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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


1995 Hor Katana S - $9975

You know what this car is, crash course in case you don’t: 162 hp 1.6l I4, FWD, revs to the moon.
Been thrashed a little, but only 25k on the clock. Selling due to needing a more comfortable car for long-distance travel.

Clean, no obvious noises or problems, but it hasn’t been serviced in a while.

The Muses:
This is a ‘team’ made up of James Nurse, an 18-year-old who’s just got his license, and is trying various different forms of motorsport to see what he’s good at.


Team Sky Screamers

Multinational amateur team based in the Cayman Islands (for tax reasons).

Driver: Jimmy Barnes

No relation.

Codriver: Jan Larsson

Young Swedish driver seeking to make a name for himself and hopefully get picked up by a professional rally team.

Crew chief: Tarou Kishida

Hired as the crew chief for a JGTC team that folded before it competed in any races, is also participating in the ASC to make name for himself.


Team Falukorv

A ragtag bunch of misfits from nothern Sweden, united by their need to go fast. How they managed to get the money and time to travel around the world for several weeks I don’t know, but just roll with it, OK?

The Driver

Jimmy Beijer, a factory worker from Härnösand. Has no formal racing experience, but can pull some mad skids in the ICA Maxi parking lot with his Volvo 740.

The Co-driver

Johan Stolt, an IT technician from Sundsvall. Earned his spot as co-driver thanks to having the high score in the Daytona USA cabinet at the local burger joint (might’ve also had something to do with the fact that he’s the only person of the crew that has an internet connection and that can buy cars online)

The Mechanic

Sune Bengtsson, a mechanic student from Lockeby. If there’s something he can’t fix, noone can (if he’s had a go first, that is).


Deadline has passed.

Ok, that’s it for car submissions. Unless I missed something, everything I have passes regs and I will update the car list shortly. As for racing teams, if anyone missed the deadline there’s still a bit of time to join before I get too far in setting up the challenge. Y’all contributed a ton of cars :smile: . I will post a “master list” of all the cars and their multiples tomorrow morning most likely and a list of the dealerships you can sign up for.

Edit: My bad, around say 12-14 hours from now.


Define “tomorrow morning” as the forum must spread on literally all the existing timelines.


Ya rolls the dice, ya takes ya chances.

Team name: “Bananas in someone else’s pyjamas”

For now, nicknames will do.
B1, B2, and… B12


Thank you for opening the team entry for a bit longer. I am an idiot and just ignored the deadline when I wanted to enter a racing team too.

Matsunaga M.R. Team

A racing team of the car modding firm Matsunaga. Further lore may or may not appear later.

Driver: Alfred Hunter - A driver Matsunaga sometimes hires to have their performance-modded cars test driven.

Co-Driver: Ryuto Matsunaga - Matsunaga’s founder and current leader.

Mechanic: Kou Akagi - A dedicated mechanic with his own shop located pretty close to Matsunaga’s “factory”.


Mosport Tuning Garage

Two techs from a Vancouver garage that specialises in tuning Mosport cars and engines.

Driver: Alex Young, 38, garage owner

Co-driver: Tim Macdonald, 35, head technician

Both want to add their expertise to something different and put their weekend track day skills to the test.


Ah shit, I need to make a team!

Herrington Driver Development Program

After finishing runner-up in the Great Automation Run of 1995, Annabel Herrington, grand-daughter of the founder of Armada Motors, achieved somewhat of a cult notoriety alongside the modified Group B museum piece she drove. As a consequence, she was summarily ejected from the Executive Board of Armada Motors, and barred from affiliating with the company for five years, including using Armada products in a public capacity, until, you know, the whole thing blew over. At least, that was kind of the way that the Chairman of the Board, Graham put it.

What he really meant, and what he deliberately left open to interpretation, was that he wasn’t disallowing Anna from pursuing what was clearly her real passion, which was racing when she wasn’t trying to box his ears in for keeping the company solvent. She’d made her own capital and attracted her own interest as a result of the GAR. She just wasn’t allowed to attach the Armada name to anything she did officially because, well, that’d make it look a little too much like he actually endorsed her highly illegal jaunt, which quite assuredly, he had not.

