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Automation Test Track Lap Times


teehee try again

(Now with even more tech slider abuse…)


and now i wish i had my laptop, think i have a car on there that beats that strop.


Do bring it! Due to time constraints I won’t be able to do very much but with the new calculations it’s time we figured out how far we can drop the times…

Quickly optimised the tune of Sleipnir for Airfield and ran it around this test track again:

That’ll do for now.


So I went with pure power. And enough slider use to cost $8.5 million at 0% in the market tab. Not quite strop’s times, but still pretty good…


Is this still an active thread? If so I have an entry.

BONUS - beat the Pikes Peak record (my orignal goal)


Been a while since I attempted any of the such, but that seems quite remarkable. Top speed 351mph? What on earth did you do with that body to achieve that? What’s the displacement of the block?


This is a complete cheater build and isn’t really a driveable car either. I modified the lua file to stretch the frame so i could fit a bigger engine in. I believe it is a 5 liter TT v8 w/ around 1800hp. I set engine airflow and brake airflow to 0 to achieve the top speed.

I did get the Lotus 7/Donkervoort looking car from the Steam Workshop around the track in 1:40 also without me needing to modifying the lua files. I’ll post that one later (still has insufficient cooling to get it done)


ahhhh ok good to know. Unfortunately because of what that involves we don’t accept that kind of result officially (I mean, where would you then draw the line, it’s kind of like why people don’t accept the “Barth” bodies from the Steam workshop in most competitions, because you can morph them in bizarre ways and they’re set up to give you unrealistic amounts of room for engine and drivetrains that make no sense for the constraints of the body). But still lol. Do wish we were able to build something that did stack up to the 208 T16.


suspected as much.




Wih that size engine there’d literally be no space for a driver’s seat in that body.


Why not :joy:


I retract my statement! :joy:


Dunno if this thread is still active (or if my time is even slightly good), but whatever. Here it is