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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


1995 Ninomiya Evron Sport up for sale. Modified with a nice exhaust and aftermarket wheels. It’s pretty powerful and quick from what I feel, with its Inline 6 engine outputing 196.4 PS (144.4 kW/193.6 HP). Selling for 8932 $, contact me at +07-***-1919-810, or iiyo514@immnet.co.jp.


For Sale: 1975 ZAF Orzeil

rare “super” car from the former eastern bloc.
2.3L V8 engine with only 800 original miles!
$9915 firm

For Sale: 1994 JHW Classique V6i

Sporty little british number with a 2.4L V6.
Tidy example with Alloy wheels, clean interior with tape deck.
24,000 miles from new with FSH.

$9427 firm



AIRD Racing
(be creative with Acronym Ideas)

Driver: Connor Jones
secondary occupation of driver: Car Dealer

Team Chief: someone (has no name yet)


  • Hans Stemmler
  • Jimson Wetch
  • Frederik Klebensen

They are basically just a group of friends, with only Connor having a drivers licence. The others are Programmers and aquired their skill as a mechanic through either reading or trial-and-error.

Lore and full name list may follow some day.
Hope this counts as a legal entry


Advert Part 2: Electric Boogaloo





Sundgaü Motorschports

A group of friends from the Altkirch (68) area. they bought a garage together, and do stuff in it. Many of their modern projects include the Mk2 FAAL Foreia 2010 restomod, for example, but they also did more “trackable” cars, showcasing aftermarket parts for many cars of many brands.

They’re more build focused guys, but some of them drive too. … Most of them. And their most promising driver in 1999 is Loïc Schwob, 27 years old, local Karting champion.

The rest of the team also have random stereotypical alsacian names.

Loïc, though, doesn’t really deem SM’s current project car suitable for the challenge, preferring something “literally anything but FWD, verdammi”, so there is it for sale.

Sundgaü Motorschports FAAL Mesaia GTI - 7600$


1985 FAAL Mesaia GTI 3 door with the (((bigger))) engine, been modified by our team for a year and a half. Mods include:

-Home welded custom exhaust, including the manifold
-Rilstein tunable suspension kit
-Home made tune, dyno’d at 140hp
-Custom two tone Bleu Tetra / Noir de Jais paint job, including body coloured door handles, fuel cap, spoiler and taillight bar
-FAAL Coupe interior fitted inside

It’s as light and nimble as a FWD 1980s hot hatch can be. Yes this car has been tracked, no it hasn’t been thrashed. All the chassis’s bushings are brand new as we speak. Had 75k miles on the clock when bought, we put about 5k more in it.

Selling for cheap because it’s definetly not the full stock Mesaia GTI everybody’s looking for, but the price is firm. 7600.


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@Chickenbiscuit i’m going to kindly ask you do disregard Lorenztype’s entry as he is running a pirated game, thank you.



1979 LMC Maladus for sale. Don’t have pics but here’s an old ad with one the same color as mine. Its the M100 so it doesn’t have all the creature comforts, but its a first year model, so its got the V8. Its a bit rusty, the a/c doesn’t blow cold, but its got POP-UP FRIGGEN HEADLIGHTS!!! LOOK AT EM POP!! OHHHHH YEEEEEAHHHH THIS THING IS FAST!!! THE V8 GOES ROAAAAAAAAHHHHHH AS YOU BECOME A GREEN BLUR OF FURY TO THE OTHER PLEBS ON THE ROAD!!! I’m gonna miss this puppy. $9,493 low ballers don’t even bother.


Entering the 1991 Baltazar Zeppelin 2.0 S.


Found an interesting ad for a 1992 Cascadia Hariken ST…


Team Getaway Plan

Mechanic: Maria Miles
Ex-chop shop owner, who also has experience in building getaway cars. She met Skyler through a heist job, and after seeing him drive decided to try and go legit with him. Her first goal is to make a name for themselves, and the Sunday cup is the ideal starting place.