So it was that Anna found herself, alongside her newly revitalised mother, Christine, with the task of building a new legacy. With more than a little spunk between them, they decided the focus of their efforts would be to turn the tide of the racing scene from being one giant sausage party, first by attracting a broader range of people (in particular women) to the sport. Thus while Anna honed her race-craft and tuning knowledge, her mother recruited the team.

For this particular weekend, one rookie driver is taking the helm, backed up by a more experienced veteran. Elaine is looking to navigate the challenge of driving in traffic that will mostly be faster than them. Anna’s challenge will be tuning the slowest car on the grid to something that may possibly have some competitiveness.

Driver: Elaine Braithewaite, 21, rookie driver
Co-driver: Timothy Blundell, 38, veteran driver and instructor
Mechanic: Annabel Herrington, 24


The OG’s

Driver: Marvin Callaway, 66, ASCAR veteran

Co-Driver: Alistair Tudor, 59, head of Tudor Motors motorsport program

Mechanic: Dolan Bird, 62, Drove the infamous Birmingham Rumor Lycoming 760 in trans-am races during the 60’s, and also helped to fine-tune the suspension on the Fearsome Lycoming Nemesis V12

3 experienced in the ways of motorsport, Marvin racing 1985-1998 in ASCAR whilst Alastair, son of the founder of the luxury brand of Tudor motors has been in endurance racing since the mid 90’s and is now the head of Tudor’s peformance division. Dolan was racing muscle cars since the age of 20 and can control pretty much any car on the planet, even in his older age.


Teams and # of cars are locked in. I’m working on the car list and it will be up soon :tm:


Ohhhh, I can really see the 90s style 740 skidding in front of me now. Amazing team!
Good luck from the fellow Swedes. :wink:


Here it is, all 180 cars. Phew…


The people Discord helped me proof the list, but there still might be issues. A few cars’ morphs didn’t import properly which would effect price a bit. Use this to get some ideas on what kind of car you want to buy.

Each team gets one dealer to shop from. Each dealer will have 6 unique cars that are not your own. You may sign up for a specific dealer if you want by PMing me. I will give the rest of you random ones when I finish making the dealerships.

Dealerships will look something like this

Not actual car selection for this dealer*


(This is what happens when you let the community name stuff :smile: )





The actual dealerships will be up in around two days, deadline for signing up for a specific one will be sometime before then (sorry I don’t have a specific time yet) so I can make sure you don’t have your own car in your dealership.


And I compiled all these into a sheets list so you can see which has the most bang for your buck. Just remember that this doesn’t really take into account how much potential the car has left in it or handling or weight, so just because a car seems like a bargain doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be competitive! It can also be good if you just want to ctrl + f to quickly find cars!

Also, buy Keika


My car has the only turbo v8?


That brochure looks SICK! The stylized photos in the background look proper late 90’s.


Oh shit, there’s a car with even less power than the Sofa???

Guys, which one do I get??? Please place me at the dealer which gives me access to the Sofa or the Emotion, I need a challenge!


Got some stats for ya based on the full car list:

# Of Cars Per Engine Type

I3 N/A -------- 2
I3 Turbo ----- 5
I4 N/A -------- 31
I4 Turbo ----- 54
I6 N/A -------- 12
I6 Turbo ----- 15
V6 N/A ------- 27
V6 Turbo ---- 22
V8 N/A ------- 9
V8 Turbo ---- 3

# of Cars Per Year Range

'95 - '98 ---- 65
'90 - '94 ---- 23
'85 - '89 ---- 64
'80 - '84 ---- 17
'75 - '79 ---- 8
'70 - '74 ---- 3

# of Cars Per Drive Type

FR ----- 60
FF ----- 48
MR ---- 45
AWD – 20
RR ----- 7


Hmm, that dealership probably doesn’t sell what it says on the tin. Bet it sells useless things like sportscars and the like… Cursed marketing tricks!

Well, time to put those buying skills honed by years of playing GRID to the test. And by that I mean buy the most broken car possible so that then I won’t need to break it in! Strategy! :rofl:


Do you know orang means people in Indonesian?