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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca


Or maybe he forgot the ‘e’? :stuck_out_tongue:


well i do… we have some amount of Indonesians in this forum :slight_smile:


I didn’t name that one. I figured it was referencing surreal memes :stuck_out_tongue:


are we allowed to sign up for dealers yet?


I only care that the wheel arches flare in a non boxy way…


You can if you want to. Just PM me.


There is no way to know what cars each dealer will offer, I guess, so there’s an element of randomness there, or did I miss something ?


Yeah, signing up for dealers is mainly just for lore reasons or if you want a funnier one. I’m working on putting them all together and they will all be random. It seemed better to give that option while you’re waiting on the next stage.

Deadline to pick a dealership is 7:00 pm EST June 19. Cars will be available to buy soon after.

Edit: pushed back the time a bit since I’m not done yet




Time to shop for your cars!

North City: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LIGElB6pqrd3ROfp3XSlcODXK9YLZzGO

South City: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iX2u_ihNgkv_qO-8nl8kDMo_t8OzuaB3

East City: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1weeWhWvFdUBijs1ADVr4oZM2zHaygbBR

West City: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pMAA1GTWOQVkGWPcVCahGU0CnpWeWhtD

Note: The Horven is FR, not FF

Look in the dealership list a few posts above to see which dealer you can buy from. Choose a car from it in the catalog and PM me the car (and number next to it) you want and I will send it to you to tune.

Remember that the mileage loosely reflects how much fuel efficiency, reliability, and drivability will take a hit from being used.

Tuning regulations

I’m making a few changes to the tuning rules. Your tuned car no longer has to meet the same level of reliability, drivability, and fuel efficiency as the original cars. I will change the first post to reflect this.

When your new used car is sent back to you, you will be able to tune the car to your liking. Your team still only has a budget of $10,000 (@ -20%) for the car. You may not change the trim/variant years on the car.
You are allowed to skip tuning and just go with the stock car, though that isn’t recommended.

Part restrictions still apply to tuned cars. That means no race intake, Semi-Slicks etc.

  • You may add a turbo (or 2) to an N/A engine, which will replace the exhaust headers.
  • You may not change the headers otherwise.
  • You may change the intake.
  • You may remove one muffler if the car has 2
  • No other components may be changed, only sliders can be adjusted.
  • No changing quality sliders


  • Anything in the Transmission tab can be changed except Drive Type.
  • Anything goes with the Tires, Brakes, Suspension, and Aero sections.
  • Driver Aids & Safety and Body cannot be tuned.
  • You may remove the back seats, must still have at least 2 seats total
  • You can change interior and entertainment as long as it is at least basic.
  • You may change rims and add/remove spoilers or lips.
  • You can change the color of your car and give it a number and decals, but do not move existing fixtures besides -spoilers/lips.
  • little details like canards and rally lights are fine, just don’t go nuts :stuck_out_tongue: It shouldn’t look like a full on race car, it is the Sunday Cup after all.
  • You can’t move any morphs, except wheel arches.
  • Quality sliders can only be adjusted with the tires, brakes, suspension, and aero sections. The max total +/- quality points total is still 5
  • Power to Weight must be calculated by yourself. DO NOT use the in game number.
  • The power to weight ratio must be under 0.176 kw/kg

-Your tuned car must still meet all the same regulations as the stock car EXCEPT drivability, reliability, and fuel economy. That includes a 10 comfort minimum.

Don’t rename the cars (even if it says clone clone at the end)

Deadline to submit your team’s tuned car is June 27, 10:00 PM EST

Lore is encouraged but until everyone has bought a car, keep specific car stats a secret for now.


So I forgot to choose a dealer, right?


So did I get this right, you can, for example, go from a premium interior to a basic one?


So, I can’t change the wing?


Yes, I edited the post to include it. Someone else asked about that too on discord. And you can change wings and lips, but not any other fixtures.


After the deadline to buy can we get stats on how many of each type of car sold?


You’ll see what everyone is driving when the racing starts


Team Sundgaü Motorsports, dealership visit.

Loïc Schwob decided to take the team out of France in his personal Anhultz Mimas (his personal since like two months, and he’s gonna change it in like another month because swinger or something). His girlfriend, Camille, and both his friend, Mathieu and Julien are “cruising” on the freifahrt towards Stuttgart.