Driver: Skyler Newman
A street racer and driver for hire attempting to go legit with Maria. He likes to listen to music and isn’t too talkative, instead prefers to watch from the sidelines. Has a preference for agile cars, while overall power is less important to him.

In a brightly lit workshop on the outskirts of chicago, 21:59.

Maria is wrenching under the bonnet of some ‘70s coupe. Skyler walks in, clutching a Sony Discman in one hand, listening to Song 2 by Blur on loop.

He stands next to her and moves one side of the headphone off his ear, waiting for a response. He taps her shoulder after getting bored, to her surprise.

“Oh! You’re here!” she exclaims as she raises her head out of the now full engine bay, hitting her head on the bonnet. “So… I’ve found us a way to get racing now. Two words: Sunday Cup.” It’s her turn to wait for a response from him, which doesn’t come. “It’s simple. You buy a car for cheap, make it as fast as possible for cheap, then race it. Hopefully this can be our ticket into bigger things!” He responds with a small smile.

She walks away from the car, to a small office in the back of the workshop. She throws a catalog at him, which he fails to catch. As he scrambles to the ground to pick it up she says, “I trust the stuff they sell in there. Give me a shortlist and I’ll dig up any info I can find on those cars. In the meantime, we need a team name… How about something like… uhhh… Team Getaway Plan?”

“Subtle.” he laughs.

She smiles back. “I know right? Anyway… I’ll leave you to find us a car then. Just come back whenever you find something you like.”

Also have this logo I threw together in like 5 minutes. Sorry it isn’t very good.


I’d like to enter “Miles Garage”, with the driver Miles Phillips


Wait wait, so the tuned cars still are subjected to a maximum power to weight ratio?


Yes that’s correct


Then what’s the point of tuning? Other than having bought a car that does not meet these limitations already.


Most cars are nowhere near .15 kw/kg stock so far. It gives the lower powered cars a chance to be more competitive with the faster cars.


Holford & Stern Classic Car Sales
18th May 1999

For sale: 1987 Erin Merna XR-Cup Edition

Erin’s 4th generation of its compact hatchback-saloon launched in 1983, and saw a number of sportier variants released during its production run. In celebration of its success in the British Touring Car Championship during the mid-eighties, the company launched this: the XR-Cup Edition.

The ‘XR’ badge has classically denoted any road-going model fitted with motorsport-derived parts and tuned in the name of performance, and it’s no different here. Many parts were based off of those used on Group A touring car version of the Merna, including it’s turbocharged engine. It’s that connection that give it that name ‘Cup Edition’.

Weight was saved by only fitting 4 seats and keeping luxuries fairly limited, while aerodynamic bodywork was fitted - mainly for the aesthetics - in the name of better performance. The result was a car that was a lot faster than any other hot hatch of the day, and allowed buyers to experience track-esque performance on a budget.

Notes on condition
This example, number 48 of 500 built, is overall in very good condition, with a validated mileage of 23,459 miles. All original documentation is included, including full service history, parts purchase/fitting receipts and MOT history. Interior is in great condition, with only minor wear and tear on the steering wheel, door handles and center console. Comes fitted with its original factory cassette stereo, though the speakers have been replaced with aftermarket options.

The short of it:
2.0l Turbo i4 producing 200hp, FWD, 0-60 in 7.1s.



1997 SARA 4 Turini for sale directly by manufacturer

The press relations service of SARA offers for sale the SARA 4 Turini that has been used as a press demonstrator.

It has only 20 000 miles, but, to be honest, press guys do not treat the vehicles kindly. The car has been refurbished at the factory, up to a “fair” condition, and is sold with a 3 months guarantee.

It features the Modulor 500 in line 4 engine in its 16v variant, with over 180 hp (certified thru in-factory dyno testing).

This is a rare opportunity to get a rev-happy SARA 4, with factory guaranteeing it is at least as good as new, for a discounted price.