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Automation Test Track Leaderboard


This will be a complete leaderboard of airfield track times that are submitted to me.
Rules: Production cars can not have race parts or slicks.
You MUST have a screenshot of time and car.
No code editing!
Steam workshop mods OK!
Brand name:
Model name:
Production or race:
Time(Provide screenshot of time also):
2000-2020 Race:
1.2020 Radian NASCAR

2.2016 Radian LMP-1:14.122-
2000-2020 Production:
1.2016 Puma RS-1:19.95
2.2020 Radian Insano-1:22.94
1980-99 Race:
1980-99 Production:
1960-79 Race:
1960-79 Production:
1940-59 Race:
1940-59 Production:
1.1945 Radian Premier-1:37.55
My submissions:
2016 Radian LMP

2020 Radian NASCAR

1945 Radian Premier


Just for lols…
2020 Radian Insano
Production(yes, 2700 HP is production)


Nice, but, you know, there is such thread already…


Hasn’t been posted on since november, and the author siad this:
“I might update this at some point. Don’t count on it just yet though.”


Still, this is a bit redundant. Especially since (with Microwave’s permission) a temporary (until he would update the original one) list could be done in that thread, and he could just change the title or the OP to include the post number/link of the new, temporary list.


I’ll chime in, just for the hell of it.

2016 Puma RS (I don’t have a brand name, Puma is the model, RS is the trim.)
Production spec
1:19.95 (because I don’t need 2700 HP to kick ass :grin:)


I’ve got something that can smash that. Once I come home from school, I’ll post my monster. Raaaaargh.


Leaderboard updated!


Also, the thread title should be changed to “Airfield”, as “Automation Test Track” has already been consumed by the one originally titled “Automation Test Track” in the game.

EDIT: I’ll throw my car into the mix, though it will get knocked off the list pretty quickly. Normal times for this track on modern cars are in the 1:12-1:15 range. :wink:

Year: 2014
Brand Name: SME
Model Name: Z57 SS Limited Edition
Production or Race: Production
Time: 1:18.02


I am expecting times to be soon slashed by about 10-13 seconds. Hell, my own Eau Rouge road version does a 1:09 with 0 quality sliders and sports tires


I found this is in my game:

Year: 2016
Brand Name: EcaMobile
Model Name: Proto16
Production or Race: Race
Time: 1:09.21

I may build something reasonable tomorrow, until then have this “LOL FAST”

I would suggest to add some rules. For example not having +15 quality on EVERYTHING. Because you will get entries like mine.


Here’s something reasonably fast. It’s the best I can do whilst pertaining to realistic standards. Made mostly with +5 quality increases.

Template: Vulcan-like body
Year: 2017
Brand name: WolfexWorks Industries
Model name: Arashi 1000RR
Production or race: Production (just)
Time(Provide screenshot of time also): 1:07:13


I had one from earlier where i tested how fast i could go around ATT without adding any qualityslider, just using what was availiable…

I don’t know how to classify it, but here goes:

Year: 2016
Brand: Scarab
Model: Ceres CF
Productiontype: Race
Time: 1:06.82
Price @ 0%: $73000


Welp, it held the race record for all of an hour, but still not bad for using no mods :slight_smile:

2016 UltraSport RT (RT Trim is for RaceTrack :grin:)
Race Only
1:05.83 (First 1:05 car posted on this thread)


Meh… seeing as people post times here it’s too tempting to not join it. So here’s my entry (no, it’s not sensible at all, but that fits the lore) - some of you already know this beast - although in its tamer variant :wink:

Yup, that’s my only supercar, the Niddhogg :stuck_out_tongue:

Year: 2016
Brand name: Hypera
Model name: Niddhogg R Lyn
Time: 1:03.66

But that’s not all, as I have a more or less one-off (3 cars made) track only variant.

Year: 2017
Brand name: Hypera
Model name: Niddhogg SuperLyn
Time: 1:02.22

#Thank you, good night :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a good opportunity to get all the Sepang chassis together and sort things out. Note - none of these were specifically created for this leaderboard and are all lore.

So, from slowest to fastest

Year: 2015
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik
Model name: Sepang AP1
Production or race: Race (AMWEC Spec)
Time: 1:11.51
######Car created for an endurance racing competition and complies with a strict technical reglament.

Year: 2016
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik
Model name: Sepang
Production or race: Production
Time: 1:10.90

Year: 2017
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik
Model name: Eau Rouge
Production or race: Street (0 quality sliders)
Time: 1:09.58

Year: 2017
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik
Model name: Eau Rouge Rennsport
Production or race: Race
Time: 1:05.82

Year: 2016
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik / Gryphon Gear
Model name: Diabolica
Production or race: Race
Time: 1:04.16
Full setup by @strop , tech by me.

Year: 2018
Brand name: Kraft Haus Technik
Model name: Eau Rouge R1
Production or race: Race
Time: 1:02.17
######If you’re interested then no, I did not specifically set her up for this track, she’s in the same exact trim and setup as she was when first unveiled.

Is there a Mic Drop smiley? :smiley:


If I wanted to kill the record, i could have… I just wanted to show y’all that it’s possible to make really fast cars without using any qualityslider abuse…


At first I was like, but there’s already a version of this! Then I was like, oh, well, at least rebooting the thread might inject a bit of excitement back into the pursuit. So it’s probably ok, but would be better if it explicitly had the former OP’s blessing.

This said, this means I should probably dust off my old models. But I can’t do that just yet without the revamps or there’s no point…

Also I still haven’t decided whether I should attempt to do so with maximum tech sliders abuse.


I had to. I’m an insane person.

That is the Niddhogg SuperLyn after a minor tweak. Now I’m the fastest again - by 0.01s.

Trolololo :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot be fucked to redesign my cars and spruce them up all nice-like at the moment.

So have a +15 tech slider abuse car with an engineering time of like 60 years.

I didn’t even bother doing it up, just got a MR body with a nice wheelbase and 395 rear tyres, dropped as large an NA V8 as I could into the bay, pumped as much power out of it as I could without blowing it up, ramped the downforce way up, set the suspension tuning to something that seemed quick, and shat this out:

We’re looking at 1264bhp in a car weighing 1035.3kg. It’s been a long time since I did anything like this, so probably you can find something a fair bit faster still. Just saying, there’s room to move, but I do know quite a few of you aren’t interested in going 15+ everywhere, nor do you have to be!

EDIT: had a tinker for another 5 minutes, obviously the gearing could have been optimised and I took a cog out, and adjusted the suspension for maximum cornering:

So now this thing be like Spiderman on meth superglued to rails or some shit:

I dunno, you can probably do a few tenths better still.