Mathieu: Hey seppi, why did you just have to go all the way here?
Julien: Yeah, what about Twingo’s Baguettes? It wasn’t that much further… Not to mention no importation procedure…
Camille: Chill guys, let’s just look at the scenery that’s passing at very high speed… Damn I missed the Autobahn.
Loïc: Get that broom out of y’all’s asses. Not going all the way to Paris and risk getting a dealership full of FWD cars. Nah. Autobahn Garage. Even the name speaks to me.
Julien: And who’s gonna have to wait for hours at the prefecture again?.. Hmpf…
Mathieu: God give me strength.

At the dealership. The door opens. No salesman yet, but the team discovers the car lineup.
Mathieu: So. I hope the trip was w…
Camille: ssssshhhhhh…
Mathieu: What?
Camille: points at fully glassed salesman’s office where one or two of them started noticing the arrivants.
Mathieu: […]
Camille: whisperinng I hear they can smell your wallet and are ready to pounce on you at the first occasion.
Mathieu: … yeah, let’s not make ourselves too~
The sales office bursts open, revealing a swarm of dudes in dark suits with pristine white totally not artificial teeth.
Camille was already karate-kicking the fuck out of the bunch of trainees one by one, while Mathieu went at it though, hoping not to get out of this with thirty useless car branded belts and T-shirts, let alone a car.
In the meantime, Julien and Loïc went quietly to see the cars.

Loïc: Well the Gabatron is a no go.
Julien: Yeah if we wanted to stay FWD we would have kept the Mesaia. We had much more parts and stuff…
Loïc: Oh, there’s an Emotion GSi. I hear they’re real fun, but not m… w… What the fuck is a truck doing here?
Julien: What even is… ACA… Prowler… Oh, yeah, heard about those. Would be good for towing the race car but not being it… Oh damn, they have a Sofa!
Loïc: Oh damn, almost didn’t see it, why did they park it in front of a yellow wall? Oh boy, look at the price, so much possibilities…
Julien: “Tell me ab~ Oh fuck, the mileage.”
Loïc: What?.. … Oh yeah, that’s like 100k more that what they were meant to do… That Broadway, though… Oh man. I wanna sell the Anhultz right here and now.
Julien: Oooh, yeah. So sleek, so well presented… A bit expensive, but I guess that’s what you pay fo… HOLY SHIT.
Loïc: What?!
Julien: Red cross; Red cross. Keep away. Don’t look at the the odo.
Loïc: … Oh I think I won’t need to.
That’s when Loïc saw the Epoch M10 Ansom RSA. In her full british attire, with full competition package.
Julien: …
Loïc: …
Julien: … I
Loïc: AWD: Check. Rallye pedigree: Check. Power: Fucking check.
Julien: Three dollars for mods: Check.
Loïc: Aw come on! This has everything! E V E R Y T H I N G.
Julien: It’s a gamble man, really… We’re gonna have to sell parts to other Epoch enthusiasts… Them seats… That radio… Yeah, sell everything we can to make a buck and change parts, mainly them wheels, look at how tiny they are for that power! and are those fucking PIRELLI P6000s?!
Loïc: Dude. this bih ran in the WRC. Wheels? I can find some! Tyres? We got plenty! But nothing can change actual racing pedigree.
Julien: … … Suit yourself.

The team sealed the deal with the only salesman that was still standing, and Loïc drove the Epoch home while Julien tried to follow with the Anhultz, transporting the barely breathing bodies of Camille and Mathieu, sacrificed in the name of finding a good car.


So, it came to my attention earlier that the game miscalculates the power to weight ratio. The number given in game which is always (supposedly) kW/kg is around 85% of the actual power to weight ratio. It varies slightly from car to car but its pretty similarly off.

The 0.15 power to weight limit was based on the in-game. If you calculate power to weight yourself, that equates to around 0.176. So, the real power to weight limit for tuned cars will be 0.176 kW/kg

Sorry for any confusion/frustration that brings. I wasn’t expecting to run into that sort of issue.


Can we confirm if this is power to the wheels by seeing what happens if we change the tech level of the gearbox?

Edit: well it is what it is. While not the fault of any particular person, I would only like to register my annoyance since I actually nerfed the Evo RC not once but twice, so as a result, you actually get a car that is approximately 15% slower than the original for the same price.


Its a real bummer that I didn’t notice it sooner. I’m sure a lot of people did the same. Hopefully it can be tuned to its former glory and more :slight_smile: .