because this is the coolest hot hatch to ever hot hatch.

1995 Keika Twist Premium Edition - $8595

This incredible sports car was enough to impress some french guy, and in the future another variant will impress more people.

This more traditional Keika holds a mid engine RWD layout, ensuring ultimate traction on acceleration. This design can trace its routes from the original Keika, which was a dominant racing machine in its day.

Using a V6 with 174hp, it can move with impressive speed, with room for a turbo (or two) if needed for some extra oomph. And that engine is as fuel efficient as it is powerful, giving you fuel economy more expected of far smaller and slower cars, while having the power to follow anything. The engine also has room for additional upgrades, and is a great base for tuning.

In the corners, as expected from any Keika, it handles like a dream, with no unexpected oversteer, allowing you to push hard through every turn.

This Premium Edition is built to run on 95 octane, so comes with a little extra kick to it, and only $8595.

NO LOW BALLERS I KNOW WHAT I HAVE. Will trade for Caliban Type SC.

Futuristic Styling!

Widscreen Wipers for clear visibility in all conditions!

So why not pick up a piece of engineering art? Buy a Keika!

Prices are subject to change.