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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


I also thought about trying to counteract a lack of power with less weight, but now, I’m not so sure… Hence my decision to wait until next season to enter.


Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports

Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports joins the ATCC led by team manager Choi Ji-hun (최 지훈), a seasoned Anikatian racing driver, previously having driven for AAU team in the BRC 1976. Along with numerous domestic state-sponsored racing events, his experience in endurance racing and being the frontman of the Maesima team and natural fit here along with a welcome escape from the drudgery that awaits back in Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA) brings him to the ATCC with the factory backed Sachiuri team. Partnered with a number of Anikatian companies, mainly Huadai Group, ASCO (Anikatian Stores and Markets Company), YM Media and ANBS WORLD, the small but professional team very much aims for serious competition.

The team comprises of Ji-hun as manager, the main driver Chekal Sung-ho (제갈 성호) and the reserve driver, Koong Jin-ho (궁 진호). Sung-ho is a short and seemingly unremarkable Anikatian, who is actually a real demon behind the wheel. He has a had plenty of racing endurance experience racing at 24 Hours of Daytona, 1000km Spa and Bathurst 1000 along with numerous domestic state-sponsored racing events. Jin-ho, meanwhile, is a loud and showy Anikatian who oddly is known to be very calm, quiet and calculating driver. He possesses great skills in setting up the car and works closely with the engineering and technical staff. This is despite his relatively limited racing experience, but his on-track performance speaks for itself. The pair also drove the Maesima Racing Development #8 Maesima NRZ-986GT-R to an 8th place finish in the 1985 24 hours of ATT. Choi himself drove for Maesima in the 1985 24 hours of ATT as well, but his race was ruined when teammate Dokko Sang-hun spun out the NRX-085GT-P prototype ending their race.

Along with the manager and two drivers, there are a crew of technicians and engineers who will work on aerodynamics components, suspension, telemetrics, drivetrain, engine and tyres - they will serve double duty as the mechanics as well.

We will be racing the specially race prepared Sachiuri sL200. The notable fact is that the Sachiuri is not running a stock or modified engine, but rather a purpose-built 1999cc naturally aspirated inline-four.

Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports wishes all competitors the best of luck!


@squidhead Surely using manatees and circus balls is more expensive than just hiring a few marketing execs?

@abg7 I will be releasing some analysis of the cars come the end of the season to work out which setups are best and which aren’t. That should be of some help to you.

Also! Race 1 results inbound :smiley:



#Race Report

Our first race revealed that, overall, the range of performances in the field is huge, but that the mid-field is also very large, with only cars at the extremities increasing this range. Grammin Wondersly took a very convincing 1st place for Howler, with 2nd and 3rd places going to the JET-Racing team and Buddy Fetus for Smooth, who were over 15 seconds behind.

Zavir, ErinSport, Baltazar and KSR ran a very close race, jostling for position on a number of occasions and finishing very closely indeed, and it was a similar story with Riordan and Makinen of JHW and Infinity, who came 8th and 9th respectively. New comers IDSport and Cornaldie gave an impressive performance against more established rivals and finished well, defending their positions from MSR’s Sobong Yeong-ho for most of the race.

Past the half-way point, the field remains close, with GTL’s Yasmin Rodrigues struggling to keep up with the Maesima but avoiding the drama between Merciel and KH, the former of whom caught up to Phillips and sat on his tail for the last 5 laps, making for a tense ending to their races. Bogliq and ZMD and Sachiuri remained close for much of the race, finishing at the rear of the midfield.

Behind them, cars were far more spaced out, with Colciago in the STF being stalked by Giordano in the Kimura for most of the race. Sabre had a quiet race while behind them, there was a whole load of action between the bulky, chiseled Contendiente Gladiator of Heckler Kraut and the smooth, rounded Solo Beaver of Aaron “Viper” Montanya. Both were neck and neck between laps 12 and 22, but some clever moves by Kraut outwitted Montanya and secured him 23rd. EcaMobile’s Basim Nakeed brought up the rear, finishing last overall.

The championship standings after Race 1 are as follows.

Race 1 is done then! I’ll be aiming to release results every other day, so next should be on Sunday 4th. If you want to do any RP/Lore stuff, or just discuss the results, now is the time!


I’m hoping that on the tracks were power is less important I perform well.


6th place… Considering that Howler, AirJordan and Gridghost are in and my car is one of the less powerful ones, built in ~15 minutes, that is quite a success! :smile:


What an excellent start to the season - and congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive for drawing first blood in the series! So far, the entries from Howler, Scarab and Smooth are looking like early favorites this season… but anything can happen in the next seven rounds of the championship!

By the way, by the time I finally made my car eligible, it had a drivability score of 49 (which would have been best in class, higher even than the Howler) and a sportiness score of 50. With those stats, how well would it have fared in this first race if I had actually entered it?


neat! 4th!

though i have to question what is the result sorted by?


Not really what i expected :slight_smile: But i’m pleasantly surprised by the Flares representation. But I would have been better of with the RWD hatch i think, as it hade better driveability and was just a couple of hundreds slower… a well, next season…

Ya, and gratz to @HowlerAutomotive for 1st


To confirm your race calcs, the sL200 dropped because of driver errors?


I should have invested on some better drivability, 40 is quite low for 260~270hp.

Great writing about the race!


Well, 23rd place…but this is going to help me make better cars indeed! Great writing for the race, I put engine sounds in the background and I got immersed in the story behind it! :smiley:


@koolkei Results are simply in the order that they appear in my game, but I’ll change that after race 3. I’ve just done the visuals for the next race with this current format so you’ll have to bare with!

@ramthecowy Yeah. Base time multiplied by number of driver errors along with some other calculations to produce the “Final Multiplier”


I really need some help with my Race tunes …:sob:


So it was just pure bad luck? Damn :unamused:


Kyung Cho Maesima Speedline Racing officially unveiled their entry into the first season of the ATCC at the debut race at the iconic Brands Hatch (Indy) track. Presenting the Maesima Prova MS-R01, a modified version of the companies critically acclaimed production Prova compact car.

The Maesima Speedline Racing variant is distinct race prepared vehicle a purpose-built ATCC specific 1999cc naturally aspirated inline-four-cylinder engine along with modified rear suspension setup from the production model. Nonetheless, the car embodies the same driving excitement and excellence customers can expect from the road-going counterpart.

The team for Maesima Speedline Racing #15 comprises our lead driver Sobong Yeong-ho (소봉 영호) This seasoned Anikatian racing driver, previously having driven for Maesima in the 1985 24 hours of ATT. Although his race was ruined when teammate Dokko Sang-hun spun out the NRX-085GT-P prototype ending their race.

He has a background in rallying within the Anikatia. His abilities secured him a ticket to represent the country in Formula Japan. There he was able to hone his skills earning a place on then developing state efforts for a Le Mans team. Nowadays he’s moved on to ATCC.

He’s always eager to learn the absolute limits of the car and then try and push beyond them. In addition to our esteemed lead driver, the team consists of a manager, reserve driver, pit crew, mechanics, technicians and engineers.

Congrats to @HowlerAutomotive for taking the first win of the season!
Goodluck to all teams!


@ramthecowy Afraid it is. The random number generator is cruel and unforgiving.

@Rk38 Obligatory car-on-two-wheels-at-Thruxton picture is approved :grin:


11th is not bad at all based on the competition with 257 hp at that… not a lot of power there.


Yes it is. But it brings in better, more intelligent results. We don’t skimp on quality.

Also it would be easier to navigate the spreadsheet if we were organized in the order we finished, other than that - top job mate!

Now going through the graphs and DAMN, that’s a tight mid-field, so many cars separated only by 1 second per lap. I only wish I could dial in the setup a bit better