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Automation Test Track Leaderboard


Over 2g! :astonished:


With a lighter car it can go higher still, but really, I have to emphasise, this is a LOT of slider abuse.


Hey, my Niddhogg did get over 2g too (before that little tweak) :slight_smile:


No you’re not :smiley: I can slot in wider tires. Makes the car too oversteery though.


Meh, I knew that was just a matter of (not much) time :wink: In the end you have more experience and, I suspect, the platform may be slightly better.


I do think that this platform is better, but I chose it just because it allows me to make my designs the way I want them to look. All in all, there’s probably a second in there somewhere, but I am lazy and don’t want to spend a lot of time tweaking the thing.


I give this thread 2 day until someone hits sub minute


Probably not by me lol. If the devs delimited the aero then for sure we could make something akin to an X2010 racer lol.


“Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg”
Or in English
“If you want to do it, there is a way to do it”


Sure. Making a totally insane body that is more aerodynamical than the Fine-S body, generates no lift, weighs just a bit more than a motorcycle, can (barely) fit one person, 395mm tyres all around and a monstrous V12, even with AWD :smiley: That way is known, but nowhere near sensible :wink:

BTW, wouldn’t it be more like “where is will, there is a way”?


Artistic Freedom


Meh, both 1:02 times are made by lore cars and are restricted by it (more than you think). Sure they’re running +15 slicks, aero and probably gearboxes, but they are running engines that were designed to be sensible enough to exist. These are not 16 liter v12’s with twinturbos producing 3000 hp with AWD and 0 drivability. More so, both those cars feature things like “safety equipment”. I’m happy with the result of R1, I’m sure Szafirowy is happy with Niddhogg’s performance aswell


Since Year 12 is becoming extremely time-consuming, this’ll probably be my last ever post. What a way to go out, though.

This was achieved purely through abuse of the current Kee Engine ; no .lua tweaking whatsoever.


Is that a front wheel drive car with no rear wheel friction whatsoever?


Might as well get involved with this :wink:

Here are two versions of the Scarlet. First up, the X 3.8:

And then the NA Race Tune (AMWEC 2015 GTE Spec)


Those are some seriously impressive times. How about you do the same thing with a Tauga X, for example?


Also the leaderboard hasn’t been updated since post 1.


This isn’t all that special for a 15+ slider everywhere abuse (in 2017) car:

but considering what it was done in:

It’s like if you went and kei’d Tajima’s Pikes Peak Escudo. top kek


I don’t recall seeing a 2 second 0 to 60 time before


Ekhm, you probably did, in one of my earlier posts in this thread :wink: